The insolent heart update Wednesday 5 January 2022

The insolent heart 5 January 2022: episode begins with, abeer asks nisar to leave mehar home, nisar goes to his room to get wallet n calls kuber, kuber says very good and don’t u worry u will be paid in full for all the help. Kuber tells taiji that abeer threw mehar out of house, taiji says very good n now do one thing organize party for mehar n invite her, n when abeer will see that mehar chose ur party over his he will break, kuber says u are very dangerous, n its time for celebration, taiji says yes make a drink for me too I mean a cold drink.
Madhvi goes to abeers room to wish mehar n says mehar see I got a gift for u, mehar comes out of washroom, madhvi sees her n asks why are u crying, mehar says abeer isn’t home yet n I will not come down until he comes I know dad n taiji has organized party for me but I cant go without abeer, madhvi says I know he will come for sure, mehar says I tried to call him but, madhvi says no enough stop crying n go get ready I know abeer will come.taiji hides n listens madhvi n mehars talk.

Madhvi goes to abeer to convince him, taiji goes to kuber n says do something madhvi has gone to abeer to convince him,kuber says stupid madhvi will spoil all our hardwork, madhvi says abeer what is this just one misunderstanding n u behaving like this, is this ur love, see every relationship has some problems but we have to fight through this hard situation, for me atleast come home. Mehar gets dressed n goes downstairs,taiji sees her n says u are looking so pretty come with me, kuber says happy birthday mehar, mehar takes his blessings, kuber says I am sorry mehar see abeer is not here on ur special day, taiji says even I didn’t like this, but that’s his nature don’t u worry, he is always this way angry n doesn’t care abt others u know,mehar waiting for abeer to come, madhvi comes in.

Madhvi steps in house n abeer follows her, kuber n taiji get disappointed, madhvi smiles, mehar smiles too, abeer walks to mehar, kuber says what is this abeer ur wifes bday n u aren’t home, abeer says dad I think someone is trying to create misunderstandings between us, madhvi says enough abeer, cmon mehar lets cut the cake, kuber says madhvi is right come mehar, mehar cuts the cake, abeer makes a drink for himself, mehar abt to give abeer cake, taiji takes it from her hand and kuber says mehar here is a gift for u, cmon open it, mehar opens the gift,and sees a name plate reading mehar malhotra marketing head, mehar gets very happy.

Abeer says congratulations mehar, mehar says abeer, abeer says shush, a toast for my wife, my topper wife, see how much my dad loves ur work, n now u are a manager along with daughter in law with 2 lakh salary, my wife earns 2 lakhs n so she is my dads favourite, she takes care of my dads dream so well, abeer keeps drinking, mehar tries to stop him, abeer says mehar I am so sorry for u, u married me, I mean how could u make such big mistake, an intelligent girl married to a guy like me how come, but baby u know u were right we shdnt have married bcoz all u care is of money n responsibilities, kuber says abeer enough, abeer says mehar next thing what u will do is make me ur puppet, mehar starts crying, kuber says mehar stop crying abeer stop, abeer says I was so happy why did I marry u, u made a fool of me,mehar runs upstairs to her room, madhvi says abeer why are u doing this she is ur wife, why doing this, go say sorry to her, abeer says me n sorry no never, I cant bear her, I feel suffocating around her, good night, taiji says abeer stay here this is ur house, u come stay in my room but u will not leave, abeer says thanku and goes to taijis room, madhvi goes behind him.

Taiji says see I told u kuber, our plan worked very well, mehar goes to her room n starts crying thinking abt abeers words.
Next day, kuber having tea, mehar goes to him n says papa plz try understand me, the opportunity u gave me is very big but I have nothing bigger than abeer n I think now its time for me to be with abeer, I am sorry papa, kuber says mehar its abeers habit to react this way but u cant leave this job, mehar says papa I cant see abeer in trouble bcoz of me,abeer behind mehar listening to conversation, mehar says its our new start n its time for abeer n not job n I cant see abeer going away from me, kuber says abeer doesnt have values for money n job, its an important decision don’t take in hurry, abeer is jobless n u are working n so its difficult for him to get through it, his ego is hurt u see.

