The frontliners Update Thursday 23 September 2021


The frontliners 23 September 2021:The Episode starts with Vardaan asking Shashank to come soon and see his son, Ishani will try to save Sid, but this time Sid will be ruined, come soon. Sid says I m going to ask Vardaan, he has to tell me. Ishani says no, please…. She gets hurt. He comes back to her. Sid says I want to confront Vardaan. She says you would like to know about his move, but this may go against us, do you think he will agree, we don’t even know his motive behind this, he is playing smart games, we can’t attack him without knowing his strength.

Sid says I can’t stop myself, I want to know why is he doing this, how is it related to my dad, I want to know my dad. She says I will help you out. He says I know, that’s why, you also need rest, take medicines. She says I have courage, I want to just see you.He says I will be around, see you soon. He goes to Rahil and says Vardaan is doing all this, Asha was right. Rahil says it means Vardaan was blackmailing Asha, I m with you, you have no option, let Ishani sit. Sid says I will find out how is this related to my dad. A guy hears this and says don’t worry Vardaan, I will keep an eye on them.Roshni cries seeing Shashank’s pic and recalls Sid. She apologizes to Sid. She says my son is worried today, he never tried to know it, he has complete right to know who is his dad, but can he tolerate this, when he knows the truth…. Ishani thinks of Sid’s words. She gets up and sees Vardaan going. She covers herself with the shawl and leaves.

Sid says Neeti can’t do wrong with me, maybe someone is blackmailing her. He comes to Neeti’s house and asks her to open the door. The man says Neeti isn’t at home, she went with her brother, she took much baggage, like she went for many days. Rahil says I called Asha many times.Sid says I never felt so helpless. Ishani goes on the wheelchair.Sid and Rahil ask the people. The guy follows them. Sid says we will go to the chemist shop, the man who lied can tell us something. Ishani goes to Vardaan’s room. She says its Sid’s handwriting, how is this possible. Vardaan says my plans failed, whoever comes between my plans, I will not leave him. She thinks what’s this sign on the paper, I have to show it to Sid. Sid and Rahil come to chemist shop. The man says Prakash went out. Sid says its fool proof plan. He asks can we get the CCTV footage. The man says its just to scare, its not working.

Ishani is leaving. Vardaan comes to his cabin. He gets inspector’s call. Ishani sees Vardaan. Rahil says there is cctv in that shop, maybe something got captured in that cctv.Vardaan says send that guy to me, I have imp work for him. Ishani hides. Vardaan gets another call. He goes. Rahil gets Neil’s call and asks what, Ishani…. Sid asks what happened to Ishani. They leave. The guy looks on. The inspector says they won’t get any footage this time, I have got it. Vardaan says you will get the reward. Vardaan says Sid should have been with Ishani, but he is a detective, what if anything happened to Ishani, it would be wrong. Sid, Rahil and Neil come to Ishani. Sid asks why did you go into the corridor. She says I m fine. Rahil and Neil tease them. Neil goes. The guy looks on.

Neil sees the guy and asks what are you seeing, who are you. The guy runs. Neil says I have to tell security. Ishani says I had gone to Vardaan’s cabin, its the prescription you have written fr your patients. Sid and Rahil check.Ishani says some hand cream is used, so your hands are rough, I mean one who forged the handwriting has used hand cream, I know someone is behind this. Sid says it can be just Vardaan, I m sure he used hand cream. She says I have seen hand cream there, we have to get small evidences. Rahil says yes, but we can’t ask for extra time for Sid.

She says we won’t say that we are doubting Vardaan, we will gather evidences first. Rahil says I will try to get info from Asha. He goes. Sid says lady Sherlock Holmes, take some rest now. He lies next to her and hugs. She says night is going to end, morning will happen soon. The guy says a doctor has seen me. Vardaan says I will get you a ward boy uniform, you keep an eye on them. He sends him. He uses hand cream. He sees the drawer and says someone came in my cabin, who can it be.Sid taking care of Ishani. Rahil gets a guy. Sid asks him to help him in this work. The guy says I m an ethical hacker by profession, but I won’t do this. Ishani says don’t do this. Sid asks do you have any other option. He asks the guy to just help him, his name won’t come in between, its about his career. The guy says fine, come home and we shall see, whose details do you want. Sid says Mr. Vardaan, he is Sanjivani’s CFO. The guy says okay and goes. Ishani says I hope we get some clue, Vardaan’s phone details will help us. Sid says I have a strong feeling that we will get the proof. The spy calls Vardaan and says I have some news. Ishani, Sid and Rahil are on the way. She says Rahil’s car is so comfortable, right Sid.

Sid says you don’t act cute, I told you to rest and you came along. She says I m fine, just some weakness. Sid asks her to sit in the car. She says I have to come. He says no. Sid and Rahil go. The guy says Vardaan is really smart, Sid I got all the evidence of your innocent. He calls Sid. He says come soon, I got an imp info. Sid and Rahil come there and find him missing. They see the mess. Sid says something is wrong here, just leave. Ishani sees the goons taking the guy Nishant. She says who are these goons. She shouts to Sid and Rahil. The car leaves. Sid and Rahil run to their car. She asks who were they. Sid says we need to follow that car.

Vardaan plays golf. He gets a message and laughs. He says I know you will do something to prove Sid innocent, Ishani you can’t prove anything, I won’t let Sid get anything, I m ahead of you both. He laughs. Sid tries to save Nishant. Vardaan says you got trapped badly, this time even Lord can’t save you, I want Shashank to get the news that Sid is his son and he will make Sid out of the hospital, I will feel peace by this revenge. He says didi, its time to smile, Shashank is finished. Sid says Nishant helped me, someone kidnapped him, how, Rahil you and Ishani can be in danger, just go. Rahil says we will find him. Ishani says they kidnapped him since they didn’t wish us to help us. Rahil says yes, we want a proof against Vardaan.

Sid asks how. She says drop me home. Sid asks what happened. She says please. Rahil says I will go to police station, you drop Ishani. Sid and Ishani come home. He says I m tired, don’t you get tired. She says we will find out who is after you, I make a cup of coffee when I get tired. He asks what’s special in it. She says you need it yourself. She makes coffee. They have coffee and discuss. He says we will learn next clue from chemist. Juhi comes to Vardaan. He asks why are you happy. She says Shashank is coming back tomorrow, our pending meetings will complete. He says that’s great news, who can be more happy than me, thanks. She goes.

He says what will you do Sid, I have many proof against you, I will trap Sid, I can’t wait now. Sid asks for footage. The man says someone broke my computer CPU. Ishani asks him to give the data for recovery. The man gives him. Sid says we don’t know where is Nishant, we can’t tell police, I will go home and try to recover data. He says Neil messaged, Shashank is coming tomorrow. Ishani says that’s a good news. Sid says I will tell Shashank that Vardaan is behind this, will he listen to me. She says yes, everything will be fine. Roshni sees Sid and says he is so worried, is this true, is this happening as Sid is Shashank’s son, no… I have to tell him the truth, he should know it now, he should know his dad’s name. She goes to Sid.

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