The frontliners update Sunday 17 October 2021


The frontliners 17 October 2021: The Episode starts with Sid watching news of Sanjivani’s success and Ishani-NV. Rahil makes coffee. They drink it. Sid says I hate to say this, but I feel NV is right life partner for Ishani, he has supported her and unconditionally loved her. Rahil asks him to talk to Ishani. Sid says I think this is good for everyone. NV comes to Bebe and finds her sad. She says I m ready to go home, but Ishani is ready to leave from our house. Ishani cries and sees the house. She recalls NV and Bebe. She says I have to move on. NV says Ishani wants to move on in her life, without me. Bebe says you think so. Bittu comes and asks Ishani what is she thinking.

She says congrats for Sid’s surgery. Ishani says very sorry. Bittu says you should say thanks, not sorry. NV says I had this deal in love and now I will keep it, sorry, I can’t listen to you. Ishani says sorry to hide about NV and my marriage. Bittu says I knew that something is wrong, Bebe used to stop me, any ways, don’t cry, I m glad you shared your feelings. Bebe asks NV to tell Ishani how much he loves her, why can’t he agree, time is passing, this time won’t come back again, forget the divorce. Ishani says matter has reached divorce, I have no complains with NV, he has always supported me, he never had any expectation from me, he never expressed that he is helping me. He says I can’t express it, he will think its a favor, not love. Bittu says NV doesn’t know expressing thing, don’t you want to end the differences. Bebe asks him to end the differences, burn the divorce papers in holika dahan.

Bittu asks Ishani to burn bitterness in holika dahan, loving is easy but keeping love is tough, one who keeps love is true lover.Ishani says you are right, NV has kept love in true sense, thanks, you solved my problem, I will cancel my divorce deal with NV and try to have a fresh start. Bittu smiles. NV says heart wishes for anything, it dreams anything, my heart has a habit to break, but I won’t let her heart break, if she wants freedom, then I will sign the divorce papers and give her. Sid sees Ishani’s pic and says I fought with life and death for three years and returned for you, I will live with your memories. He thinks of them. He gets sad. Rahil comes and says Ishani and NV has a divorce deal, the day when she makes you fine, NV will divorce her, I heard this from NV. Sid asks what. Rahil tells everything. Sid worries.

Rahil says I know, marriage, divorce is tough, you take the advantage of fate and tell truth to her. Sid says maybe its true, Ishani talks to NV formally, if this is true, then I have to tell her the truth that I love her, when NV ends his relation with Ishani, I will make a new start with her, this relation will just have love, not any pain and hatred.At NV’s house, Ishani stops NV for a talk. NV says your Mama and Mami are coming, meet them, then we will talk. Bebe calls her. Rahil and Sid come. Sid says I want to say thanks to you, Ishani is the reason that I m on my feet and you are the reason for supporting her, thank you so much. NV says I m just happy that you are fine. Mama and Mami come and praise NV. Sid greets them. Mami says glad to see you fine, did you thank Ishani. Sid says I didn’t get a chance to say thanks, but I will surely say. Ishani looks on.

Mami asks did you talk to Sid. Ishani says don’t ask me anything about my past, I will just come. Mama says she is upset with Sid, it means Sid didn’t tell anything to her, we had sent goons on the marriage day. FB shows Mami saying Ishani has to marry Mr. Singh, then we will reap benefits, we have to break Sid and Ishani’s relation. Mama pays the goon and says none should know that we paid you to kill Sid. FB ends. Mami says we won’t let Sid know. Rahil says NV will divorce Ishani today. Sid says I will tell the truth and propose Ishani. Mami says he is planning something. Mama says we got Ishani in a rich household, now her divorce talks is going on. Mami says if Sid identifies the goons, we are gone. Rahil asks Sid to tell everything to Ishani, she will trust him. Ishani says I want to promise NV that I will always support him. She smiles and goes to NV.

Ishani saying I had to talk to you. NV says we will talk after puja. They burn the holika and pray. Ishani holds his hand and walks around Holika. NV says I know what you want, you will get it. She asks did you say anything. He says I will also keep my promise, as you fulfilled your promise. She asks what do you mean. He says I liked you and married you, don’t know, when I fell in love, I never told it, there is no point to say it together, we had a deal and now I will give it to you, I don’t like that word, freedom is yours, you can do anytime you want, I have signed the papers. She cries. Mami says he is really divorcing Ishani. Sid faints down. Rahil shouts. NV and Ishani run to him. She asks how did he faint. NV says we will take him to the hospital. Mama and Mami recall feeding spiked sweets to Sid.

Rahil says I will be with Sid tonight. Sid says I need to talk to you. Mama says you need rest. Ishani says yes, you need rest. Sid says listen to me. Rahil says thank down, you are a doctor and know recovery is imp after surgery. Its morning, Bittu asks will you leave us and go. Ishani says no, I won’t leave you all and NV, today I will apply gulaal to him and tear the divorce papers, I want to be here in this lovely house. Rahil says you got unconscious by some drugs. Sid asks what. He checks reports. Rahil says someone wants to harm you. Sid asks who. Mama and Mami look on. Rahil says we shall report in police. Sid says yes, I won’t be silent now, I remember the goons, I have to tell truth to Ishani, I m sure that she will come with me to the police station.Mami says we have to stop Sid from going to the police. She tells a plan. Mama smiles. She goes to ask Sid why didn’t he come in mandap. He says goons attacked me. She says if you tell the reason to Ishani, maybe you both can get back together, its about your happiness, come in holi party. Sid says I will do as you say, thank you so much, this means a lot.

She goes. Ishani wishes Bebe and Bittu for holi. She comes to NV and says happy holi. NV says happy holi. She asks won’t you apply colours. She thinks I want to take care of your happiness, will you give me a chance. He takes colours. Sid comes. NV stops and goes to meet Sid. Sid applies colours to her. She gets angry and goes. Bebe says I will just come. Mami says its good Ishani doesn’t want to talk to Sid. Ishani goes after NV. Mami asks Sid not to talk at home, meet her at the Dharamshala and tell her everything. Sid thanks her. She asks him to go fast. Sid goes. Mami says once they reach Dharamshala, goons and fake police will handle the matter. She calls Mama. He says everything is done. Bittu calls NV and says Ishani went to find you, to tell that she doesn’t want the divorce. NV asks what, I m coming. Ishani gets kidnapped.

Bebe asks them to leave her. Goons push Bebe. Sid sees this and runs to save her. The man says you got her kidnapped and you are saying this. Si asks are you mad, how did you come. NV and Bittu come with Rahil. NV gets Ishani out of the car. Sid says I didn’t send you. Ishani scolds Sid. She says you got me kidnapped, you will do this to talk to me. She scolds Rahil also. Sid says you are mistaken, I don’t know them, someone is trying to frame us again. NV asks goon to say the truth, who sent him. The goon says I kidnapped her on this man’s saying. Sid says listen to me, I didn’t do this. Mama gets the police. Goons run. Mama asks inspector to arrest Sid. Sid gets arrested. Mama asks why will I do this with Ishani, I just came to meet her. Sid and Rahil get arrested. Mama had bribed the inspector. He smiles. NV asks are you okay. Ishani cries. He says we will go home.

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