The Rules of Love update Tuesday 5 March 2024

The rules of love 5 march 2024: The following morning, Maitree awakes. She prepares in the saree that Sona gave her and offers prayers to God. Nandu later looks for Maitree. In the mandir, she spots Maitree. Why didn’t she wear the saree that HRR gave her? she inquires. She wore Sona’s gift saree and explained to her how everyone is important to her. Maitree says she has new responsibilities as Sona’s daughter-in-law of the house and is going to the temple for Sona. When Sona hears it, she is delighted. As Maitree recognises Sona, she asks how she looks in the saree she was given. She looks nice, according to Sona. She accepts Maitree’s apology for the inconvenience of their marriage and requests Sona’s blessing.

If the drug case files are ready or not, Vasundhara queries her assistant. They are prepared, the assistant says. Vasudhara requests that all cases be filed today from her assistants. When Vasundhara’s brother calls, he inquires as to her haste in filing the petition. Vasundhara begs her brother not to instruct her on how to carry out her duties. Vasundhara claims Ashish won’t be aware of what she presented in court because he will be preoccupied with the family event. Vasundhara’s brother commends her for her strategy. Because lemon tea is Nandu’s favourite beverage, Vasundhara begs her brother to make some. Brother of Vasundhara queries why Nandu will come here. Vasundhara asserts that Nandu won’t have a say in whether or not Saransh serves his sentence for the drug offence. She will prove that Ashish is a partner in crime and Ashish will go to jail along with Saransh then Maitree will be broken down because of it So Nandu will not have a choice but to come here and drink Lemon tea.

Ashish and Saransh were awakened by Maitree. She requests that they perform aarti. They perform aarti. Maitree requests that they get dressed in order to dine. She then visits Om and Kusum in their room to accept their blessings. Maitree is questioned by Nandu at the dinner table about whether or not she prepared the questions. The pasta, muffins, chole, and paratha Maitree made are displayed to her. Sona makes fun of Nandu while praising Maitree for considering everyone’s preferences. Calls Saransh. Saransh shows up there without bathing. He is told to take a bath by Sona. Saransh’s hand trembles a lot.

Ashish is informed by Nandu that Maitree would no longer be in her care as of today. She is reassured by Ashish that Maitree can balance everyone. Drugs are injected into Saransh’s

body. Everybody consumes their entire breakfast. Maitree is questioned by Nandu as to why she does not value her more. Maitree promises that she will wear the saree she was given at night. When Saransh arrives, he suggests that you visit the temple. Saransh insists on driving despite Ashish’s assurances to the contrary. Ashish concurs. In the car, everyone is seated.

Nandu and Ashish contend that they will hear their favourite tunes on the road. By turning on the radio, Maitree finds a solution to the issue. They like the music. Ashish observes Saransh speeding the automobile. He requests that the speed be lowered for Nandin’s protection. Saransh slows everything down.

Nandu claims she is uncomfortable and takes her seatbelt off. The stone from the ring then emerges once Maitree’s hand strikes the door. When Maitree shows Saransh the object, he asks, “If this is a real diamond, why did it break?” Saransh wanders off. Their car is struck from the other side by the truck. They experience a terrible accident. Everyone in the car passes out.

Visitors make fun of Sona. Maitree’s parents are welcomed by Sona, who enquires as to their lateness. The atmosphere, according to Maitree’s mother, is not good. Sona assures us that everything will be fine. The mother of Maitree comments, “I’m delighted you said favourably and don’t know why I’ve been feeling downcast since morning.” Sona observes. Rain begins to fall. Maitree awakens from her injury. Everyone is severely damaged, she observes. Sona advises Maitree’s mother to have optimistic thoughts. Sona learns from Sachin that he purchased the Maitree-Saransh wedding video. He is asked to play it by Sona. Maitree seeks to awaken everyone on the opposite side. Ashish becomes conscious. He attempts to wake Nandu up after being shocked by her condition. At Vasundhara’s home, Nandu’s photograph is damaged. Vasundhara is concerned. Vasundhara claims that depending on how we interpret the situation, she believes Nandu is pleading for her pardon. She requests that the employee order a new frame.

The wedding video is something Sona and her family enjoy seeing. Saransh attempts to be awakened by Maitree. Despite Ashish’s efforts, Nandu is still unconscious. Om and Kusum talk about how it’s good to see Sona happy again. When Maitree tries to contact for assistance, her phone doesn’t work, and she finds that their phones also don’t work. The projector burns out abruptly at home. Everyone is anxious. Maitree asks Kuldevi Mata to intervene on their behalf.

Maitree put her life in danger by attempting to stop the car. After saving Maitree, Ashish stops the following car to ask for assistance. Sona is informed by Dinesh that everything is fine despite the projector being burned due to a short circuit.

According to Om, it’s not unlucky. Sona claims she is unconcerned about matters beyond of their control. Sona requests that they watch the wedding video one more. On his laptop, according to Sachin, he will play it. Saransh and Nandu are driven to the hospital by Ashish and Maitree. In order to heal Nandu’s finger, the doctor requests that she break her engagement.

Maitree begs them to take care of her spouse first and refuses to take off the ring. Why is Nandu not becoming conscious, Ashish worries. Sona and everyone finishes watching the wedding shoot at home. The guest asks, where are groom and bride. Sona says that they will arrive in some time, until then, we can dance and sing. Everyone feels ecstatic.

