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Dua says I have to tell Haider the truth. Hina says you won’t tell Haider anything and you wont’ stop this Nikkah. Dua says I will have to go against you then. I came here for your support, you can’t see beyond your emotions. She says no one can see other than you? Are we all blind? Why do you wanna break this house.

I know what you want. You’re not happy that there will be another DIL. You are ruining the happiness of this house. Dua cries. Hina says you want to tell everyone that someone’s family broke because of me. Someone died because of me. You want to make me relive my pain and wounds. I won’t let you do that. Dua says that’s not the case. Hina says you are insecure of Gazal. Ruhan and Gazal will get married.

Gazal says either I will die or marry Ruhan. Haider says you want to marry a guy just because of this society who treated you so bad? Gazal says he loves me otherwise he won’t have been so angry on dua’s words. He hit me because of Dua. he is very innocent. Please get me married to him. Ruhan recalls what Gazal did. She says you had to fool me Gazal and with Haider? Haider says if you want this nikkah then I will make it happen. Dua says to Hina don’t hide this secret from Haider. He will understand it was a mistake from you. Hina says you can’t tell him the truth. Dua says I will tell Haider even if I have to go against you. Gazal says thank you for understanding me Haider. She hugs him. She says please don’t go I am very scared. Ruhan will hit me again. She hugs him and cries. Haider says okay I am not going. Drink water. He wipes her wounds.

Hina says I cried 25 years for my husband. Now everything is going well in this house. 25 years later Rahat realized what he did to me. All that happened because of Ruhan’s wedding and you want to stop that wedding? You’re very selfish. You dont’ want to share your place. You only care about yourself. Dua says dont’ say that. I have only good intentions. You will realize why I did what I did. I will tell haider the truth. Hina says please stop. Don’t tell him anything, everything will shatter. Dua says I have to tell him to save Ruhan and this house. Hina cries and says please stop.

Scene 2

Gulnaaz thinks about Gazal’s threats. She says if I help Dua Gazal will make my life hell. I hope Haider believes Dua. Haider gives Gazal blanket. He says get some rest. Dua comes there. She says where is Haider? Dua looks around for him. Gazal opens her eyes. She says Haider and Ruhan will fight and your relationship will die Dua. Ruhan says I can’t live in this house. Haider comes there and shoves him. Ruhan recalls what Gazal said. Haider recalls Gazal saying Ruhan has hit her.

Ruhan decides to leave Akhtar house. Haider stops him and asks if he is not ashamed. Ruhan says it’s Haider who should be ashamed not him. He claims that Haider has illegal affair with his would be wife. Haider recalls Gazal’s words. He says that Ruhan has lost his senses. Ruhan says that Haider means none to him. He refuses to acknowledge any relation with Haider. He asks Haider to not touch him. Haider slaps him. Ruhan also hits him back. Haider questions him for raising his hand on him. Haider says that he can’t be his Ruhan.

Ruhan asks him to stop his dramma. He says that he knows everything about Haider and Gazal. Haider asks him to stop his bullshits. He hits him. Ruhan asks him to go on. Haider asks him to come inside and have a conversation. Ruhan says that Haider is not human

but animal. He says that he is leaving the house forever and asks Haider to continue his affair with Gazal. Haider beats Ruhan again. He says that Ruhan can’t go anywhere and has to marry Gazal no matter what. Ruhan beats Haider back.

Dua comes there and gets shocked. She tries to separate both. Haider asks Dua if she is happy now. He blames Dua for Ruhan’s behaviour. Dua cries. Gazal comes there and becomes happy. Ruhan tries to leave. Haider stops him and says that he can’t go anywhere. He says that he can’t forget what Ruhan did to Gazal. Ruhan thinks that Haider is talking about him kicking Gazal out of his room. He says that he did right. Haider slaps him again. Dua gets shocked. Ruhan blames Haider for his condition.

Haider beats Ruhan and asks him to not take his name. Dua asks Haider to stop. Haider keeps beating Ruhan. He blames Dua for instigating Ruhan against him and Gazal. He says that Dua has separated two brothers for lifetime. Ruhan faints. Dua says that she didn’t do anything. Haider asks her to shut up. He tries to wake Ruhan up. Dua cries and says that Gazal is behind everything. Gazal fears that Dua can tell Haider the secret of her mother’s death. Dua tells Haider that Gazal has a reason to do whatever she is doing right now. She goes to say it.

