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Haider tells Hina that I got to know Gazal’s mother died because of my mother. Hina cries and says no no.. this can’t be true. Haider says the secret is open now, you kept it hidden from me, your sin has destroyed everything. Hina recalls the incident and falls down.

Dua hears all that and says I kept pleading with her to tell him but she never did, he will blame her for hiding it now. Haider tells Hina why didn’t she tell him? I always told you all my secrets then why couldn’t you? why couldn’t you explain it to me? I was your friend and a son then why did you hide it? Hina says I didn’t want to lose respect in your eyes that’s why I hid it. I didn’t want to destroy my family. Haider says that’s envitable now, a storm is coming.

Dua hears that and shouts to open the door. Haider rushes to her and looks at Dua through the door. They both cry seeing each other through the glass door. Haider breaks the door and Dua hugs him tightly. They both cry. He asks if she is okay? She says I was so worried about you, thank God you are okay. Ijaz makes their video. Haider tells Dua that he was worried about her. I can’t see you like this. Dua says don’t leave me now, I can’t leave without you, you are my everything. I felt like someone snatched you from me. Haider recalls Gazal asking him to marry her. Dua says you are mine only. He recalls Gazal telling him that she will kill herself if he doesn’t marry her. Haider kisses Dua’s forehead. Ijaz sends the video to Gazal and she is angry seeing htat. She shouts that Haider still loves Dua.. you have showed me that you will break your promise but I won’t let it happen. I will do something that will shake up Haider. He doesn’t realize about my craziness. She takes a shovel.

Haider tells Dua that he wants to talk to her but Hina screams for Gazal. She asks where is she? Haider recalls Gazal’s promise and says I need to talk to Dua. She asks if Gazal is okay? Haider asks her to let him talk to Dua alone. He takes her inside the room and locks the door. All look on. Rahat takes Hina from there. Ijaz calls Gazal and says Haider changed parties, he has gone back to his wife. Gazal says don’t worry, he can’t go against me. I have trapped him in a way that he has to come. She tells him the plan, he says this will be fun now. Gazal smirks. She takes a shovel and starts digging a grave.

Kaynaat, Ravi and Dadi are worried for Haider and Dua. Kaynaat says Hina took Gazal’s side because of this secret, she was burdened by her sin.

Gazal thinks that she will kill herself if she can’t get Haider now.

Dua tells Haider that I was worried that Gazal might trap you in something, I was so worried but its good that you are back. Haider says listen to me.. Dua tries to talk about Ruhaan but he shouts that he doesn’t want to talk about that shameless and spineless man. Dua says its not his fault, he was also fooled by someone else. Once he comes back then everything will be exposed. I pray that Gazal will never be happy. Haider asks her to stop it and says think about what you did, what you did with Gazal won’t be forgiven by God. Ruhaan ran away because of you, Gazal got insulted and dishonored in front of the guests because of you, she was left at the alter and cried because of you. She loved Ruhaan but he left her because of you. She is ready to kill herself today because of you only. If I didn’t save her today then she would have killed herself because of you only. Dua says Gazal and death?

This is all her drama. Haider says shut up, I saw her jumping from the cliff and I saved her. You have become totally selfish. Dua says if I was selfish then I wouldn’t have tried to save this family. I understand a woman’s pain but you can’t understand that Gazal wants to destroy our family. She is doing drama. Haider says she lost her parents because of us and you are calling it a drama? You knew everything right? you brought Gazal in this house and never told me the truth. Dua says I tried to tell you.. Haider says but you never did.. you and Hina are responsible for Gazal’s destruction.

Haider tells Dua that the people that I loved the most have destroyed Gazal’s life, it was you and Hina. Dua says I wanted to tell you the truth. Haider says a marriage is based on trust and honesty, if you were not honest with me then what’s the reality of our marriage? You didn’t tell me this secret but Gazal did. Dua says she told you all this in this situation only, she is trapping you. Haider says even if she is fooling me but making a kid orphan is right? taking away a kid’s parents is right? That was a sin and we hid that sin from her for years.. we have to be punished for that sin and I will have to bear that punishment.

Noor tells Gulnaz that I can’t believe Hina murdered Gazal’s mother. Gulnaz says she didn’t murder anyone,

she tells her everything and how Gazal is playing with Hina’s emotions.

Hina is crying and recalls Dua telling her that she will tell the truth to Haider. Hina says I told her no but she still betrayed me and told everything to Haider. I will never forgive her. Rahat asks her to calm down and gives her water. He says everything will be fine, Hina says Dua has snatched my son, if he leaves me then I will not be able to live.

Haider tells Dua that I am ready to bear the punishment from Gazal. Dua asks what punishment? Haider says a punishment that will save my mother from an orphan’s curse, a punishment that will clean your name and you won’t be blamed for destroying an innocent girl’s life. Nobody will say that my brother has destroyed a girl’s life. I am ready to bear the punishment for my wife, my mother and my brother.

Gulnaz is trying to contact Ruhaan but Ijaz comes there and smriks. He asks her to talk to Gazal. She says I don’t want to. Gazal tells her that you know what I will do if you don’t listen to me. Gazal video calls her and says you have to do my work. Gulnaz says to hell with you. Gazal says just do as I say otherwise you will not like what I do. Gulnaz says I was taking your side because of my son but now he knows your real face and he is out of your trap now. Haider and Dua are clarifying everything, I will also tell them the truth. Gazal says you can’t do that.

Gulnaz says just pray for your life now. Ijaz messages Gulnaz from Ruhaan’s phone. He asks her to check, she reads the message which says that he loves Gazal a lot. Gulnaz asks Gazal what is she doing? Gazal says this is not Ruhaan’s message. Ijaz shows Ruhaan’s phone, Gulnaz asks how do you have his phone? She recalls Dua’s words that they are plotting all this. She shouts where is my son? Gazal asks her to shut up otherwise you will never see your son’s face.

Dua asks Haider what punishment? tell me. I know Gazal is fooling you again, tell me what is it? Haider says she is not fooling anyone.. I wish I had died before doing this. Dua stops him.

Ijaz tells Gulnaz that your son is alive, do you want to see? Gulnaz says I won’t spare you. Ijaz shows Ruhaan video in which he is tied to a chair and whispering that Haider and Gazal cheated him. Gulnaz cries for him. She sees a goon about to electric shock, she screams to stop it. Gazal says then you have to do my work. Gulnaz says I will do anything you want. Gazal says Haider has agreed to marry me. Gulnaz says what? Gazal says yes but he wants Dua’s permission. Gulnaz says Dua will never agree. Gazal says that’s why you will help me.

Haider tells Dua that I have to pay for your and Hina’s mistakes. I will have to.. Dua asks what? Haider says I will have to marry Gazal now. Dua is shocked to hear that. Haider falls to his feet and says I never thought to ask for your life but please give me permission to marry Gazal. I can’t remove his sin from our family if you don’t give me permission. Gazal will kill herself if you don’t give me permission. Dua is shocked and faints. Haider screams for her.

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