The Rules of Love update Saturday 13 April 2024

The rules of love 13 April 2024: Maitree tells Harsh that working together is not in their destiny. Harsh believes that we will cross paths again. Maitree claims she does not want to offer him false hope. She bids him farewell and prepares to depart.

Harsh predicts that their narrative will not finish soon. Maitree observes. The client’s phone call is answered by Harsh. He answers the phone and puts it on speaker. The client apologises to Harsh for his attitude and expresses his willingness to collaborate with his partner. It makes Maitree and Harsh pleased.

Harsh approaches Maitree and asks if she wants to be his buddy. He extends his hand. Maitree reflects on her interactions with Nandini. Let’s be business partners, she says. She extends her hand to shake his. They leave after congratulating each other.

Nandish asks Nandini to tell him a story so he can sleep, but Nandini ignores him and recalls how Ashish lied to her for Maitree. Nandish requests that she tell him the story. Nandini threatens to slap him if he doesn’t sleep. Nandish takes a nap on the bed. Nandini walks away. Maitree is missed by Nandish.

Maitree and Harsh communicate with the client via video call from their house. Dinesh returns home and inquires of Sadhna what Harsh is doing at their residence. Sadhna claims Maitree gained her job thanks of him, and they are both employed. Sadhna invites Harsh to join them for supper. Harsh declares that he will order food from the hotel. Sadhna insists on him joining them for dinner. Harsh concurs. Sadhna serves food to everyone at the dinner table. Dinesh inquires about Harsh’s background and discovers that he is from Banaras. Sadhna stops him and begs Maitree to show Harsh the major locations in Prayagraj. Maitree is taken aback.

Nandini enters Ashish’s office. She confronts Ashish for lying to her and failing to inform her that he fought for Maitree. Ashish claims he did not share since he knows she will overreact. Nandini wonders when he will move on from his past and if he has the shame to fight on the road like a lover boy. Ashish interrupts her and reminds her that he is her husband and does not cause drama, just as I would not abandon my friend Maitree and will stand by her anytime she needs it. He claims that he knows he has a pure relationship with Maitree and that he does not require anyone’s certification.

Nandish believes that no one is in the room and that now is an excellent opportunity to visit Maitree. Nandish prepares his belongings. Nandini requests Ashish not to misunderstand her and expresses her desire for them to resemble the old Nandini and Ashish. Ashish claims that you want me to be like previously, and that you must change to be like before. He asks her to quit the drama and states that he is ignoring her dramas so as not to ruin their relationship. He claims she isn’t his old Nandini and walks away. Nandini hurls the vase in rage. Sona hears the noises and walks up to see what is going on.

Nandish tries to leave Tiwari’s residence but is stopped by Sona. Nandish hides behind a vase and departs from there once Sona departs. Sona questions Nandini about how the vase cracked and whether it was caused by Rat. She flees in terror from there.

Maitree expresses gratitude to Harsh for his assistance. Harsh inquires about Ashish with Maitree. Maitree tells Harsh about Ashish, claiming that he is her best friend. She extols the virtues of her connection with Ashish and Nandini, revealing that he and Nandini had a child named Nandish. Nice says Harsh. Maitree notices Sachin’s return home. She calls him, but he walks away tense. Harsh bids Maitree good night and departs.

Maitree inquires of Sachin whether he has spoken with Princy. She requests that he inform her of their decision. You want me to forget Princy, Sachin says, but I can’t. Maitree apologises to him for urging him to end their relationship with Princy. She tells him that she will force him to obtain Princy. Sachin says the groom’s family is coming to see Princy tomorrow and he’s not sure what to do. Maitree promises to fix things in one day by speaking with Princy’s parents.

Harsh is on the phone with his mother. Harsh’s mother inquires if he ate anything. Harsh informs her that he ate at the home of his event business colleague Maitree and is on his way back to the hotel. She requests that he speak with his father. Harsh says he’s running late and hangs up the phone. Harsh in rage recalls his father torturing him.

Ashish enters Nandish’s room and discovers that he is not in his bed and that his clothes are also missing. Ashish sets out to find Nandish. Nandish becomes disoriented on the road and attempts to find a way to Maitree’s residence. He walks around in terror, crying out for Maitree. He approaches the old man and inquires about Maitree’s address. The old man pulls Nandish away and walks away. Maitree wakes up in the middle of the night, concerned about Nandish and hoping that he is okay.