Haider asks her to stop. He blames Dua for the current situation of their house. Dua asks him to listen to her once. Haider warns her to keep quiet otherwise he may say something drastic. Dua cries. Haider takes unconscious Ruhan inside. Gazal holds her hand. She says that Haider won’t look at Dua, he is made for Gazal, he will listen to whatever she will tell her. Gazal says that it was just a trailer she vows to make every member of Akhtar family cry except Haider.

Haider takes care of unconscious Ruhan. He says that he will listen to Ruhan’s complains after the marriage. He leaves the room. Dua tells Gazal that she won’t let her succeed but tell the truth to Haider. She says that Haider is helping Gazal because he is a good human being. She says that Haider won’t spare Gazal if he learns her truth. Dua leaves. Gazal says that Dua can’t stop her.

Haider leaves Ruhan’s room. He locks the room from outside. Dua comes and says please stop this. you’re making a huge mistake. This nikkah has to be stopped. Haider says stop it nw. This nikkah will happen and don’t dare to open this door. Dua says will you force him? He says yes you and his actions have forced me to do this. You provoked him and he hit Gazal. I can’t let him ruin a girl’s life. Dua says she’s no innocent. She’s using our family. Haider says if you have any respect left for me, stop this. I am going away from all his drama. Eisha says please listen. He leaves. Hina stops Dua. Dua says I have to tell him the truth. Hina says what do you want? You want to take my son from me? I wont’ let you ruin this house. Dua says this

fire will burn this house. God knows why am I doing this. Please forgive me. Hina says you won’t do that. She says you kept pretending to be a good wife and DIL. Your true face came out today. I will never forgive you. Gazal says to Gulnaaz see what I did to Dua. I would do the same to you ig you go against me. No one would believe you either. Gulnaaz is worried. SHe says please forgive me God. Dua can’t win from this evil and I am forced to be on this evil Gazal’s side.

Haider leaves. Dua goes after his car, she falls. Gazal comes and claps there. She says I feel pitty for you. You tried a lot but failed. I don’t ever fail. Dua gets up. Gazal says do you know was with me all night. Dua says stay in your limit. Gazal says don’t shout. I am very happy. You can go and cry in your room. Dua says I wont’ give up. She says I’ve only one way left. Everyone would go against me.

Scene 2

Haider comes to the shrine. He prays there. He recalls what Ruhan said. HE says please forgive us God. Show dua and ruhan right way. He says a woman’s curse can ruin the house. Dua calls Haider but he doesn’t pick. Dua says please pick up the phone. Hina comes there and says no one would listen to you. Stop your evil plans. Dua says I can let everyone go against me. Hina says you’ve hurt a mother. You have my curse with you. If you ruin another girl’s life your life would be ruiend as well. Don’t break your own marriage to stop Gazal’s marriage. Dua says how can you forget I am your Dua? She says you deserve this. You want to take my son away from me. You wan to break Gazal’s marriage. Don’t take my curse. Don’t hurt me so much. Stop your plans. Dua cries. Hina says it was my worst mistake that I brought you to this house. You are selfish. God will never forgive you. Dua cries and says I am your Dua, how can you curse me. I want to save this house. Nothing else.

Gazal hugs Haider’s kurta and says soon you will be in my arms like this. You will be my room. I will call you my husband. She says I am so excited I can’t sleep. Everything is going as per my plan. Poor Ruhan, he loved me. But this is what lovers deserve. Hina comes to Rahat and says we came together again because of Ruhan’s wedding. I can’t let Dua ruin this. I will get Ruhan and Gazal married. Gulnaaz prays that this nikkah gets stopped. She says my son’s life would be ruined.

Ruhan wakes up and thinks about Gazal. Gazal thinks about Haider while sleeping. She says I love you Haider. Haider says why have you done this Dua. Ammi is happy after so long, why do you want to take away this happiness. I won’t let anyone take away her happiness. Dua thinks about what Haider said. She cries.

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