Wedding planners update Wednesday 12 january 2022

Wedding planners 12 january 2022: The Episode starts with Priyanka saying I should have controlled my anger, fight has gone a bit long, I will say sorry and end the matter here. She sees Preeti hiding and going. She comes to her room. She sees Neil’s button missing. She thinks how did his shirt button break. She recalls asking him to sleep in the room if he wants. He asks her to sleep alone. FB ends. She says he is so happy, was that Neil in the blanket, no, he can’t do this.

Preeti wakes up KT. He says you know when my morning starts with your hair fragrance, I feel like living, I love your hair a lot. She gets sad. She thinks I have to go to doctor for check up. She makes an excuse. KT says I will see you later. He goes. Priyanka says if I get Neil’s button in Phurti’s room, then my doubt is right.Juhi encourages Preeti and stays with her. Preeti says I know my leaving will break down many, I can’t do this, I have to be with you all, I m ready to tolerate the pain, I will fight. Nurse gets the reports and says its all good. She asks Juhi to get medicines. Juhi goes. KT comes to the hospital. Phurti says I have to do this if this is good for Preeti’s baby. She keeps the coconut in her lap and reads the book. Priyanka gets shocked.

She recalls Kushala giving the coconut to Preeti and asking her to read the shlok. She says it means Phurti is pregnant. KT does charity in the hospital. Doctor thanks him for the donation. KT says Lord gave me a lot, a good family and a good wife. Preeti gets shocked seeing him.KT says this is my way to thank the Lord. She hides under the sheet. Kushala asks what, Phurti has the coconut, it can’t happen. Priyanka says I m also shocked. She takes Kushala to Phurti. They question Phurti. Phurti lies to them. She says I was not reading any book, but doing yoga. Priyanka scolds her. Kushala says I m not interested in her doings. She goes. Priyanka thinks what’s going on, Phurti is lying. Phurti shuts the door. KT comes to Preeti and talks to her.

He says I hope your family is with you, don’t lose courage, your family will need you. He asks her to pray for his family and baby. He talks of his dreams. He praises his wife. Preeti cries. He says get well soon, wish that me and my wife are always together. He stops and recalls Preeti seeing her hair. Juhi comes with medicines. He gets shocked. He asks what are you doing here. Preeti calls KT. Juhi says talking isn’t allowed here. KT goes out. Preeti says I m at the office, I will go home, where are you. He says I m coming home, I can’t make you away from me, I love you Preeti. She cries and says I love you too. He says take care, I m reaching home. KT saying I was so scared, I felt Preeti has cancer, I can’t tolerate it. He asks what are you doing here. She says I had come to see a relative. He says I wish she recovers, even any enemy shouldn’t get this disease, its dangerous. He leaves. Juhi says KT loves you a lot. Preeti cries. Juhi consoles her. Jo bheji thi dua….plays….

Sneha invites Mitali for holi celebrations. She says you gave us a relief that day, just come on holi. Mitali says sure. KT comes home and asks for Preeti. He sees Preeti and gets relieved. He gives her a gift. He says I m incomplete with you, never leave me. He hugs her. They cry. Kushala says your relation is strong, no one will go anywhere, what’s the matter. KT says stay here, I will come. He wards off bad sight from Preeti. He says any problem coming to you will come towards me. Preeti stops her from saying it. Sneha wishes them happy holi. Kushala says happiness came in our lives because of Preeti. She asks did you invite Seema. Sneha says yes. Kushala says Seema is my friend, she used to show off a lot, she always insults KT, this time, I will not leave her. Preeti hugs KT.

Priyanka asks Phurti why is she eating so much, pregnant women eat a lot. Neil stops Priyanka. They argue. Preeti comes and asks what’s happening. She sends Phurti to her room. Priyanka says Neil is getting close to Phurti. Neil says I was just acting to make you forget your anger, I want you to forgive me, you just know to fight, we don’t understand each other, I hurried in marrying you. Priyanka says fine, forget me, go to Phurti, I had seen you leaving from her room secretly. Neil asks what. Preeti scolds them. She says you have to keep the vows and trust each other, Priyanka you are wrong, I slept in Phurti’s room and left in the morning. She says Neil, you gave a reason to Priyanka to doubt. Priyanka says he just knows how to upset me. She goes crying.

Preeti goes to KT and says our lie can come out, Kushala will tell everyone in the party that I m pregnant, Neil and Priyanka are fighting because of Phurti, are we being selfish to hurt them. He says think I made a big mistake, I m asking you to punish me, what will you do. She says I can’t see you in pain. He asks what will you punish to an enemy, slap or kill. Preeti says slap, it will hurt less. He says exactly, we are doing the same, mom will break down with this truth and not let this surrogacy happen, we won’t get our baby, we want to see them happy, right. She says yes. He makes her wear a ring. She says its beautiful. He says never remove this. She says never, I have a fear, Phurti’s baby bump will get noticed soon, we have to do something. They worry.

Its morning, Sneha says I will call Preeti and KT. KT and Preeti get ready. KT shows the fake baby bump. Preeti laughs. KT says we have lied and will find solution together, we will keep Phurti at some other house. She says my lie will be caught. He says no, I spoke to my friend, he will get us fake baby bump of different sizes every month. She asks what about Neil and Priyanka. He applies holi to her and runs. She runs after him with the holi colours. They enjoy. Mitali comes in the party. Kushala attend the guests. KT and Preeti dance. Kushala says that’s my son and bahu. Mitali sees Phurti and thinks to ask her how is she.

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