Ashish and his family searched the entire house but were unable to locate Nandish. Om requests that Ashish contact the police. Ashish contacts Maitree to tell her that Nandish has gone missing. Maitree said she will notify the authorities by alerting her father.

Nandish is depicted nearly getting into a car accident while trying to get Maitree’s address paper. Nandish saves time thanks to Harsh. He attempts to console Nandish. Dinesh phones Varun and requests that they look for Nandish. Maitree and Sachin set out to find Nandish.Nandish informs Harsh that he want to visit his mother. According to Harsh, everyone wishes to visit their mother. He leads Nandish to the juice stand.

On the way, Ashish mentions that he has no idea why Nandish left the house. Nandini is sorry for scolding Nandish. She tells Ashish not to worry since they would have their Nandish. Kusum says she has no idea where Nandish has gone. Sona believes Nandini’s behaviour with Nandish is inappropriate and that he may flee the house because of her.

Harsh attempts to learn more about Nandish. Nandish claims that when my nasty mummy reprimanded me, I ran away from home to meet my Aayi. Harsh requests that he give him the names of his parents. Sachin and Maitree go looking for Nandish. Harsh requests Nandish’s address so that he can pick him up. Nandish claims that I misplaced the address and that I want to visit my Maitree Mom since she adores me. Harsh requests Nandish’s full name. Nandish says he has no idea. Harsh requests that Nandish tell him the names of his parents. Nandish adopts his parents’ surnames. Harsh realises Nandish is referring to Maitree. Harsh tells Nandish that he is a friend of Maitree and promises to take him to Maitree and asks him to promise him that he will become his friend. Nandish stands by his word. Harsh dials Maitree’s number. Maitree hangs up the phone.

Maitree answers Ashish’s phone call and tells him that Nandish will be found soon. Nandini says he could pay you a visit. According to Maitree, there are possibilities. They decide to look for a way to Maitree’s house. Harsh receives Maitree is busy, so he rides Nandish to Maitree’s house on his bike. Nandini notices someone following Nandish. She informs Ashish that their son has been kidnapped. Harsh is being pursued by Ashish. Harsh takes Nandish to Maitree’s house. Ashish comes to a halt in his vehicle. Nandini grabs Harsh’s collar and demands to know how he dares to steal her son. Maitree and her parents appear. Harsh questions Maitree about why she didn’t answer his phone calls. He tells Nandini that he is a friend of Maitree, not a kidnapper. Nandini takes off his collar.

Nandish inquires about Maitree’s surprise. If you phone me, Maitree says I might come meet you. If not, why did you do it? As promised by Nandish, I arrived to surprise you and introduce you to my new friend Harsh.

Harsh is grateful for Maitree. Nandish later shares with everyone how he met Harsh and consoled him. Nandish is asked by Sadhna what he wants to eat. Nandish claims Harsh forced him to drink juice earlier. Being with Maitree’s family is fun for Nandish.

Nandini promises Nandish that she won’t let him go and that she will remain at his side constantly. Nandish seems dejected. Ashish and Harsh formally introduce themselves to one another. Harsh and Maitree have a pleasant conversation. Sadhna receives a clue from Nandini that Harsh and Maitree make a cute couple. Seeing themmakes Sadhna joyful.

Nandish is asked by Nandini to go home. Nandish asks Nandini for permission to spend one day with Maitree. In response to Nandini’s refusal, Maitree is asked to persuade Nandish to accompany him. Maitree tries to communicate. Nandish requests to stay here, and Ashish says to respect that wish. When Maitree needs to move on in her life, Nandini tells Ashish that leaving Nandish in Maitree’s house is not a good idea. According to Ashish, Maitree won’t have any issues with it; otherwise, she might oppose. Nandish is informed that he may stay with Maitree before he departs. Nadish gets touched by Nandini. In terror, Nandish grips Maitree’s hand.

Ashish praises Harsh for his assistance before they depart. Nandish is told by Maitree that whatever he did was improper. Nandish says I want to stay with you since Nandini is reprimanding me and I’m feeling terrified. Maitree believes Nandini’s headstrong attitude is costing her her son. Nandish is informed that his mother is good as well, and she then requests that he go to sleep. Nandish requests Maitree to relate the tale of Mr. Hero. She queries who Mr. Hero is. Because he saved me like a hero, Nandish refers to Harsh as Mr. Hero. He learns about Harsh through Maitree.

