The Rules of Love update Sunday 24 march 2024

The rules of love 24 march 2024: Nandish’s friend informs him that Nandini is his true mother and Maitree is a forgery. Nandi sh claims Maitree is his biological mother. Nandish’s friends describe him as a liar.

Nandish claims he is not a liar and confronts the child who refers to Maitree as his “fake mother.” Nandish is stopped by Maitree and Ashish. Nandish, in tears, walks away from there. The ladies at the party describe Nandish as impolite. They are sceptical of Ashish and Maitree’s relationship. Sona chastises them and tells them to leave. After learning the answer, Ashish requests that they depart. He claims Maitree raised my child like Yasodha maa and that you are incorrect about our relationship and that we are friends. He requests that they depart. They depart.

Maitree enters Nandish’sroom. She invites him to leave the tent, but he refuses. Dinesh expresses gratitude to Ashish and departs with his family. Ashish goes to see about Nandish. Sona holds Maitree responsible for their family insult. Om and Kusum claim there is no error with Maitree. Sona claims that Nandish will not accept Nandini as his mother until Maitree is deposed.

Ashish enters Nandish’s room and informs him of Sona’s warning to his friends. Nandish is upset with him because he did not stand up for Maitree in front of everyone. Ashish apologises and claims that he has taught them a lesson. Nandish is summoned by Maitree. Nandish appears and asks Maitree to confirm that she is his biological mother.

Nandish is told about Lord Krishna and his mothers by Maitree and Ashish. Nandish says he doesn’t want to be separated from Maitree, so he’ll beg God not to send my real mother back. Maitree and Ashish are watching.

Nandini tells Vasundhara that she misses her baby and hopes to see him soon. Vasundhara claims you’re not with your son due to Saransh and Ashish’s error. Nandini inquires as to Ashish’s error in the accident. Vasundhara claims to have seen Ashish’s true face. Maitree puts Nandish to sleep. She asks Ashish how she can move on from Nandish. She requests that Nandini return soon.

Nandini says, “I know you love me because I saw how much you cared for me all these years,” but “I’m not sure I believe your words against Ashish, so let me see for myself.” Vasundhara is willing to return to India. Ashish pulls Maitree aside and tells her that Nandini will return soon after she recovers, so get on with your life and Nandini will look after Nandish. Nandish has a holiday tomorrow, according to Maitree, and he usually spends the day with me.Ashish says he’ll take time off to spend with Nandish. He invites her to meet the bridegroom. Sadhna calls Maitree and demands that she meet with Akshay. Maitree attempts to deny, but Sadhna issues an ultimatum and disconnects the call. Nandish, according to Maitree, may not let her leave. Ashish suggests she leave before he wakes up. Maitree observes.

Maitree recalls Ashish and Sadhna’s suggestions. After making breakfast for Nandish, she decides to go meet the groom, Akash. Nandish greets Mom with a good morning. Maitree is surprised to see him in the hall and inquires as to how he awoke before her. Nandish declares that today is my holiday and that we must open our gifts together. Ashish shows up. He suggests we start with a game of hide and seek. He requests that Maitree hide.

Nandish tells Ashish to go hide first because they will catch him. Ashish concurs. He informs Maitree of his location. Maitree and Ashish are quick to apprehend him. Ashish tells Maitree to go hide because they will catch her. Maitree concurs. Nandish instructs her to seek refuge in a dangerous location. Maitree agrees and departs with the keys.

Nandini packs toysfor Nandish in the United States. She tells her baby photo that she is returning and will make him feel the love she has been missing for the past six years. Vasundhara appears and wishes that everything returns to normal when you return to India. Nandini inquires as to why she is speaking in this manner. Vasundhara claims Maitree and Ashish kidnapped Nandini and she has no idea how they treat you. Nandini claims Tiwari’s house is mine, and you may have misinterpreted them. Vasundhara claims that if you go there, you will see their reality, and that they banded together against us and separated the son from his mother. Nandini observes.

Ashish looks for Nandini. Maitree arrives at the cafe. Sadhna calls Maitree and learns that Maitree has arrived at the cafe to meet with Akash. Maitree cuts the call because she is running late. Nandish dials Mom’s number. Maitree notices Nandish and inquires as to his whereabouts. Nandish claims that he hides in his car after seeing her. Maitree says Dad will look for you. She calls Ashish and tells him that Nandish arrived at the cafe while hiding in her car.

Nandi no tells Vasundhara that no one can separate her son from her and that they are going to India to sort everything out. She says she will notify them of her arrival. Vasundhara says no, you need to catch them off guard, so pay them a surprise visit. Nandini agrees and expresses a desire to speak with Nandish. Vasundhara requests a few more hours because they will return in 36 hours. Nandini is looking forward to meeting her son. She asks her mother to send her all of Nandish’s videos. Vasundhara concurs. She believes her people are spying on Ashish and Maitree, and I’m sure you’re not happy with the current situation.

Ashish questions Maitree on why she didn’t notice Nandish hiding in her car. Maitree claims it is his fault. She asks him to come soon to manage Nandish because meeting Akash in front of Nandish is awkward. According to Ashish, it will take 30-40m. He requests that Maitree keep Nandish busy by giving him ice cream. Maitree concurs. She forces Nandish to sit at one of the tables and orders food for him. She travels to meet with Akash. Akash gets them some coffee. Nandish appears and says he has the food. Maitree is uncomfortable. Akash approaches Nandish and inquires about his identity. Nandish says I’m Nandish Tiwari’s Maitree Maasi Mom’s favourite. Akash is taken aback and wonders why he addressed her as “mom.”

Maitree claims to be my friend’s son and regards me as his maasi; my mother may have already informed you. Akash claims she told me about your past, which I accept, but I’m not aware of this Nandish. Ashish arrives and leads Nandish to another table. Maitree informs Akash that Nandini will take care of Nandish shortly. Nandini is in a coma, according to Akash, and her condition is unknown. Ashish hears it and rushes over to them. He assures Akash that there will be no conflict between them as a result of her son. Akash wonders if he is becoming a source of contention between them. He visits Nandish.

Akash confronts Maitree about her and Ashish’s relationship, saying he is not a fool to believe in her character. Ashish becomes enraged, but he restrains himself for the sake of Nandish. Maitree instructs Akash to go find himself. Nandish is later forced to sit in the car by Ashish and Maitree. Ashish inquires as to why she did not slap Akash. Maitree claims you failed to care for Nandish for a day, and every groom will ask the same questions, so leave it alone. Maitree says she’ll accompany Nandish to her place. Nandish says, “Let’s go,” and invites Ashish to join them. Ashish says he can’t come because Maitree’s family will be upset. Maitree claims that they will be angry with her as well. Nandish inquires as to their destination.

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