Vani Rani update Saturday 13 April 2024

Vani Rani 13 April 2024: Scene 1Radhay tries to pull Nandani. Mishti comes and stands in front of him. Sid comes too. All the kids and Vani stand in front of her. Rani comes as well. Ajay comes to too. VAni says Mr. Radhay better leave from here. He says I will see you all. He leaves. He says I will take Nandani from here at any cost. All the kids hug Vani. Parkash goes to his room in anger.

Parkash says how can he marry her? We have name is society. What will I say to people? this forced marriage? She says they are both adults. They decided this for their lives. What her family is doing is force. They are against the law. Look at our son., He is so confident. Parkash says he is audacious. vani says we had love marriage too. If this was one sided I wont have taken their side but they both love each other.

Give your son his happiness. Parkash says this marriage wont happen. I mean not like this. Sid is my son. This is the first wedding from our side. There would be great celebrations. Vani smiles. he says I will invite everyone.

Scene 2Everyone is preparing for wedding. Mishti says Adi why are you looking at door? Is your bride coming from there? Anjali comes in. Adi smiles. She says hi. Kaviyaa says hi. Her friend Sidhi comes in as well. She says Anjali told me about your brother’s wedding. Sidhi teaches everyone dance for the wedding.

Sartak gives Sid sherwani. He hugs him and says I am so happy for you. Viven Kundra comes in as well. He is sid’s friend. He says your story is so filmy. You are lucky. Sid says yes I am. Sartak says yes not everyone is that lucky.

Aloka says to Radhay what will happen now. radhay says I know what to do. He comes to police. They say that we looked everywhere. Radhay says Nandani was there. i saw here. He says then why didn’t you bring her? Nandani is adult and she opted for this marriage. I can’t force her to come back.

Viven and Sidhi collide with each other. He says what are you doing here? She says what are you doing here? They both fight. Rani comes there. Adi saays I think they have old history.Gaitri says wh at is happening here ma? Prabha says Parkassh wont stop this either. He says yes to everything Vani says.

Nakul says dadu do something. Radhay says police isn’t ready to help. He says but I can. I won’t let this happen. He goes out. The wedding starts. Adi shows Anjali a rose. Sartak looks at them. He gives her that rose. Parkash says all kids come to mandap.Nakul and his friends are on their way. The girls bring Nandani down. Prabha says these girls take so long to get ready. vAni says why won’t she? Its her day today.Nakul says this wedding wont happen.Mishti says our bhabhi is coming. Sid looks at her. Nandani comes downstairs.

The girls bring Nandani downstairs. SId looks at her and smiles. She sits next to him. The wedding rituals start. Rani is in tears. Ajay says why are yoou crying now. Anjali is going. Sid holds her hand. Sartak sees them. Prabha sees it as well. She tells Gaitri.

Nakula and his thugs are on their way. Their tire gets punctured because of the nails adi placed on the road. Gaitri says Parkash did great set up. Prabha says if you didn’t run your wedding would have been same. Pandit ji says girls parents come forward for kaniyadan. Rani says they are not here. Pandit ji says without kaniya daan we can’t do this. Rani says can I and Ajay do this? Nandani is our daughter too. We are from her family too.Nakul calls Radhay adn tells him everything. They get the tires fixed.Aloka says please stop nakul he is young and aggressive we should go there. radhauy says let him do what he wants.

Nandani places her hand on Sid’s. Rani does their kaniya daan. Rani looks for mangalsutra. She asks anajli its in Kaaviay’s room. Pandit ji says groom’s sisters come forward. Kaviya and Mishti come together.

Anjali takes mnangalsutra from Kaviya’s room. Sartak is there. Her earring falls. He tells her. He picks it for her. It has broken. Sartak hides her hear with with her hair and says you look perfect now. She smiles and says thank you. Adi comes there. Sartak leaves. Adi takes her with him. His friend come and tells him something. Adi goes out.

Scene 2Adi says to Nakul you came again. Nakul says you will regret. Adi says you can’t go it. Nakul is about to hit him. Adi says we are relatives now. Nakul’s thug takes out hockey. Adi says you are my bhabi’s brother. The wedding has started.Sid and Nandani stand up for pheray. They hold hands. Sid recalls their time together. Everyone is happy.Nakul’s men start beating Adi. Ajay says where are adi and sartak. Nakul’s friend is about to hit Adi. Sartak holds his hockey


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