The frontliners Update Tuesday September 2021

The frontliners 21 September 2021: The Episode starts with Sid saying I will sign so that I give this good news to Ishani, not because I trust you. He signs. Asha says thanks, I wish Ishani gets up and hugs me. She goes. Ishani smiles. Sid says our life got better, come back to me, its first time that we have no wall between us. She says it means everything will be fine when I wake up. He says please come back. He sees her BP shoot up.

The frontliners 20 September 2021

Asha recalls Sid. She prays for Ishani. She cries. Sid asks doctor is everything fine. Doctor says you are also a doctor and asking this, nothing happened to Ishani, have faith. Rahil and Neil come and ask what happened. Rahil says her BP got high. Neil says she is a fighter, nothing will happen to her. Sid asks Ishani to come back. He cries. Ishani cries. Vardaan thinks I wasn’t restless to meet you before, my revenge is going to get fulfilled now.Asha comes and plays chess with him. He laughs and says you should never be emotional and make a clever move, check. Asha plays the move and says check and mate. She smiles. She says you did a mistake to underestimate me, you threatened me a lot, but remember, I will checkmate you, don’t forget that I have your secrets, I won’t do your work, I m going, I know you will let me go silently, whatever happened with you and your sister, Sid and Ishani aren’t at fault, you will also pay a price for your evil deeds.

He shouts get out. She goes. He says I will see her later, I m just eyeing Shashank now, come soon Shashank.Asha greets Roshni and Guddu. She cries and apologizes. Guddu says you are a bad girl. Roshni says you should forgive her, she realized her mistake. Guddu says fine, you are my friend now. Asha smiles. She says what shall I tell Sid now. Sid says this is your prescription, take medicines on time, take care of yourself and baby. Asha recalls Vardaan’s words. She says I m leaving from your life, but your problems won’t get less, take care, I think you should find your dad, his name…. She sees Roshni and stops. She says I m just worried for my child and keeping quiet, else…. I will leave. She goes.

Sid asks Roshni why did Asha say this, Ishani also feels someone is behind all this, my dad is linked to this, what’s happening, its time you tell me the truth. She worries. Vardaan says I think Shashank has come back, welcome, get ready for the final strike. He goes to see Shashank. He sees Juhi. She jokes. She says Shashank got late, he had to go for a seminar. Vardaan leaves. He angrily recalls Ishani and Asha’s words. He thinks Shashank isn’t here, how will I take revenge, he has to be here to see the happening with his son.Ishani trying to wake herself. Sid says don’t know how is my dad related to this, mum can tell me. Ishani says I didn’t see Sid, where is he. Sid comes there and says Ishani is in coma, I know she can hear me, I have to keep all the tensions away. He comes in. Ishani whistles seeing him. She asks herself to wake up and see Sid, he is so handsome, don’t sleep when there is a good chance to romance, that’s my fav lilies. Sid greets her and asks how are you darling, I can call you anything well, you can also call me anything by love. He holds her face. She says I can feel you.

He says you would have whistled seeing me, right, you also look hot, but some what fat by coming here, I thought to come here and have food. He asks will you have aloo parathas, I m really happy after a long time. She asks what is he hiding. He says I wish you were in my arms, its fine, I will imagine this. He imagines playing music and dancing with Ishani. Tu hi meri shab…plays….He says get fine well, Asha told me something, I want to tell you. His imagination ends. He thinks of her. Vardaan calls someone and asks him to be on time. He says I will see how Sid gets saved now. He asks Sid to start count down.

Juhi checks Ishani’s reports and asks Sid about her. Sid says she is fine. She says I m glad that Asha took the right step, why are you worried. Sid says Asha left, but said something that… She asks what. He says nothing, when will Shashank come. She says he will come soon. They rush and see some angry protestors. Juhi says so many patients….. Sid says they are my patients. He goes to ask what happened. The men get angry and go to beat him. Juhi asks them to stop it and tell the problem. The people show the prescription and huge bills. The police comes. Inspector asks Sid does he have to say something. Sid says no, its some misunderstanding. The man calls him a thief. Juhi calms them down. Vardaan looks on. He says wow, its good, Shashank should come and see this, I will completely ruin Sid, that’s a promise.

Sid says someone is trying to frame me. Vardaan comes and acts to defend Sid. He says let the police investigate, you will get the answer, come Sid, I need to talk to inspector and Juhi. Rahil asks what’s happening. Sid says don’t know, what is going on. Vardaan says Sid’s name will get clear. He thinks Sid’s life will end. Sid tells about Asha’s words. Rahil and Neil ask him not to believe Asha. Sid says she said she is helpless. Rahil calls Asha and gets her number off. Sid recalls everything. He says I m sure someone is trying to frame me, but who.

Vardaan comes to Sid. Inspector asks Sid not to go out from the hospital. Sid says I didn’t do anything. Juhi says we trust you, this is happening for your goodness. Sid says why is this happening with me. Inspector goes to the hospital pharmacy. Chemist says I was feeling strange seeing Sid prescribing so many medicines, a patient told me that Sid kept half stock of medicines. Vardaan asks inspector to find out the matter. Sid recalls Asha’s words. Ishani gets unwell. Nurse informs Sid. He runs to Ishani. Sid and Rahil treat her. Sid asks Rahil to be with Ishani in his absence. He asks Ishani to get up, he needs her. Doctor insists and makes him out. Sid prays for Ishani and cries.

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