kuber says to mehar that abeers ego is hurt since u are working n he isn’t, mehar says no papa, abeer wants me to work n he is very talented I trust him but I cant see my work ruining my relation with him, and if I have to chose between abeer n job I will chose abeer, I cant trouble him any more so I wont do this job, kuber says mehar this is a big mistake, mehar says it may be but I think its right for now,abeer says oh mehar trying to be sacrifice queen, kuber says see I told u ego problem,anyways think again n let me know and leaves. Abeer says mehar did I ask u to leave job then why doing this, u made my parents think that I have ego problem how could u, mehar says no abeer u are taking me wrong, abeer says it’s a mistake for u to leave job then don’t so plz go back to work, mehar says plz abeer I am just trying to make things correct plz tell me why are u reacting so badly n misunderstanding me, abeer leaves in anger,mehar starts crying n says why is this happening we are fighting everyday I know u have no ego problem but why aren’t u understanding me, mehar feels sick, taiji sees mehar rushing to washroom to vomit,she follows her n asks what wrong are u fine now, mehar says I am not feeling good, taiji says are u pregnant let me call doctor.

Abeer with nisar, nisar gives him drink n says abeer chill , u know its marriage it ruins every relation I mean look at ur parents too, abeer says I wanted to be happy with mehar but see what is happening, nisar says this love it leads to this, abeer says no nisar I love her a lot, nisar says abeer u are thinking through heart think properly is this really love or u are just, and u are right this marriage finishes everything, abeer says I love mehar n will not let anything ruin, I will make all correct, nisar says abeer look at u are always adjusting n understanding but mehar she is acting too practical, she wants discipline in life n u aren’t that way n she wants to change u n that is not correct.
Doctor checks mehar n says we shall takes few tastes n u will get reports by evening n mehar u need to rest, taiji says just make sure she is fine, doctor says take care n leaves, mehar calls abeer.

Nisar says abeer I think u make too quick decision to get married, abeer sees mehar calling him, he doesn’t receive call, nisar says abeer see we all knew u are this way even mehar then why is she trying to change u, she shd adjust but n now see she knows u are angry n need some time alone but she will keep irritating u by calling, abeer gets mehars call n he throws his phone, nisar says ee I told u, u need to sort this. Madhvi says mehar all will be fine, mehar says how ma he isn’t talking to me, he is so angry n if we don’t talk how will we sort, madhvi says he is gone mad, let me call him, mehar says no ma this is my problem I will deal with it, I want to know that does he really think that it was a mistake marrying me, meadhvi says as u wish take care.

Abeer comes home, taiji says abeer where were u, ur wife is unwell n u aren’t home , u are soon gonna be dad congratulations, abeer says no taiji she just must be sick, taiji say see by evening we will have reports n u will know the truth n now u will have to leave all the song music stuff behind, mehar took this right decision to bring u on track, abeer gets angry n goes to his room, abeer says mehar are u pregnant, mehar says I don’t know, abeer says u know mehar we aren’t ready for this, n what u want will never happen, mehar says abeer I am doing nothing, abeer says all I know u will not get pregnant, mehar says abeer we aren’t sure abt it why are u reacting like this, abeer says mehar see I want to make my career n not kids, mehar says abeer see we will manage everything don’t freak , abeer says oh I think u are here with full proof plan n with my dad what u want me to make will never happen,mehar says abeer see we married bcoz we love eachother but now, abeer says see all I know is this not working anymore I think we shd separate plz,mehar tries to convince but abeer leaves.

Mehar rushes to stop abeer, taiji stops her n says why are u running behind him whats wrong, mehar says taiji he left me n went somewhere, madhvi comes n says no mehar he loves u a lot, he is just angry n I will talk to him, mehar says no ma, he said he wants us to separate, he isn’t ready to listen to me, he calls me a big mistake, I am so scared ma, I will say sorry to him plz call him ma.taiji smiles n says to herself how peaceful this is n abeer will never return mehar. Taiji says mehar I know u are in pain, I never thought abeer will behave this way with u, how could he do this to u, madhvi says look abeer calling, mehar takes the call, abeer says ma I went Singapore away from mehar.

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