The insolent heart update Tuesday 11 January 2022

The insolent heart 11 January 2022: The Episode starts with Meher talking to Devki on phone and says Bua……Abeer gets down his car and thinks where did she go? He calls Devki while she is under a white cover, and brings her back in the car. Meher calls Abeer, but Appendix picks the call. Meher asks what happened to your voice? Abeer takes the call. Meher asks him where is her bua and what he is going to do with her. Abeer laughs and says you are not in a position to bargain. Your Bua is in my captivity, you have to come back to me and also have to take back the resignation as a ransom. Meher says you are disgusting. Abeer sees Police coming and disconnects the call. They take Devki out of car and makes her rest in the ambulance parked nearby. Abeer asks Devki to rest for sometime or sleep. He comes out of ambulance and laughs. Abeer calls Meher. Meher asks where is my Bua. Abeer says you will not get bua until you agrees to my ransom demands. He says you have to take back resignation and also have to go on a dinner with me. He says you have to agree on all my conditions else you will not get Bua. Appendix comes and tells Bua went with the ambulance.

Abeer blames Meher for sending Police, and says that’s why they kept her in ambulance. Mehers shouts Abeer. Tunnu comes and asks why he is fighting with jiju even at night. Meher tells he has kidnapped our bahu.In the morning, Meher comes and beats Abeer. She asks where is my Bua. Abeer says don’t know where did that ambulance go? We will try to search her. Appendix asks her not to take tension and says they will search her.Wardboys open the ambulance and sees Devki waking up. They thinks dead body has woken up. The people standing there start taking videos. Devki takes an auto and leaves. Tunnu watches news on TV and informs Meher that Devki is on TV. Appendix shows the news to Meher and Abeer.

Abeer says we got Bua back. He asks her to take back resignation. Meher refuses and leaves.Devki talks to the guard and scolds him. Suman takes Abeer’s side. Meher asks until when you will support him. Suman says he loves you. Meher gets a call and he leaves. Devki tells that the guard kept the CCTV footage off and thinks to get Abeer behind bars once she gets the proofs. Suman laughs. Devki gets angry. Suman laughs again and says let him. Abeer is doing this to make Meher take back the resignation.Suman asks Meher, why she didn’t have anything. She asks her not to leave job. Meher says you likes him very much and that’s why you don’t see his mistake. She says everything is changed and I have moved on. Suman says I have heard it many times. She says life want to show you something good, but you don’t want to see. Meher says can you tell this infront of him. She says many things have changed in 8 years, and she don’t want any complications in her life.

Satish comes to Meher’s house. Devki asks why did you come? Satish says I just came to meet her. Meher comes. Satish says Aunty is not letting me meet you. Devki gets irked and asks her not to get influenced by him. She goes. Satish asks if Devki is same from before. Suman greets him. Satish tries to convince Meher not to leave office. Meher says she has decided and with a lot of thinking. She says it is very embarrasing situation for me and I can’t do this job. Satish says I can understand, but you deserves a big farewell party. Meher refuses. Satish asks her to accept his last wish. Meher says okay, and says she will keep party at home. She asks him to invite everyone. Suman asks him to invite Abeer also. Satish says okay and goes. Meher asks Suman, why did she invite Abeer? Suman says I have to make arrangements for party.

Abeer’s mum Madhavi calls him and asks to come home. Abeer says he can’t come and asks her to meet him tomorrow. He says he is missing her Gajar Ka Halwa. Madhavi asks why you are making me cry, when you are upset with Papa. Abeer says I can do anything for you, and can’t see you crying. He says he can’t come home. Madhavi comes to Abeer and asks him to bring Abeer back. Kuber shouts and asks what he shall do? Madhavi says she wants her son back in her house. Kuber asks shall I beg him to return. He is disowning me on TV. Everyone is asking opinion and made hashtag on my name. Satish coming to Abeer and wakes him up as he was very much drunk. Abeer asks if Meher agreed and drinks wine again. Satish asks him to stop drinking. Abeer says Meher is very stubborn and that thing I like in her, no one can convince her if she decides anything. He tells while being in college, he has once pushed her in water, and she started crying like a child. Satish hears him. Abeer says she will never agree being stubborn. He asks what I was saying? Satish says once you pushed her in water. Abeer says yes, tells same story and laughs saying she was crying heavily. Satish says your wife has left you, but my wife dances on my head and went for shopping. He invites him for party and thinks how he will come being drunk. Abeer drinks again and shares the story with bottle, laughs and then starts crying.

Meher’s office employees come to her house. Meher asks them to sit and says I will switch on the music. Tunnu comes and greets them. Suman sees Meher tensed and calls her. Meher signs no. She comes to Suman. Suman asks why you are nervous. Meher says she don’t want any drama to happen, and fears that she couldn’t handle the guests well. Suman asks her not to worry. Satish comes and asks what’s up guys. He greets the employees. Meher says you came late. Satish says his wife went to her Mayka and he didn’t get his things on time. Suman asks him to sit. Meher tells Rathi that she is so happy to see her and says I will remember you always. Rathi smiles. Satish asks Rathi to check his driver, and says he didn’t bring cake as yet. Just then door bell rings. Rathi says cake has come. Tunnu opens the door, and says cake is here.

Satish says so the party begins. Suman looks for Abeer. She calls Satish to a side and asks why Abeer haven’t come. She says we shall wait for him to come. Satish tells I told him to come, but……….Meher gets sad and opens the door. She asks someone to attend the party, but the man refuses.Kuber shouts at Madhavi and tells Abeer has made joke of him and his credibility. Everyone is gossiping on net and made hashtag on his name. Madhavi says you should apologize to Meher and Abeer. Kuber says what I have done is for him, for his betterment. Madhavi asks him to let Abeer do what he wants, and don’t repent. She says if you don’t mend your ways, then I will leave you one day, and you have to leave alone in this house. She goes inside. Kuber calls her name…..He says everything is happening because of Meher Purohit. He says you and your family will not stay peacefully in this city.

Satish and others ask Meher to cut the cake. Abeer comes and says how can Meher cut the cake without him. Suman gets happy seeing him. Abeer forwards his hand and asks if he will not be welcome. Suman welcomes him and blesses him. She says it is good that you came, party was incomplete without you. Abeer asks Meher to welcome him. Satish greets Abeer with a hug. Meher worries that he will create a scene. She thinks why did he come. Meher cuts the cake. Everyone claps.

Abeer tells their love story started with a cake in the college. Suman asks Meher to serve cake to everyone. She makes Abeer eat cake while Meher serves to the guests. Abeer is going to Meher’s room to use her washroom, but Meher stops him and says you can’t use my washroom. While Satish calls her, Meher goes and Abeer gets inside her room and heads straight to washroom. He didn’t see a guy sleeping on Meher’s bed. Abeer comes out of bathroom and thinks his head is paining because of hangover. He thinks to rest for sometime, and sleeps on bed. He notices someone already sleeping and asks who are you? He calls Meher and asks who is here? Meher comes and asks Abeer to get out of room. She asks the guy Akshat to rest. Abeer asks Meher, who is he? Meher asks him to attend the party and leave. She says you should not interfere. Abeer gets jealous and asks who is he? Meher says it is none of your business, enjoy party and leave. Abeer says how dare he to sleep on your bed.

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