The insolent heart update Sunday 19 December 2021


The insolent heart 19 December 2021: The episode begins with, bua and suman meet abeer on their way out, bua says plz lets leave fast, abeer waits for lift, and is very irritated, pinky arrives below mehars apartment. Mehar in her room looks at abeers mess and says now i have to ask abeer to leave i cant take this anymore, she organises her room, she sees abeers pic and says u have to leave. Abeer says i better wait till mummyji comes if i go up i again will fight, and abeer leaves and pinky comes there, guard stops pinky and his guards and asks him to make entry, pinky gets angry and says u want my entry so take it and u know what pinky does breaks everyones bones so one more word and u will be in pieces, the guard lets pinky in. Abeer starts playing with the kids in apartment.

Mehar decides to go n tell ma and bua that she is goona ask abeer to leave so goes near the lift and then thinks that i don’t know where they are let me call them and mehar goes back to flat, pinky reaches mehars floor, mehar searching for her phone, pinky at mehars door rings bell, mehar checks from key hole and hears pinkys voice, she gets scared , pinky says break the locks and get in, mehar runs upstairs and hides in her room, pinky and his guards entre mehars house, and closes the door, and asks to search for abeer, mehar hides abeers stuff too, pinky sees mehars family photo and says small family lets see what happens now, the guards serach upstairs, mehar tries search her phone, she gets it but it falls down and mehar hides as one of the men entre her room, the guard goes out of mehars room, mehar sees her phone has gone below the bed, pinky calls his men and asks them to get something to eat from kitchen, mehar tries remove the phone, pinky is informed that they found no one, pinky asks to check upstairs again, his men go up.

Mehar removes her phone, the man enters mehars room, mehar hides again, pinkys one man heats sandwich for him in oven, mehar is hiding behind curtains, the man goes near it but before that the oven bursts, everyone reaches kitchen and see that the guy had put steel plate in oven so the burst, pinky scolds him. Bua and suman taking a walk, bua says mehar always hide her pain from us, bua and suman sees abeer playing with kids and his ball goes to bua, abeer walks to her and says bua why do u always get angry on me, i helped u instead by opening mehars heart to u but, bua says abeer u, suman says didi not now lets go up now.

Bua and suman go upstairs, pinky is being told they found no one pinky says look at this sandwich it tastes so bad, mehar slowly calls her mom, suman picks it up, mehar asks where are u, but suman is in lift so she cant hear anything,bua and suma reach their floor, suman gets call again, mehar says ma don’t come home, pinky is in the house, suman abt to stop, bua rings the bell, suman runs to bua, but before that door opens, suman says wrong hosue, pinky says i know its urs come in plz, bua and suman come in, bua asks who are u and how do u enter my house, pinky says u shd be good to guest and sorry my men spoilt ur microwave don’t worry i will get u a new one. Mehar calls abeer, abeer phone is on bench since he is playing. Mehar tries calling abeer but he doesn’t pick it, pinky says I am goona take a gift from here, I know abeer stays here with Mehar, bua says that rascal boy has no relation with my daughter,pinky says then why he saved her in mall, Mehar keeps trying to call abeer,bua says leave fast or else I will call police, pinky disconnects all telephone connections, bua says see I am a lawyer I will complain abt u, pinky says oh I need one I have lot of cases on me will u take care of them,I will count till 3 if I don’t see ur daughter and abeer, every single thing in house including u all will break,Suman tries requesting them to stop.

Pinky starts breaking things and points gun at Suman, ,Mehar sees that and says I am here, Suman says Mehar don’t ,go run, pinky says so u didn’t find her and hits his men, and says Mehar ur abeer go call him, Mehar says he isn’t mine, pinky says yes so he saves u,anyways I know he stays here call him now,or else ur mom will be dead.mehar says we just work together and I don’t know where he is,why are u behind him, ur brother started all the mess, pinky says shut up I want abeer get him,Mehar says I don’t know where he is, pinky says ok I will shoot u and abeer will sing in ur funeral then, Suman says I will tell, bua says that boy stays here, Suman says i will call him wait, Suman calls abeer, abeer picks it up, says yes ma, Mehar says abeer, abeer says missing me baby,pinky takes phone and says its me pinky and I am kidnapping ur heroine, so meet u soon. Pinkys men take Mehar along with them, abeer rushes to help, pinky says ask abeer to come to rescue, and Mehar go sit in my car without any noise or else ur family will be dead and if u try complain police Mehar will be dead.pinky along with Mehar waiting for lift, abeer takes stairs.bua tries calling police,Suman says don’t he will kill Mehar,pinky Mehar get In the lift,abeer reaches home, Suman says abeer, bua slaps him and says this is all bcoz of u, go save my girl, abeer says bua I will get Mehar home safe.

Nisar and Rati in studio, Nisar says I am done, Rati says so fast, Nisar says yes a little here there but it’s done, so coffee, Rati says yes I will get my bag, Nisar says Rati here for u, Nisar gifts Rati his song notes and says for my biggest fan, Rati hugs him,and all gets recorded in cctv cameras, Nisar gets a call from abeer and says go mehars place, Mehar is kidnapped and I am going to rescue her u go home,Nisar says no I am coming with u, abeer says no go mehars house her mom is alone and I can’t see Mehar in trouble I am going to save here, let him do whatever he wants to do with me.Tunno and tillu go betting, tunno says I can’t do all this, tillu says this is How we will get finance, tillu starts playing and wins, tillu says see, tunno says yes man we got money.Abeer goes pinkys place and says here I am.

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