Saransh becomes conscious. Maitree approaches him. Saransh queries how she maintains her beauty at all times. Maitree smiles and asks how is he doing. I’m ok, and Saransh adds that, they have to leave tonight for our honeymoon, so tell the doctor to release us. You currently need to rest, according to Maitree. She tells him to rest while she checks on Nandu. Ashish is informed by Maitree that Saransh awakens. She and Ashish inquire about Nandu’s wellbeing. According to the doctor, Nandu is seriously hurt and needs to be delivered via emergency c-section. Ashish and Maitree appear anxious. Nandu is taken to the surgical room by the hospital staff.

Om and Dinesh’s performance at home delights everyone. Sona compliments them. Maitree visits Saransh. Saransh inquires if everything is in order. She tells him that everything is fine. Saransh expresses a desire for coffee. The doctor says no, we treated the external wounds, but an MRI is required to rule out internal injuries. The police arrive. They request that a blood sample be taken in order to determine whether or not the driver is intoxicated. Saransh is worried that his drug addiction will be revealed. Maitree claims that my father, Dinesh, is also a cop and that my husband does not drink. SI says you’re Dinesh’s daughter, so please understand the formality. Saransh is afraid of being found out. He says he is fine and he having a really bad urge to drink coffee badly. Maitree denies, and tells him that he is not fine. The doctor says MRI is compulsory otherwise complications may raise if we fail to treat internal injuries so we will take a blood sample first.

Dinesh and Om call Ashish and others to find out where they are, but their phone does not connect. Sona says they’ll be back soon. The doctor takes Saransh’s blood sample and tells police that he can get a blood report in an hour.

Saransh decides to bribe the lab technician in order to change the report. Transgender people come to Sona’s house and ask for a gift in exchange for their blessings. Sona gives them her good bangles and asks them to bless her children. They are overjoyed with the gift and joyfully dance.

Ashish sees Nandu through the glass door and sobs as he remembers his time with her. Saransh is taken for a MRI scan by the doctor. Maitree joins Ashish and sobs when she sees Nandu’s condition.

Ashish blames himself for the plight of Nandu, Baby, and Saransh. Maitree assures him that it is not his fault and asks him not to blame himself. She assures her that the baby will be fine and that everything will be fine. Nothing will happen to Nandu, the baby, or Saransh, according to Ashish. Saransh regained consciousness and discussed the honeymoon trip, according to Maitree. Ashish inquires as to his whereabouts. Maitree claims he underwent tests and hopes everything is fine. Ashish requests that she inform their family of their situation. The following are the results of the survey.

Nandu calls Om and Sona, but no one answers the phone. She then dials the house phone number. Dinesh attends the call. Maitree informs Dinesh of the accident and their current situation. Dinesh hangs up the phone.

The nurse arrives and invites Maitree to the maternity ward. Dinesh is asked what happened by Sona. Dinesh claims that the kids were involved in an accident. Everyone flees in fear.

Maitree dashes over to Nandu’s room. She is overjoyed to see Nandu with the baby. Congratulations, says the doctor, it’s a boy. Nandu gladly authorises Ashish to pick up his son. Ashish joyfully tajes his son and informs Nandu that she has given him the best gift of his life. He expresses gratitude to her. Maitree takes the baby and inquires as to who she is. Maa, says the baby. Maitree informs Nandu and Ashish that the baby recognises her. They both smile. Maitree puts the baby to sleep next to Nandu.

In a state of agitation, family members approach the maternity ward. They are relieved that their children are healthy and that they have a grandson. Sona blesses the baby and asks Om to protect him from the evil eye. Om is the one who does it. Sona inquires about Nandu’s well-being. Nandu indicates that she is fine. Sona sends Sachin to get some candy. She inquires as to the whereabouts of her son. Maitree claims he went for an MRI. Sona travels to see her son.

Nandu has a seizure and is shocked to see blood pouring from her head. The following are some of the things that you should know about. Nandu is in a coma, according to the doctor, due to low blood pressure. The doctor informs them that Nandu requires more B- blood and requests that they arrange for it in order to save Nandinj. Om requests that Ashish contact Vasundhara for assistance. Ashish calls Vasundhara from Dinesh’s phone, but she does not answer. Dinesh informs Ashish that Maitree’s blood group is also B-.

Maitree and Sona inquire about Saransh with the ward boy. Ward boy claims he went missing, and we are looking for him based on reports. Maitree ponders where he went. She inquires as to whether the reports are positive. Nothing is normal, according to the doctor, and he has internal bleeding, so he requires immediate surgery, so search him. Sona inquires as to where he might go. Maitree says he might go get some coffee. Saransh enters the lab to change the blood sample. He sees the cops approaching and flees. He notices that blood is dripping from his nose. Sona and Maitree notice that Saransh isn’t in the canteen. They search for Saransh in various ways. Ashish looks for Maitree. He notices Sona and inquires whether she saw Maitree. Sona informs him of Saransh’s condition and informs him that they must find Saransh immediately for his surgery. Ashish assures her that he will look for Saransh. When Ashish sees Saransh, he calls him. Saransh takes a step forward. Sona and Ashish are taken aback by Saransh’s condition. Saransh collapses in the arms of his mother and Ashish. Saransh is taken to the operating room by Ashish and the nurse.

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