The Rules of Love update Friday 22 march 2024

The rules of love 22 march 2024: In order to meet Maitree, Sachin would visit the Tiwari household. Sachin’s arrival here after she immediately phoned him is acknowledged by Maitree.

Maitree received the excellent news from Sachin that he had spoken with the location of his tutoring business and that a room was available. She can open her office in that empty room, according to Sachin. Sona overhears Sachin and Maitree chatting, and she declares that she won’t let Maitree take Nandish outside of the house because he could become sick. Sona exits after stating that she will discuss it with Ashish.

Maitree complains about Sona to Nandish. What is Maitree doing, Ashish queries? These are Nandish’s cough drops, not cold drops, according to Ashish. Maitree questions how she could have made such a blunder. According to Ashish, it occurs when they are overly stressed. What happened, Ashish inquires of Maitree? Maitree informs Ashish that Sona won’t let her set a shop here and won’t let her take Nandish outside the home. Ashish makes an effort to persuade Maitree to accept Sona’s demand and rename her business Tiwari events. Maitree rejects it and claims that she cannot harm her family and compromise her morals in order to accomplish her objectives. So, according to Ashish, she must make a concession to Vasudhara Rathore.

Sona notices Maitree packing Nandish’s belongings and wonders, “Where is Maitree taking Nandish to?” Sona requests that Ashish ask Maitree where she is heading. Maitree claims she is powerless to resist. Later, Ashish tells Sona that since she was not permitted to open Maitree’s office in this home, Maitree may be travelling to Vasundhara’s residence. To take care of Nandish, Maitre is taking him and staying with Vasundhara.

The women empowerment Group calls Maitree the following day to inquire for her office’s address. Maitree hands the phone to Sona, who then gives them her home address. Sona pulls Maitree aside and tells her that she will let Maitree start her business here, but that she must first take care of something for her. What is it? asks Maitree. Sona promises to inform Maitree when the moment is appropriate. Sona requests Maitree to swear by Nandish that she will comply with her request when given, and that she will keep this arrangement a secret from Ashish, Kusum, and Om. Maitree swears to Nandish and concurs.

After visiting her business, the women’s empowerment association informs Maitree that she must submit her documentation within two days. Maitree concurs. The women’s empowerment association presents Maitree with the advance check. In addition to telling the women empowerment association that Kusum, Sona, and Sadhana are to thank for her current achievement, Maitree tells them to hand them this check. Sona accepts the women’s association’s check.

Congrats to Maitree from Ashish. Ashish inquires of Maitree what Sona asked of her when she was taken to one side. When she uses her home environment, Maitree merely states a few guidelines. Ashish praises her once more.Maitree receives a surprise from the families of Mishra and Tiwari. Maitre is overjoyed as she surveys her brand-new workspace. Dinesh witnesses Maitree cut the ribbon at her new workplace.

Maitree receives a surprise from the families of Mishra and Tiwari. Maitre is overjoyed as she surveys her brand-new workspace. Dinesh witnesses Maitree cut the ribbon at her new workplace.Maitree is happy as she sits in her workplace. Maitre misses Nandini as she looks at her picture. Where did Maitree’s smile vanish, wonders Ashish? Apparently, Maitree is grinning at Nandini. According to Maitre, Nandini would have been pleased for her if she had been present.

Maitree informs Nandish that once dye completes her work, they may go to bed. Maitree views the image of her and Nandini. She requests that she get well quickly for her. Nandini moves her fingers to the opposite side. It is noted by the doctor, who interprets it as a positive sign. Maami queries her husband about whether or not he altered the medication with water. He claims he evolved. Princy promises to let Ashish know the good news. She is forewarned not to by Vasundhara. The anniversary of Nandini and Ashish is tomorrow, she says, and I will pray to God tomorrow to end all of Nandini’s relationships with Ashish since I detest that day. She requests the company of her brother and his wife. They concur and depart.

Ashish visits Maitree to let her know that Princy told him Nandini is making a full recovery. Nandini can come here, but Maitree says we only have one day to meet her. How is that possible? asks Ashish. Tomorrow is their wedding anniversary, and Maitree tells Ashish that there has never been a better moment to invite Nandini over. Maitree is reminded by Ashish that Vasundhara would not let that. Maitree claims to have a solid strategy. She informs him of the strategy.

The following day, Vasundhara’s brother instructs his son to replace the salt with water as needed. Vasundhara and Ashish meet there to discuss another case. Vasundhara is coerced into signing paperwork by him, and he steals her signature before sneaking Nandini away for a day. As she departs, Vasundhara requests from Rajkumar that Ashish not see Nandini. Ashish is warned by Rajkumar to leave. Ashish says he’ll reveal his false degree. Raj Kumar asks him to refrain from doing it. He is asked to allow Ashish to meet Nandini for 10 minutes.

Raj Kumar consents to him. Nandini calls Sachin and Maitree. They speak with Nandini after meeting her. They talk about Nandini’s non-reaction and its cause. Princy claims that on sometimes, she reacts.

Sona and Kusum prepare the house for a celebration on their anniversary. Princy is informed by Ashish and Maitree that Nandini will be attending the anniversary celebration with them. Princy and Sachin are asked by Ashish to divert Rajkumar. Rajkumar is forced to the ground by Princy. Rajkumar’s legs are duct taped, and Princy and Sachin take him away. Nandini is wheeled out of her room by Maitree and Ashish. Rajkumar, whose legs were duct taped, is running around the home while Maitree and Ashish hide. Raj Kumar is brought inside by Sachin, who informs him that he has to rest to heal.

To Tiwari’s home, Maitree and Ashish brought Nandini. Nidish is taken by Maitree. Kusum performs aarti to welcome Nandini. Sona claims that Nandish will heal his mother and grant Nandini the mother’s rights. Nandini shifts her gaze. Everyone is joyful. Ashish will receive the best gift, which is Nandini’s recovery, according to Maitree. Nandish will meet his biological mother, according to Sona. Maitree observes. Ashish tells her not to be concerned. He requests that Nandino return to the residence. According to Maitree, she established up shop in their home. Don’t worry, Nandini, Sona assures her, I will order Maitree to close her office once you are well.

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