From this point forward, Sona and Kusum decide to look after Nandish while they wait for his return. They witness Nandini and Ashish leaving for their house. Where is Nandish, they enquire of Nandini. They must ask Ashish, according to Nandini. According to Ashish, I gave Nandish permission to stay there since he misses Maitree. According to Nandini, Maitree has been successful in distancing her from her children and husband.

Nandish is put to sleep by Maitree. She messages Harsh in appreciation. Maitree smiles as a result of harsh flirtation. Speaking against Maitree is Nandini. According to Ashish, you failed to adore Nandish for seven seconds as Maitree did. Nandini makes a scene by enquiring as to why he consistently compares her to Maitree. Nandish left the house, according to Ashish, and you may have been responsible. While trying to be stopped by family members, Nandini and Ashish fight. They are stopped by Sona, who reminds them that they are Nandish’s parents and that they should look out for one another in order to care for Nandish. Ashish travels with Om.

Yadav is assigned duties by Harsh. Yadav requests a loan from him. Harsh agrees to give them money in advance. Yadav requests that he grant Jayaram a leave of absence because his wife is expecting a baby girl. Harsh sends Jayaram money and instructs him to distribute double sweets because he has been blessed with a newborn daughter. Maitree is aware of everything. Jayaram cheerfully departs. Maitree tells Harsh that she discovered his secret to success, which is that he makes his team members happy in order to achieve a decent production from them. Harsh thinks you’re learning a lot from him, so keep it up.

Harsh receives a phone call from his mother. He speaks to her cheerfully. He notices Maitree and requests that his mother speak with her. His mother inquires whether he has made his business

partner a life partner. He smiles and requests that Maitree call his mother, but the call is terminated. Maitree receives a message from Sachin requesting her assistance and informs her that the groom’s family is on their way to see Pinky. Harsh notices Maitree is tense and inquires as to what has happened.

Neelu has Princy get ready and instructs her to impress the Groom family because they are wealthy and it is beneficial to us. Neelu departs. Princy is tense. She believes Nandini can save her and texts Nandini to tell her she needs to talk to her about something vital.

Neelu has Princy get ready and instructs her to impress the Groom family because they are wealthy and it is beneficial to us. Neelu departs. Princy is tense. She believes Nandini can save her and texts Nandini to tell her she needs to talk to her about something vital.

Sadhna gives Nandish his breakfast. Nandish eats his breakfast and inquires about his mother’s whereabouts. Dinesh corrects him with Maasi. He claims Maitree went to work. Sadhna invites Sachin to breakfast, but he rushes away. Nandish inquires of Sadhna whether Mr. Hero will accompany Maitree. Sadhna inquires as to his identity. It’s Nandish’s pal Harsh, he says. Sadhna beams.

Neelu and her spouse are getting ready to meet the groom’s family. Maitree arrives to Vasundhara’s home. Vasundhara asks Maitree why she has come here and taunts her by saying that dogs and Mishras are not permitted in the house. Maitree expresses a desire to speak with Chakramani and Neelu. Nandini shows up. She asks Maitree why she is here and if she intends to exact revenge on her aunt and uncle as well.

Maitree claims to have some job. Chakramani and Neelu arrive and ask Maitree what it is. Sachin and Neelu, according to Maitree, are in love. Everyone is taken aback.

Neelu requests that Maitree refrain from uttering anything false. She asks Princy to tell her that Maitree is lying. Pricy is summoned by Chakra Mani and Raj Kumar. Maitree requests that they not put any pressure on her. She begs Princy to confess her feelings for her. Nandini requests that Maitree cease exploiting her family. Nandini is pushing Maitree. Harsh, who arrives with Sachin, apprehends her.

Princy is concerned about Maitree. She admits to having feelings for Sachin. Princy is slapped by Neelu. Sachin is concerned and attempts to communicate with her. Sachin is stopped by Chakra Mani and Raj Kumar. Sachin informs Princy that they can officially marry. Chakra Mani smacks Sachin and tells him he must leave. Maitree says they can talk about it and figure it out. Maitree is stopped by Vasundhara, who warns her to leave.

Nandini questions Maitree about why she is upsetting her family. Maitree and the gang are pushed out of the house by Vasudhara’s servants and Chakramani. Nandini shoves the door shut in their faces.

Groom’s family afterwards arrives at Vasundhara’s place. They request that they show them Bride. Nandini promises to bring her. Dinesh chastises Sachin at home for his crush on Princy. She questions Maitree on why she didn’t tell them. Maitree says time is short, therefore I couldn’t tell you. Someone comes to the door and knocks. They are taken aback.

