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Noor comes to Dua and says Ami is calling you so Dua leaves from there with her. Gazal and Gulnaz come out of the cabinet. They try to leave the kitchen. Gulnaz goes behind Dua and says I called you but I was waiting so I came here myself. Dua says why are you sweating? Gulnaz says its nothing, I just asked to make pakoras too.

Dua says you were calling me for that? Gulnaz asks her to stop questioning. Dua thinks she is definitely hiding something. She finds Gazal coming there and she is sweating too. Dua thinks they are up to something again. She goes from there. Gazal whispers to Gulnaz that Dua is going to burn down today.

Dua goes back to the kitchen and starts cooking. The potato is about to fall in the oil. All family members are waiting for Dua to bring the sweets she is cooking. Hina tells the priest to wait for Dua to bring them. Haider says I will go and check on Dua. Ruhaan asks him to wait here, she will come. All smile and wait for Dua. The potato falls in the oil and Dua screams.. all are shocked to hear that. They rush to her. Haider asks what happened? They all come in the kitchen and look around but its Noor who got burned. Gulnaz rushes to her and asks how did you get burned? Dua puts her hand in the ice. Gulnaz thinks I won’t spare this Dua. She is about to attack her but Gazal tries to stop her. She pushes her away and shouts that Dua is responsible for this.

Haider asks how did this happen? Dua says I went to get a plate and suddenly Noor got burned when I came back. She puts a paste on her burned hand but Gulnaz shouts at her to stay away from my daughter, this happened because of you. Ruhaan asks her to stop it, why are you blaming Dua for an accident? Gulnaz shouts that my daughter’s hand got burned because of her, it should have been her.. Gazal stops her and says Ruhaan is right, its not Dua’s fault.

Noor says don’t blame Dua, she saved me from burning my face. The flashback shows how Dua went to get a plate and saw a potato fallin in the oil so she pushed Noor out of the way in time. The flashback ends. Rahat thanks Dua for saving Noor. Gulnaz is in shock. Dua thinks their faces are showing they are stressed. Haider says I don’t understand how a potato came here? Dua looks around and finds a bracelet there. She recalls everything that happened. She thinks if Gazal planned to burn and kill me? Dua says lets focus on Noor for now, take her from here.

Gazal says she is right. They take Noor from there. Haider checks Dua but she says I am okay, go to Noor. He leaves. Dua looks at Gazal’s bracelet and says how can they stoop this low? nobody would believe if I say anything but I won’t spare them for plotting all this.

Hina tells Rahat that what if Noor’s face got burned. Rahat says Dua saved her in time. Hina says she is an angel and I have cursed her so much. Rahat says there are many bad things happening in the house, don’t know why God is punishing us. Hina says its my fault, God is punishing us for my sin. Rahat asks her to stop blaming herself, what happened with Gazal’s mother was wrong but you have done so much for Gazal, forget about the past. Hina says you are right, Gazal will become our daughter in law soon.

Dua comes to Haider and says don’t worry about Noor, she will be fine. Haider kisses her forehead and says I can’t thank you enough for saving Noor. Dua says don’t thank me, she is my family. Haider says you saved her without thinking about yourself. Dua says the accident was for me but Noor came inbetween. Haider says what do you mean? Dua says I mean Noor came there and I moved from there in time otherwise it would have been me. Haider stops her and says don’t say that. Dua says I will go and freshen up. Haider thinks there are so many accidents happening in the house, he prays for Dua’s safety.

Noor is hurt and asks Gulnaz why did God punish me like this? Gulnaz hugs her and says its okay. Ruhaan says you should thank Dua for saving you in time. Gazal hides outside the room and thinks Gulnaz must be angry at me. Gulnaz goes to her and shouts that my daughter could have died because of you. She takes her aside and says you are such a dangerous girl. Gazal asks her to calm down, anyone can hear us. Gulnaz says I don’t care, if anything had happened with my daughter then I wouldn’t have spared you. Gazal asks her to shut up, don’t forget that you are responsible for that too. Gulnaz says I shouldn’t have taken your side, you are a snake. Gazal says you are a coward woman. They are arguing but Dua comes there and claps at them.

She tells Gulnaz that you tried to burn me? didn’t you get scared before thinking like that? you should be ashamed of this. Gazal tries to interfere but Dua asks her to shut up otherwise she will slap her. She tells Gulnaz that you plotted against me but your daughter got trapped in it, she was punished because of your sins. Just remember that you are responsible for this and you should be thankful that I saved her in time. It was Noor today and tomorrow this Gazal will destroy your son Ruhaan. Gazal says she is just scaring you. Dua says I am just telling the truth. I wanted to expose you both for trying to burn me but God is with me. She shows the bangle to Gazal and says you forgot this in the kitchen. You keep stooping so low.

She tells Gulnaz that I could have told Noor that her own mother did this with her but your punishment will be when Gazal becomes your daughter in law, I am not scared of Gazal because she is your headache now. Gulnaz says don’t say that, she can never become my DIL. Dua says your punishment will be that she will become your DIL, if you want to repent for your sins then stop taking her side. She tells Gazal that congrats on becoming Ruhaan’s wife soon. She glares at them and leaves from there.

Scene 2

Dua says I hope Gulnaz will expose Gazal and throw her out of the house.

Gulnaz is scared and tells Gazal that Dua is right, you are going to destroy my kids. Gazal says it was an accident. Gulnaz shouts I don’t care, I will expose you to the family. Gazal says Dua is exploiting your fear, don’t do anything stupid. Gulnaz pushes her away and says shut up, I will end your game now. She leaves from there. Gazal takes a vase and says I can’t let her destroy my plan. She is about to attack Gulnaz but Dua comes there and stops her. She says you are worst than a snake, you are even trying to attack the person who was on your side? you should be ashamed. Gazal says leave me. Dua says I won’t let you stop her today. She will expose you today and you won’t be able to do anything. Gazal says I will take care of you later on. She goes behind Gulnaz. Dua says I hope Gulnaz will expose her.

Gulnaz is going to Hina and Rahat. She says I will expose Gazal today. Hina is with Rahat and tells him that I shouldn’t have hurt Dua like that. Rahat says you have given her so much love. You have such a big heart that you accepted Gulnaz when I did a mistake of marrying Gulnaz. Gulnaz comes outside and hears that. She thinks our marriage was a mistake for him? Ruhaan comes to them and says Rahat is right, Hina has a big heart, you have given us so much, more than our own mother. He hugs her. Rahat hugs them. Gulnaz is hurt seeing that. Gazal comes there and takes her from there.

Gazal tells Gulnaz that I can understand your pain, I might have done something wrong but my intentions are not wrong. I want you to get your kids and husband back. I didn’t want to hurt Noor, it was an accident and you wanted to expose me to your Sautan? if you tell them the truth then they will throw you out of the house with me. You will lose your family but I won’t lose much. Gulnaz thinks about it but Dua comes there and tells her to expose her. Gazal says she is exploiting you so she can throw you out of the house. Dua says it won’t happen, just tell everything to Rahat, it will protect your kids. Gulnaz says I saw what my worth is in this house so don’t tell me what to do.

My own son sings praises for Hina who slapped me. Dua says fine then, I shouldn’t have thought about your kids and you.. I should have left Gazal attack you. She gives the vase to Gazal and asks her to do what you wanted to. Gazal panics and says I didn’t do anything like that. Dua says you were ready to kill her before she could expose you, you can kill anyone in your way. Gulnaz asks Dua to stop it and leave. Dua says I am surprised that you still believe her, you had to pay the most because of her. She says I have a big surprise for you both tomorrow.

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