The insolent heart update Friday 21 january 2022

The insolent heart 21 January 2022:  Episode starts with Madhavi calling Abeer for breakfast. Abeer comes and asks if he will not get his favorite jam in this house. Servant apologizes and gives him mango jam. Kuber asks him to use his anger at the right place and asks what is the matter. They see Devki coming there with shagun plates. She asks her servants to keep the plates safely and nothing should broken as they believe in uniting. Kuber and Madhavi greet her and ask about her purpose of visit. Devki says she is not much happy to come there and says she came to invite them all.

She says they didn’t get time to get the cards printed as the decision was taken in a hurry. Madhavi asks what you are saying? Devki says Meher is getting married and tells she came to personally invite them. Abeer and Madhavi are shocked. Devki asks Madhavi to make Abeer understand, how to talk with other’s wife. Abeer says this can’t happen. Devki says it is Meher’s decision. Abeer says I won’t let this happen. Devki asks Kuber to make his son understand else she will send his son to his sasural (Jail). Kuber says how can you threaten us by standing at our house. Devki says it is a warning and says you can come and bless our daughter. She leaves. Kuber tells Abeer that Devki has insulted him right infront of his eyes. He asks him to do something which is right, and tells Meher has declared her marriage. He asks him to move on and take a final decision. Abeer looks on upset and emotional. He recalls Meher asking him to move on. Abeer tells I have to move on. Madhavi asks where are you going? Abeer leaves the house in a hurry.

Madhavi comes to Meher’s house and sees Suman getting out of car. She says I called you many times, but you didn’t pick the call. Suman says she was busy and didn’t check her phone. Madhavi tells that Devki came and informed about Meher’s decision. Suman says whatever we have thought about them is not happening. Madhavi tells her that everything was fine till yesterday when Meher left from their house in a hurry and then took this decision. She asks her to tell about the reason for Meher’s decision and asks her not to be silent else it will be too late. Suman looks on helplessly. Madhavi asks what you are hiding, please tell me.

Meher sees an envelope in her office. She opens it. Abeer asks her to read the card carefully and says it is a marriage invitation card. He tells he is going to marry Sasha and she is going to be his to be wife. Suman tells Madhavi that she has a misunderstanding and she isn’t hiding anything. Just then Ishaan comes running to Suman and calls her Nani. Suman gets tensed and asks him to go inside the house. Madhavi stops Ishaan.Abeer tells Meher that he is walking on the way, she showed to him, and says he is moving on with Sasha. He says I don’t care when you get married and with whom. He says one day you will realize my love and will yearn for my love. Madhavi asks Ishaan, if he is Ishaan. Ishaan says yes, and asks if she is Abeer’s mum. Suman thinks how to make Ishaan go from here. Madhavi asks Suman, why she and Meher are trying to stop Ishaan from meeting her. Abeer tells Meher that he is ending the relationship full and final. Meher looks on.

Madhavi asks Suman, what she is hiding? Suman says nothing, and says she is busy and her mind is not working. She says I have to go and asks Ishaan to come. Ishaan takes out the jam bottle from the bag and asks why she brought strawberry Jam as he loves Mango Jam. Suman takes him inside saying she will serve him mango jam and paratha. Madhavi recalls the similarities and thinks how can they have same similarities. Abeer invites Meher for his sangeet and asks her to come on time. Meher looks on.Abeer drinks the wine while Mere Nishan plays…….Sasha comes to Abeer and says she want to ask him something. Abeer says you can ask me anything as we are getting married. Sasha asks if you are really want to marry me, or this is impulsive decision of impulsive Abeer. Abeer says I will not lie with you and says he will keep her happy. Sasha asks did you realize that Sasha never accepted any marriage proposals? She says do you know and says she couldn’t say yes to anyone as she loves him. She confesses her love to Abeer and says I have loved only you in my life, and says I know what do you want. She asks him to change his decision if he wants to, and promises not to feel bad. She asks him not to teach Meher a lesson, and says she will be pained.

Abeer says I am doing this as I want to move on. He says I am marrying you as I know that you understand me. He says don’t you like to have your best friend as your husband. He says we will discuss about our marriage when we grow old after 30 years. They hug each other.Meher comes out with Akshat and Ishaan to go to park. Madhavi follows them. Akshat asks Meher why she is tensed? Meher tells Abeer is getting married. She asks him not to misunderstand her, and asks him to go somewhere with Ishaan. She says Abeer and his mom are questioning her about Ishaan. She says she want Abeer to marry and settle down. Akshat says why you are worrying about them. Meher says she has done many sacrifices for Ishaan since 8 years, and says once Abeer marries then everything will be fine. She tries to convince him and asks him to go somewhere as they need the secret for now. Madhavi hears them and wonders about the secret. Akshat agrees.

