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The insolent heart 18 December 2021: The episode begins with,abeer says mehar that its been so long he hasn’t seen her laughing so heartedly and its he who can do it only, bua comes and slips on the floor and says abeer, tunno tries telling but bua stops him, abeer says she will blame me for everything forget it mummy give me breakfast.Sani and nishi ask nisar did he talk to mehar, nisar says sani sir u said u will ask, sani says its ur idea so u will talk, nisar says ok i will call her right now. Bua says abeer i cant bear u in front if my eyes, abeer says go out then, mehar says both of u stop right now, sham enters and asks abeer what is he doing here, mehar says enters new drama,sham says u treat ur dad as drama, mehar says i am going office, abeer says mehar don’t be fool don’t go, mehar says i am going, abeer says ok go, for u work is important than family,sham says u boy u don’t interfere and mehar what all is this, what danger, and suman get me tea plz, bua stops her, sham says this is how u all treat me, no one likes me and no one told me what danger it is, it surely must be bcoz of this boy, suman says to sham what are u doing here, sham says now u don’t respect ur husband, i have right over here , its abt my daughter, suman takes sham along with her, abeer says buaji what an ego, i have to say, u wanted me to throw out but the moment he entered to show him ur authority u stopped me.

The insolent heart 17 December 2021

Suman to sham, what u want, sham says i just want love and respect, suman asks do u want money, sham says how much u have, suman says i don’t have much but, sham says and what abt these gold bangles in ur hand, suman removes it, sham says no no let it be, suman gives it to him and says make sure no one knows abt abeer staying here, sham says suman just u give me love and respect, take care ok i will leave now.Rati siging yadein teri, lovely sees her blushing and singing song and says hello nice tune, rati says i love this song, lovely says how sweet, anyways since mehar isn’t here, here are some files plz update it by evening and leaves.lovely sees nisar and says looking good and the same tune, nisar says yes its my song so anyways bye, lovely says interesting rati and nisar same tune, somthing is cooking.
Pinky on phone, says i respect women, and i will arrive in time for inauguration, pinky is being informed that they have found mehars address, pinky says now watch the real show. Jawhar tells sani that mehar is here in office, sani goes to mehar.mehar in her cabin, working, sani enters with a plant hiding behind it, mehar asks sir what are u doing, sani says what are u doing here, u know goons are behind u ,why are u here, mehar says relax nothing will happen, and the goons are behind abeer and not me.
Abeer tells nisar that same goons are behind mehar but she walked to office without informing, sani says see mehar it will be dangerous for everyone here, abeer says to nisar she cares only abt work and her ego, nisar says chill,i will look after her.bua checks door its some guys asking for abeer,abeer on phone says good she agreed now plz drop her home, bua tells abeer and suman that some guys are here asking for abeer i think we shd inform police, abeer says wait let me check, abeer opens the door and sees its his friends sent by madhvi with abeers stuff,bua says what all is this, abeer says bua mummy sent it, suman says i told madhviji to do so, bua says look at this stuff are u going to stay here life long, abeer says oh don’t say that i may even stay if u insist, bua says bhabhi shift this stuff some where and not in mehars room and leaves, suman smiles looking at abeer.

