The insolent heart update Thursday 6 January 2022

The insolent heart 6 January 2022: The episode begins with, taiji says mehar I am so sorry ,i didn’t ever think abeer would do this to u, madhvi gets call from abeer, mehar takes it, abeer says ma I went Singapore away from mehar, mehar gets shocked. Present: Abeer sitting beside mehar in hospital, says I shdnt have gone Singapore mehar, I shd have waited n spoken to u, I shdnt have misunderstood u n left u, if I wouldn’t go u wouldn’t be here, mehar cmon plz wakeup say u love me plz, doctor comes n says mehars reports are normal that means mehar will be fine soon,abeer says see mehar u will be fine soon, doctor says abeer ur love has played a major part in her betterment, u are here since 14 days all day all night, she must be responding to ur love, she is getting well for u, take care now.

Abeer says mehar see u will be soon with me, cmon enough now get up, lets go home I cant take this hospital food anymore n lets go home, I am going now will come soon, I have to go tell all u will be fine soon. Abeer tells tunno, mehar will be fine soon, go tell ma n bua, taiji gives kuber tea, kuber asks where is madhvi, taiji says went to see mehar, mehar is getting better, n abeer is back in love with her n didn’t u see how happy he is to see her getting well, kuber says I cant even do anything don’t u remember his warnings, just for a girl he wants to leave all this luxurious life, taiji says if mehar gets well, it will be dangerous for her, we cant let her be alive, she has to die, kuber says its not easy to kill her, taiji says hospital has so many accidents, like ventilator gets worse or mistake from doctors or nurse, kuber says who will do it, taiji says the one who helped us before , kuber smiles.

Kuber says nisar here is money a ticket to new Zealand n 2 lakhs in ur account, nisar says this means u want me to do something, I wont 8 yrs back I had problem n u took advantage of it but not now, kuber says ok I will tell abeer u helped me to separate mehar from him, n then ur friendship will be over n don’t forget I will ruin ur life u know I can do that,use ur brains,I will change ur life go abroad open ur own music station, nisar asks what shd I do, kuber says good, so u will have to go switch of mehars ventilator, nisar says what u want me to kill mehar, kuber says yes u will n u will go new Zealand n no one will know abt it, nisar says sir its dangerous, kuber says nisar if u get caught u will take my name n so I will make sure u wont come in picture, u have to go hospital n switch off ventilator, message me abt it n then straight to new Zealand all the best.
Abeer with mehar, nurse says wow u love ur wife so much, abeer smiles to her, nurse leaves, abeer thinking abt his good times with mehar n smiles.

Nisar reaches hospital, he has flashes abt what all he has done wrong with abeer in past n how always abeer has been for him, nisar sees abeer with mehar in room, he hides. Abeer calls tunno n asks is he getting bua n ma, tunno says yes, abeer checks theres no water n goes to get water n informs nurse to look after mehar, nurse abt to go in doctor calls her n she leaves, nisar takes advantage of this situation n goes in n looks at mehar n remembers how she helped him n says I am sorry mehar I spoilt every thing I am helpless plz forgive me, abeers dad is making me do all this,I hope god forgives me, I am sorry mehar n switches off the ventilator n all machines ,abeer forgets his wallet n goes to get it.

Abeer walking towards the room. Nissar pulls off the ventilator and hides under the bed when Abeer opens the door. Abeer comes in and takes his wallet. Abeer goes off Meher is suffocating. Nissar gets up from there and goes out. Nissar messages Kuber that the work is done and he is leaving for airport. Kuber reads it and is very happy. Suman, Devki and Tarun reach hospital. Suman says she wanna thank God for making her daughter well. Suman goes and prays. Nurse come inside the room to check. She saw Meher suffocating and checks the monitor. Then she reconnects the ventilator but still Meher’s condition is worse. The nurse calls out for the doctor. The doctor comes in and tries all the possible ways to her her back to normal. He asks for the injections. Meanwhile Abeer comes inside with the bottle and Nissar goes out behind him. Suman, Devki and Tarun were about to enter and the nurse comes out. She says that they cant enter now as there has been an emergency.