Later meher comes to office. Abeer is in his studio and thinks about Meher. Meher comes to his cabin and thinks about Abeer asking her hand for marriage with Suman and Devki. She recalls Abeer proposing her for marriage and their romance. He smiles with the thoughts. Meher recalls their wedding and gets restless. Abeer sings song…..Tanha Main Ghooma…………He recalls their moments.   Meher thinking about Abeer’s words and gets emotional. She opens her laptop and sees her photos with Abeer in happier times. Abeer gets teary eyed. Appendix stands by his side. Akshat calls Meher and says marriage planner wants to talk to her. Meher says she is busy and will call later. Meher gets marriage planner’s call. Meher tells she needs arrangements for 100-120 people, and the food will be non veg and veg. Abeer hears her and Meher is not getting affected with his marriage. Meher laughs. Abeer calls her sanan bewafa. Appendix says she is unaffected, and doesn’t care about your marriage. Abeer comes inside her cabin and says rules are for her also. He asks why she is doing personal work in office. Meher says she is very busy. Abeer turns her laptop towards him and sees their photos. He smiles. Meher asks him to leave and calls peon. Abeer puts hand on her mouth and have an eye lock.

Akshat comes to her cabin and asks did you talk to the wedding planner. Meher says yes. Akshat says he is eager to marry her, and kisses on her cheeks before leaving. Abeer holds her closer. Meher tells him that she doesn’t love him. Abeer says I will never believe you because I know you love you very much. He says you was seeing my pics as you are missing me. He says I love you Meher. Meher asks him to go. Abeer leaves.Kuber tells Sasha that he is very happy as Abeer has taken the right decision for the first time. He says he will throw a big party to celebrate the happiness. Sasha is still nervous and says she is thinking a lot as she is going to marry her best friend. She says Abeer wants to prove something and makes Meher Jealous that’s why he wants to marry me. Kuber says what is important that two people are equal even in status. Sasha asks her about Madhavi. Kuber asks her to call him Papa and Mamma to Madhavi. He wonders where is Madhavi?

Madhavi is in her car and thinks something is definitely not right. She comes to Ishaan’s school and asks peon to give her Ishaan’s birth certificate and all the records related to him. The peon asks for his full name. Madhavi says his name might be Ishaan Raval, as his father’s name is Akshat Raval. The peon asks her to give money and goes to get the birth certificate. He checks the student names’ list and calls Madhavi saying there is no Ishaan Raval in school. Madhavi says he comes to the same school. Peon tells that there is a boy with the name Ishaan Purohit. Madhavi wonders why Ishaan has Meher’s surname. Peon takes the printout and gives it to Madhavi. Madhavi thanks him and sees the birth certificate and other papers. She is shocked to see Meher’s name as his mum. He wonders who is Ishaan’s dad then, if Akshat is not his father.She comes to Meher’s house and asks Suman where is Meher? Meher asks what happened? Madhavi asks where is Ishaan? She says I am searching for his identity, and asks who is the father of your child. She calls for Ishaan and searches him in the house. Meher and Suman try to stop him. Madhavi goes to Ishaan’s room and sees the bag with his clothes. She says you are sending Ishaan away from us, and asks until when she will separate Ishaan with them. She shows her school certificate of Ishaan and asks her to tell who is the father of Ishaan. She folds hand and asks her to tell the truth. She says Ishaan was born nearly after your divorce and asks if she is thinking right. Meher asks her not to fold hand and says she can’t tell his father’s name. Madhavi pleads to her and asks her to tell. Meher cries and takes Abeer’s name. Madhavi is happy and emotional. She says it means I am right.

Madhavi says he is Abeer’s son and I have become dadi. She asks Suman, why did you hide such a big thing from me, and asks if you don’t care about our friendship. She says I will never forgive you for this. She says my son Abeer have become dad, and says I will inform him. Meher asks Madhavi not to tell Abeer. Madhavi says it is his right to know and tries to leave. Meher runs after her. Suman asks Meher to stop. Meher says I will stop her and says nothing can end. Madhavi is going back to her house while Meher is following her in her car. Madhavi thinks about Ishaan and Abeer’s likings. Meher calls Madhavi. Madhavi looks at her phone. Meher is tensed and thinks about Suman’s words that Ishaan is Abeer’s son. Madhavi reaches her house and asks for Abeer. Servant tells that he might be in the room. Meher too reaches there and thinks to stop him. Madhavi comes to Abeer’s room. Meher comes to his room. Madhavi says it is Abeer’s right to know. Meher asks what about my right, and says you understands me well. She says I have a big reason to hide it. She asks her to listen to her once, and says then I will not stop you.

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