Maitree tells Dinesh, “I couldn’t tell you.” Ashish arrives and knocks on the door. They are stunned. They invite him inside. Ashish claims he came to pick up Nandish. Maitree nods and walks inside to fetch Nandish.

Ashish sends his best wishes to Sachin, but he does not answer. Ashish ponders why everyone is acting strangely. Nandish appears and warmly embraces Ashish. Ashish inquires whether he enjoyed his time at Maitree’s. Nandish claims he had a great time. Ashish requests that Nandish say good-by to Maitree and others so that they can return home. Nandish bids them farewell.

Nandini tries to persuade Princy to marry the person her parents want in order for her to have a better life. She introduces Princy to the Groom’s relatives. The groom and his family like Princy and agree to the marriage. Nandini suggests that they schedule their wedding for tomorrow. They are taken aback but agree.

Princy contacts Sachin to tell him that her wedding is the next day. Sachin is taken aback and wonders how this is possible. Maitree picks up the phone. She tells Princy not to worry and assures her that she would handle everything. She requests that Princy provide her with the address of the Groom’s family so that she can inform them that your family is pressuring you to marry. Princy agrees and tells her the information she has.

Maitree and Sachin walk to the Groom’s house and see Jitender’s men demanding payment from the Groom’s family. The groom’s parents promise to pay their money back in two days with the dowry they get from Princy’s family. Maitree and Harsh are taken aback. Jitender’s Men depart in two days. Maitree tells Harsh that this family is a sham and that we must expose them. Harsh believes they must provide proof to expose them. Maitree concurs. She phones Dinesh to inform him, but the call is not answered. She phones Sachin and informs him that Princy’s Groom’s family is a hoax, and she invites him to Vasundhara’s residence, promising to bring proof. Sachin warns them to be cautious.

Through the window, Maitree and Harsh enter the house. They overhear the groom’s family talking how this is his eighth marriage and how they can collect a large dowry because Princy is Vasudhata’s niece. The package collapses in the kitchen. Vimal hears the sound and goes to investigate, but his mother stops him, claiming they are running late for muhurta, and they depart. Maitree and Harsh look for evidence.

Neelu and Nandini instruct Princy to prepare. Princy is adamantly opposed. Neelu becomes enraged at her. Nandini has complete influence over Neelu. Sachin informs Princy that he has devised a surefire method to prevent her marriage and requests that she prepare. Princy notices the note and informs her mother that she is ready to marry. Nandini is sceptical of Princy’s abrupt change of heart.

Maitree and Harsh search the storeroom for photos from Vimal’s previous marriage. Maitree informs Harsh that Vimal has married and divorced numerous women, and they intend to use evidence to expose Vimal’s marital cheating scam. They are on their way out. They no longer see Vimal. Maitree and Harsh threaten Vimal with exposure. When Vimal explains they can’t, she locks them in a storage room and walks away. Maitree and Harsh find that their phone does not have a network to call anyone.

Vimal walks away after trapping Maitree and Harsh in a storage room. Maitree and Harsh discover that their phone lacks a network and hence cannot call anyone. Vimal and his family arrive at Vasundhara’s residence. Sachin is patiently waiting for Maitree. Maitree inquires about the length of their confinement and speculates that Princy’s marriage may be finished before they leave this room. In the room, Maitree feels claustrophobic. Harsh attempts to assist Maitree. He makes her feel at ease.

Harsh and Maitree manage to flee. Nandini forces Princy to sit on the mandap for the wedding. Princy waits for Sachin, tense. Maitree and Harsh escape through the window from Vimal’s residence and rush to the mandap. On the way, Maitree calls Dinesh for assistance. Pandit requests that Vimal and Princy take pheras. Nandini notices Princy is nervous. She suggests that Princy marry Vimal. Princy reluctantly accepts phere with Vimal.

Harsh and Maitree are delayed in traffic. Maitree walks to the venue on foot. According to Pandit, marriage will be complete with the last phere. Maitree arrives with Hardh and Sachin and requests that the marriage be annulled. Neelu inquires as to why she is calling off the wedding. Maitree claims Vimal’s family is a swindler that engages in this wedding scam for dowry. Everyone is taken aback. According to Vimal’s family, she is accusing them. Nandini and Raj Kumar request that Maitree depart.

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