Doctor also comes out and asks them to wait and tells that Meher has some complications as there were no oxygen for some minutes. Devki and Suman are shattered and crying. Abeer comes back and notices Devki and Suman outside the room. He sensed something wrong and asks what has happened. Devki asks him whta was he doing here when he promised them that he will take care of her and meantime they went for freshen up. She also adds that Meher’s oxygen supply went off. Abeer is shocked. Abeer tried to go inside and Devki stops the way asksing him why he have been again in Meher’s life? Bua says that whenever Abeer comes into her life she suffers as before he made Meher suffer and broke their trust. She says that Meher with difficulty came out of that and learnt to live, yet again he came back and finished everything. And also says that because of him now Meher is just breathing. And she asks if he wants her breath too. Devki asks him to go off and warns him that she can go to any extent.

Devki asks him to go and so Suman. Abeer comes a way far and says that Bua is right he had taken so much of thing from her life, so its time to return back. And for that Meher needs to be alright soon, for his love and their happiness. Abeer cries. Suman and Devki look through the glass space and cries. Abeer walks and remembers all that what Bua told him. Abeer reaches Groove studio. He enters and the bad boys questions him about Meher. He answers that she is not well and asks them to come to the recording room. They ask him what is he upto. Abeer asks them to roll the camera and says that they are going live and he needs to record a song. They were shocked. Abeer gets ready and sits for recording. Abeer starts the show saying, I started narrating a show few days back where there was a free bird hero and a serious heroin. And that heroin had a stone heart. And hero with a generous heart and the story may be your fav one too.

And something happened that the heroin have become a stone herself she is not talking, not opening her eyes and not speaking anything but I know that she can listen to me and even she is understanding all that I talk. She is so stubborn and I am not that easy going I will keep calling her and I wont leave her like that so easily and she is the heroin of the story so he needs help. All the people out there have listened his voice but today he needs to listen to her. Will you all help me, what if Ms.Akudu opens her eyes hearing all their voices? I dunno but I feel so weak today. Will you become my strength? Will you help me? He sings. The whole world sees him live performance even Suman in hospital. Bua comes and goes off. Meher suffocates. Abeer does some pujas in temple. The song in BG. Suman asks what has happened.

Doc replies that due to the termination of oxygen supply there has been some complications and they are trying their level best. Suman prays saying that he can take her life but must save her daughter. Abeer keeps praying and the pandit keeps a flower in his hand. He takes it and happy, he runs to the hospital. Abeer comes in, Suman and Devki sees him. Devki tries to shoo him away again but Suman stops her. Abeer shows the flower to them, and says it is for Meher. Doctor comes back and says that Meher is back to her senses and she will be fine soon. Suman and Devki are happy. Abeer cries. Devki and Suman smile at him and Abeer is extremely happy. Meher opens her eyes and looks at Abeer’s smiling face. Abeer asks how is she (Boss)? He says that it has been 2 weeks that she is here and she has become fat. He says that glucose has many calories. Suman, Devki and Tarun comes in and Suman asks if Meher is fine. She also adds that Meher made a stir in their lives. Abeer keeps peeping and tries to get into her sight. He tries to keep the flower in her hand but Suman takes it from his hand and keeps it in her hand. Abeer feels ignored. Tunnu apologizes and says he is responsible for everything. Abeer leaves silently yet he wants to be with her. Abeer comes out and remembers how she opened her eyes and some flashback.

He is having a hard time, Meher begging to stay keep ringing in his ears. Suman comes and Abeer hugs her and cries. Abeer blames himself for everything that happened. Devki comes out and just listens to their convo. Suman says that it was all because of him and his love that Meher is with them now. Suman also adds that all that happened is like a nightmare and nothing else. Devki seems unhappy with Suman accepting Abeer. Suman hugs him back and says that everything will be fine soon.

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