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Maitree arrives with Hardh and Sachin and requests that the marriage be annulled. Neelu inquires as to why she is calling off the wedding. Maitree claims Vimal’s family is a swindler that engages in this wedding scam for dowry. Everyone is taken aback. According to Vimal’s family, she is accusing them. Nandini and Raj Kumar request that Maitree depart.

Maitree claims to have proof of their marital scam and displays images of Vimal’s prior weddings. Chakra Mani and Neelu are taken aback when they see them. Maitree hands Vasundhara divorce papers and tells her that Princy is the next victim of these people. Vimal’s family claims they are fabricated evidence against them. Chakra Mani questions Vasundhara about the authenticity of the divorce documents. Vasundhara claims that these papers are genuine and that Vimal’s family is a sham. Vimal’s family is confronted by Chakra Mani. Vimal puts up a show and attempts to attack Maitree. Harsh puts a halt to him. Dinesh and his team arrive and apprehend Vimal and his family. Vimal flees the police, taking Maitree as a hostage and fleeing from there. Everyone is taken aback.

Vimal brings Maitree to his home. Maitree requests that Vimal leave her alone. Vimal declares that he would not leave until he exacts his retribution on her. Dinesh notifies all checkpoints. Dinesh and Harsh go about looking for Maitree in various ways. Maitree is tied to the chair by Vimal. He puts a handkerchief in Maitree’s mouth and lights the room on fire with paraffin.

Vimal brings Maitree to his home. Maitree requests that Vimal leave her alone. Vimal declares that he would not leave until he exacts his retribution on her. Dinesh notifies all checkpoints. Dinesh and Harsh go about looking for Maitree in various ways. Maitree is tied to the chair by Vimal. He puts a handkerchief in Maitree’s mouth and lights the room on fire with paraffin.

Harsh is on the lookout for Maitree. Maitree is terrified as she sees the room on fire. Harsh notices Vimal’s vehicle. He notices Vimal and confronts him, demanding to know where Maitree is. Harsh answers Dinesh’s phone call. He informs Dinesh that he has located Vimal and gives him his location.

He requests that Vimal locate Maitree. Vimal displays a burning room and indicates Maitree is within. Harsh goes to Maitree’s aid. He puts his life in danger to save Maitree by pushing her outside. Before Harsh appears, the building is blasted. Maitree is stunned and sobs for Harsh as she recalls her times with him.

Harsh emerges from the building and addresses Maitree. Maitree notices Harsh is fine and joyfully hugs him. They became engrossed in one other. Harsh inquires as to her well-being.

He explains what will happen to his business if she dies. Maitree chastises Harsh for putting his life in danger. She inquires as to why he did it. Both become immersed in one other’s gaze. Dinesh appears and screams out Maitree’s name. Maitree approaches Dinesh and informs him that Harsh saved her life. Dinesh expresses gratitude to Harsh for saving his daughter.

Sadhna visits Vasundhara’s home. She is in tears and wants to know where Maitree is and what happened to her. Sachin consoles her by telling her that Maitree is well and that they are on their way here. Maitree, Harsh, and Dinesh arrive. Sadhna embraces Maitree. Chakra Mani expresses gratitude to Maitree for saving his daughter and apologises to her for his previous behaviour. Maitree tells Chakramani that Sachin is an excellent spouse for Princy. Nandini and Vasundhara are against it. Chakra Mani tells Vasundhara that his pleasure is tied to the happiness of his daughter. Vasundhara claims that it is his wish. Chakra Mani confirms that they approve of Princy and Sachin’s marriage. Everyone is content.

Maitree requests permission from her father. Dinesh accepts Sachin and Princy’s marriage proposal. Sachin and Princy exchange vows in the same mandap. When Harsh and Maitree see one other, they both smile. Harsh realises he can’t live without Maitree and falls in love.

Maitree appears. She looks for Harsh and wonders where he went after phoning her. When Maitree sees the decorated setup for date night, she assumes it was done by Harsh. Harsh appears and claims responsibility. Maitree inquires as to why. Harsh forces her to sit in the chair. He wonders if they can be life partners. If he’s talking about business, Maitree agrees. Harsh informs Maitree that he wishes to live with her. He tells Maitree that he loves her and realises how important she is to him while she is in danger. Maitree observes.

Harsh expresses his feelings for Maitree and asks her if she will marry him. Maitree remains silent. Harsh admits that he knows she has feelings for him and suggests that she ask herself. Maitree tells Harsh that she was not expecting this and that it has taken her by surprise. Maitree says this is a significant decision for her and that she needs to discuss it with her father Dinesh. Harsh is relieved that Maitree did not decline. Maitree attempts to flee from there, but Harsh stops her. Harsh inquires about Maitree’s decision.

Maitree tells Harsh that she needs to talk to her parents about it, and that she was previously married and her family suffered greatly as a result. Harsh contacts his mother and informs her that he has found a daughter-in-law for her and invites her and his father to come here. Harsh makes a remark since Maitree wanted to engage their parents, so he contacted his. Maitree then departs.

Sadhana instructs Sachin and Princy on how to perform the wedded couple’s ritual. After entering the house with Princy, Sachin seeks Sadhana’s blessing. Maitree wishes Sachin and Princy the best of luck with their marriage. Sadhana plans to marry Maitree as soon as possible after seeing Sachin and Princy. Dinesh requests that Sadhana let Maitree to make her own marriage decision. Sadhana makes a remark, stating that Harsh is a suitable fit for Maitree.

Harsh’s parents surprise him by coming to see him. Harsh is overjoyed to see them. Harsh’s mother inquires about her daughter-in-law. Harsh claims to have previously worked with Maitree. Harsh mentions Maitree to his mother. Madan inquires of Harsh whether he matched his and Maitree’s kundali. Harsh remains silent.

Nandini visits Sona. Sona inquires as to why Nandini is upset. Nandini makes a remark about Maitree and tells Sona and Kusum about what happened during the wedding. Sona advises Nandini to concentrate solely on her marriage. Nandini says something and then walks away.

Sadhana and Dinesh are getting ready to greet Harsh and their parents. Dinesh and Sadhana extend a warm welcome to Harsh and his parents. Sadhana is greeted by Harsh’s mother. Harsh’s mother converses with Maitree. Maitree informs Harsh’s mother that she wishes to speak with them. Harsh’s mother claims that Harsh has already told her what happened to her and that they are unconcerned about it. Dinesh meets with Harsh’s mother and tells her that they should postpone discussing marriage. Harsh’s father, Madan, disagrees, stating that he is a priest and that after looking at both of their Kundalis, they must complete Harsh and Maitree’s marriage as soon as possible.

Madan said their wedding will take place in three days. Hearing this, the Mishras are taken aback. Madan issues an ultimatum, stating that if they agree to the marriage, it would take place within three days; else, the marriage will not take place. Madan claims that three days is not enough time and that he must make numerous preparations. From there, Harsh’s family departs.

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