A love to die for update Thursday 6 January 2022


A love to die for 6 January 2022: Arohi dances around Deep. She leaves. Deep asks people that there was a girl here. I want to meet here. The manager says here are all the girls tell us who do you know. They all take off their veils. Deep says her name is Arohi. She came to me. He says there is not girl with such name. Arohi looks in from outside. She says I will be laila. You wont ever be able to catch me. Deep says there were five girls. A girl says her name is laila. Manager says she doesn’t work here she comes here once in a blue. We can’t give you personal information. She leaves.

Arohi calls Abhi and says I am on my way. Kashap stops Deep outside. He says I am sure you have seen Arohi here. Her name is laila. She dances here once in a blue moon. Deep says she is Arohi. He leaves. Mausi says to Kashap glad you didn’t tell deep why you ran. He wont be able to handle that truth.Arohi says to Abhi I will confuse deep so much he wont be able to know the truth. I have to know the secret in that trunk.Deep is on his way. HE says I know you are alive. I will find you. Deep goes where she fell. He fell.Wasu asks Abhi about virat. He says I went there but no is there. He says we should do pooja for this house. We have to get tara fast too. Wasu says she will fast.

DEeep comes near village and asks people about Arohi. A woman with covered face says I have seen her. Come with me.
Abhi says she can’t eat all day and she has to serve you. Wasu says we will do this havan.Deep says how far do we have to go. She takes him to a street and says this is where I saw him. Deep leaves. It was Guru ma.ara cleans Wasu’s feet. She says I am so lucky. Tara says you are too. Tara says let me get milk for you. Tara brings milk for wasu. She drinks it. Abhi says pandit ji is here for havan. Abhi says you have to take off all jewelry. They sit in the havan. Pandit jis asks them to close eyes. Arohi steps in. She takes the keys. arohi comes to wasu’s room and opens tries to open the trunk. Tara sees wasu’s eyes closed. She imagines burning her in the same fire. The trunk doesn’t open the. The havan ends.

wasu goes towards her room. Arohi hides. She sees wasu taking out key from her saree. She opens the trunk and sees something inside. Arohi says so she fooled us. She is very clever.Deep calls the bar owner and asks him to let him know when laila comes. Deep comes to the bar. A dancer blindfolds Deep. Arohi dances around him. She touches his face. Arohi comes close to him. deep says this means I was right. Arohi takes off her veill.


Deep opens his blindfold. He goes after the girl and says I know who you are. I will see your face. The girl turns around. It is Arohi but her face is hidden. She puts something in his eyes. she says only people who I want touch me. He grasps her adn says why aren’t you showing me your face? Who are you? I will see who you are.
Abhi looks for Arohi. Deep’s eyes can’t open. Arohi shoves deep. She goes to dressing room and dresses as manpreet. She runs.Deep comes to dressing room and sees Manpreet’s glasses. He calls manpreet and says where are you? Arohi says home with wasu. Deep says I am coming home. Arohi is running on the road. Deep’s car breaks down. Arohi runs from there. SHe says how will I be there in such less time. She takes life from a truck. Deep fixes his car and drives to home. He says i will find out this truth today.

Tara looks for deep. she says where is he. He doesn’t give me time. Tara drinks. Abhi comes and sings a song. He says what if your sasu ma saw it? Better hide it. She says you.. He leaves. Tara drinks.
Arohi sneaks in the house. She comes to her room. Abhi says are you okay? She says I am fine. He sees her bruise. He dresses her bruise. Arohi says I am fine. He says you are not. How did you get it? I tried calling you last night but your phone was off. Arohi says in heart I can’t tell you what am I doing. I can’t risk your life. You have done enough for me already. Abhi says where were you? He says you got this bruise of deep? She says what can you expect from him? It is just a sprained ankle. Deep knocks and says manpreet open the door. Why you take so long? He says your glasses? She wears them. Deep is dazed. Arohi had another one. Deep hugs her. Arohi says what are you doing? Abhi is behind curtain. He is angry. Tara sees them and is angry. She says deep what are you doing. You are married. Arohi says control your husband. You should hug your wife not me. Deep says just wanted to thank her. She has done so much for our mom. I want her to apologize what she went through in this house. Wasu says see he never does anything wrong.Tara says did you find about virat? Where and how he is? Mausi comes and says I will tell you everything. Who is behind all that is happening in this house. Arohi is scared.

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