Sani looking at mehar and nisar, nisar says mehar sani sir is right, plz go home its really unsafe, mehar says see i am not a coward, sani says see these wounds it still pains, plz think abt my family and this channel and i have also appointed bodyguards but still i am scared, plz listen go home plz, mehar says i am not going and relax nothing will happen, sani says nisar do something plz, nisar says mehar u stay here thats good bcoz we are shooting abeer at ur place and if u go, u too will fight, mehar says what abeer is shooting at my place, sani says yes its abeers episode we have to do it for abeers fans and this channel, nisar says mehar relax lets have lunch, mehar says abeer must be troubling ma and bua i am going home, nisar says ok ur wish, nisar and sani go out, sani says good job. Bua calls mehar and says come home soon and hangs the phone. mehar comes home, bua tells mehar abt abeers stuff, and says i told u this boy wont leave this house, come see ur room, mehar and bua go to mehars room, mehar sees the stuff and asks what all is this, abeer says what to do bua scolds when i keep it in hall so put it here, suman enters and says oh u two woke abeer, poor guy had just slept, mehar says ma what all is this, suman says mehar u can stay with me for few days, abeer says i wont mind if she stays here too, bua says mehar u come with me and says mehar look at all this, this is all bcoz of u, it was ur wrong decision to have an relation with this stupid boy and did u find only this guy in whole college, the whole family is facing consequences of ur affair with abeer and see he is in ur room now, it is all ur fault and we all are facing problems and leaves in anger, mehar in tears listening to all the blames by bua, abeer listens to all the blames.


Tillu calls tunno to meet and asks what is ur interest, tunno says music, tillu says same here lets start a company together, tunno says but why with me, tillu says bcoz we are brothers, we both have to prove ourselves, and for money too and no money then no respect, tunno says and who will finance us, tillu says leave that to me. Mehar goes to her room and sees abeer exercising shirtless, mehar says wear shirt i need to talk to u, abeer says speak there isn’t anything u haven’t seen, mehar says whatever, sani sir is sending band here to shoot ur episode and plz maintain peace in home, abeer says mehar u asked it so nicely i give u peace go, mehar leaves. Abeers shoot setup in mehars house, abeer asks his troop to keep it low, jawahar sees mehar and says hello bhabhiji did u ask abeer bhai to keep it low and quite too, mehar ignores him and goes to kitchen, abeer looks at her and starts playing guitar, bua walks to mehar and says see look at him, first house, then bedroom and now studio here, what all is this and i don’t think u have any answer too it and have to face this problem now.

Abeer starts his episode recording, abeer says friends now in our story the hero and heroine are slowly moving towards love and so lets see did they fell in love, the hero stop fighting with his heroine and heroine too started gelling well but the real picture started with a cup a coffee.
Past scene: abeer gives mehar a cup of coffee, mehar says for me actually i drink only black coffee, abeer says it is black coffee and i want to say sorry, sorry for all the pranks i played with u, for throwing u in water, troubling u in class, and the alcohol thing and also for playing guitar while u study sorry, sasha and nisar hide and listen to them, abeer says and one extra sorry may be due to habit i may trouble u in flow so.sasha comes and says oh so all ok with both of u, so nice lets play a game, mehar says i have to study, sasha says cmon one game come, mehar says ok, sasha says so lets play truth and dare.

Sasha spins the bottle, abeer plays mere nishan tune, the bottle spins and points at mehar, mehar says truth, sasha says so mehar u are here since 3 months, so tell me abt abeer, do u still hate abeer, abeer looks at mehar, sasha says do u still hate or u are gelling and did abeer make u his friend and won ur heart, mehar thinks abt sashas words. While studying mehar thinking abt abeer and sashas question,and says why am i thinking abt him so much, i shd concentrate and focus for my family and its well being, i shdnt distract myself from my path, papa has left us now i shd help ma and bua now and so work hard and make them happy, i shd study hard and not allow myself to get carried away and move towards taking my family forward and give them a good life, mehar chalks down her thoughts in diary.
Back to present, abeer reads the same diary, where mehar had said, i cant let abeer win over me, for ma and bua who have worked so hard for me to get me here and now its my turn to give them happiness and the life we all deserve so no abeer, bua listens to abeer, abeer reads this is all for bua and ma and its just a little thing i will lose compared to what bua and a had done for me, abeer says so this what the girl was doing, she was sacrificing love for her family, mehar gets angry and says how dare u read my diary, how dare u touch it, abeer says some people think that i always think bad abt u, so to tell them and its 8 yr old story so u shdnt be bothered but others shd and looks at bua.Mehar says now see what i do , there wont be any past left and burns the diary, abeer says mehar stop u may hurt urself stop mehar.

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