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Amrit ( Harjeet’s wife) tells the ladies that I blessed Amba that she will get a son, her fate got good. Lala is glad to know about Charan’s son. Amrit gives her son to a boy and goes. The lady says if tractor goes late, it will be loss, this time harvest is not good. Amrit says its because some traditions are not fulfilled, I m most lucky, I gave birth to three sons, I will do puja, move now. The ladies talk that Amrit is proud to have three sons, whereas Harjeet keeps her at shoe point. Raavi cries and says I dreamt that Jagan will become village head, but Amba got a son. Jagan asks her to stop it now. He recalls Amba’s words and gets angry. He pushes Raavi. Lala asks Harjeet to take the tractor. Amrit asks the boy where is my son Raj, and worries. Harjeet drives the tractor. He does not see his son infront of the tractor. The little boy cries. Amrit sees her son and shouts. Everyone get shocked. Harjeet sees his son and applies breaks on time. Amrit hugs her son and cries. Jagan takes his son Sukhi and asks Raavi to take care of Sukhi. Raavi takes Sukhi. Jagan gets the Mauli thread there and says this red Mauli was for boy, if this Mauli is here, then…… it means Amba has tied white Mauli to her baby, which is for girl, Amba did you get girl or boy…..

Deema talking to Amba. Jagan goes to check the baby and enters the room. Deema asks are all arrangements done. Jagan says I want to see the baby. Amba takes her baby. Deema stops Jagan and says its Chatti tomorrow, its abshagun to see baby before Chatti. Jagan says I m uncle of baby, what abshagun. Deema asks him to wait till tomorrow and sends him outside. Amba gets relieved. Jagan says Deema would like to have grandson, I don’t, I will find out did Amba got a boy or girl, I will go and find out from midwife. Harjeet asks Amrit why did she come infront of tractor and did abshagun, she can die in any well. She cries and says Raj came infront of tractor. Harjeet scolds her. Lala looks on. The lady says Raj would have been 2 years old, why did he not run, do oil massage to his legs, my 11 month daughters walks. Harjeet asks the lady to make her daughter walk and show. The lady asks her daughter to come to her. The girl walks to her. Harjeet gets shocked and angrily looks at Amrit. He says Raj should have walked by now.

Harjeet and Amrit go home. He asks Amrit does Raj walk or not. She says he walks, there is no woman in pind who gave three sons. He asks does your son walk, fine. He takes Raj’s milk bottle and asks him to try and take the milk bottle. Raj cries. Harjeet says come to your dad, come. He stops Amrit from taking Raj. She cries. Harjeet asks Raj to use his legs. He scolds Amrit that she has pride to have three sons, your third son has weak legs, he is handicapped. She cries and says no, its not like that, he will walk. Harjeet says Raj is 2 years old, he will never walk now. He leaves. Jagan goes to meet the midwife and thinks he can know about Amba’s child here. He finds the house locked and gets angry. He asks a boy where did the lady go. The boy says she left from here at night. Jagan says I lost this chance too, what shall I do now.

Deema cleans Charan’s pic. Jagan asks Deema to come to Gurudwara to do Paath. Deema asks why, all arrangements are done here, how will Amba go there. Jagan says so let her be at home. Deema says fine, Raavi take everything, Amba can’t come, take her daughters. Jagan asks her to come fast. Veeru says I will get Simran and Gunjan. Raavi says I will get Sukkhi. Jagan takes Deema. Raavi asks what is the need to go far. Jagan says Charan was my elder brother.

Raavi also starts acting. Jagan sends them and smiles. Jagan then goes to drop them to Gurudwara and stops midway. He asks Veeru to take everyone to Gurudwara, I will just come. Raavi says jagan is in shock. Jagan smiles and says Amba is playing great game, I will expose your secret, you made midwife leave, I will find out your secret, so I have sent everyone to Gurudwara, now its just you, me and my nephew. The lady tells Amba about doing massage to the baby. Amba says midwife did her delivery. The lady says I heard she left from here on same night. The lady does back massage to Amba and asks her to take care of her. Jagan knocks the door. Amba thinks who has come at this time. Jagan walks in. She gets shocked seeing him and asks are you mad, who comes home this way, everyone went to Gurudwara, you should have been there. He says I know you have cheated everyone, you lied. He gives money to the lady and sends her.

Jagan asks Amba where is the baby. She asks what do you want. He says I did not come to talk to you, I came to meet the village head, where is he, is he resting inside. The baby cries. Jagan says I will expose your cleverness, you are telling everyone that you got a son, I will now meet my nephew, or your third daughter…. The one who presented as a son. She says no, there is nothing like that, you got mad. She calls for help. He says everyone is in Gurudwara for Shanti Paath for Charan’s soul peace. He says this is your lie to that you have village head’s power with you. She wipes her tears and asks why, did you think everyone is like you, you cheated the pind, you lied that Bajwas killed Charan, the truth is you killed Charan to become village head, and here Charan’s son is born, he will become village head now, I told you, your wish won’t be fulfilled. Jagan smiles and says you trust your Lord a lot, tell your Lord to make your lie get saved, no one can stop me from seeing that baby today. She stops him. He goes to her room. She gets a gun and says stop…. She loads the gun and says stop else you will die, if you enter my room, Deema will lose her second son too. He looks at her. She aims the gun at him.

Amba saying Jagan you can’t see the baby. He asks really, what will you do, just lifting gun won’t make you win fight, you should know to use gun. She loads the gun and aims at him. Some kinners come there to bless baby and get reward for baby’s birth. Suraiyya asks what am I seeing, what did Jagan do, that Amba is aiming gun at him. Amba says a mother has aimed the gun at the person who wants to do abshagun with my baby, he wants to see the baby. Suraiyya says whats the hurry Jagan, the baby will become village head, you can see the baby later. Jagan says a girl can’t become an heir, she can’t become village head, Amba gave birth to a girl, I will see the girl. Suraiyya stops Jagan and says its fight for the power. They all start dancing and singing. Suraiyya sings asking Jagan to show some notes and make her see the baby. She says you did not understand the sign, you can’t see baby, but I can see the baby, Amba won’t have problem with this.

Jagan smiles and throws the money on Suraiyya. He asks Amba to see the justice by Lord, Lord did not like your cheat. Suraiyya takes the money. Jagan asks her to take bad sight off the baby and also raise curtain from the truth. Amba worries. Suraiyya asks Amba shall I go there.
Suraiyya smiles and goes to see the baby. Suraiyya gets the baby and says Jagan wants to know if it’s a boy or girl, congrats Jagan, your Bhabhi gave birth to Pavaniya’s would be Shah. Jagan and Amba get shocked. Jagan says you are lying, give me the baby, I will see. Suraiyya stops him and asks him to come and take money back, else show manhood by slapping a kinner.

She says I will make Amba wash my feet and then give the baby. Amba sits to wash Suraiyya’s feet. Suraiyya stops her and says just tell me do you think what you are doing is right. Amba nods and cries, recalling Bebe’s words. She says Deema threatened to kill my baby, and when midwife said it’s a daughter, I was shocked. FB shows Amba being shocked knowing she had daughter and asking how did this happen. Midwife says its Lord’s wish, I will tell everyone. Amba stops midwife and says if you say everything will get over, they will kill my daughter.

Midwife says how can we hide such big truth. Amba sees her bangles and gives to midwife asking her not to tell truth to anyone. She asks midwife to lie. Midwife says no, they will kill me. Amba begs to her and asks her to save her baby, there is no one with her now, I have doubt that Jagan killed my husband, think what he will do if he becomes village head. FB ends. Amba says then midwife left the village. Suraiyya says till when can you hide this from everyone, that you gave birth to a daughter, not son. Amba says I had no time to think, I just thought Charan wanted a son, so that he fulfills his dream to bring peace in this village, I will fulfill his dream, I will make my daughter a son, I will raise her as a son.

Suraiyya smiles and does bad sight off the baby. She says you know person is known by gender first, and you want to snatch your child’s identity, it needs much courage, who will understand this pain more than a kinner, but if you decided this, you have to change this baby’s identity, I promise you, I will always bless this baby. Amba thanks her for the favor. Suraiyya says our life is of kinner, what favor will we do, I did this favor on myself, just save this girl from Jagan’s bad sight.

Deema and everyone come home. Deema sees Jagan and says you here. Suraiyya asks Bebe where was she, Amba gave birth to a son, why are you hiding face to avoid giving truth. Deema says I won’t hide face, tell me how much will you take. Suraiyya asks for 5000rs. Bebe says don’t talk low things and gives her 10000rs nek. Suraiyya says Bebe has big heart. Bebe asks Suraiyya to take off bad sight from baby. Suraiyya says I did that, but you save baby from other family members.

Jagan gets angry. Suraiyya tells Bebe that Jagan was going to do Abshagun, he wanted to see baby, its your personal matter now. Amba looks on from her room’s window and thanks Suraiyya. Bebe scolds Jagan. Jagan says Bebe you don’t know truth. Amba has hidden truth that she gave birth to a daughter, not a son. He shows the red thread which is tied to a son’s waist, what is this doing here when Amba gave birth to a son, go and check the baby yourself, if you think I m lying. Amba gets worried.

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