The frontliners update Saturday 16 October 2021


The frontliners 16 October 2021: The Episode starts with Ishani preparing for the surgery. Rahil wishes her good luck. Its morning, she gets ready. Rahil gets NV and Bebe to wish her. Bebe wishes Ishani. NV asks her to eat sugar and curd. He says eat it and don’t make me work hard to run after you. Ishani smiles and eats it. He wishes all the best. NV goes with Ishani. NV thinks you will be going towards your aim today. She comes to the OT and meets Dr. Mehta. She says I m going to perform the biggest surgery of my life, I m going to assist you, its possible because of one person, Mr. Singh, but I have to say something. Dr. Mehta says NV told me that there is no one better than you for the surgery. NV asks why are you saying this. Dr. Mehta says I have to tell her the truth, NV was preparing you for the surgery, he made you recover from anxiety and depression, you have already stopped taking the pills.

She recalls his words. NV asks her to forget it, the imp thing is she has completed a 10 hour long surgery all by herself. He says it was a warm up practice session, maybe, Sid’s surgery is today, I m sure you will succeed. Dr. Mehta asks her to come. He goes. She thinks its just NV’s belief that he is letting me perform this big surgery today. She cries and feels sorry. She says you have done a lot for me. NV consoles her. He says when I lost to you, I have won, your success is my dream, you shouldn’t have any fear. She says I m scared. He gives her the Gurudwara cloth and ties it to her forehead. He asks her to keep belief. He kisses on her forehead and asks her to go, Dr. Mehta and success are waiting for her. He goes.

Ishani goes to Sid. Sid says I want to tell something before surgery, maybe its my last chance, I trust you a lot, if anything happens to me during surgery, then please don’t blame yourself, don’t wait for me this time, move on, get happy and miss me sometimes, promise me. Ishani says nothing will happen to you. She recalls NV’s words. She promises him. Sid’s surgery begins. NV looks on. Dr. Mehta says you can start it now. Ishani says what, I m assisting you. He says no, I m just supervising you, NV told me to help you reach here, he insisted for this. Rahil says just you can do Sid’s surgery, trust yourself, go for it. NV signs to greet. Ishani says I m thinking which side to cut, right or left. Dr. Mehta says right side. She reasons out.

She thinks I have to follow my instinct today.Dr. Mehta says such a precise cut, well done. Ishani treats Sid and instructs the team. A nurse feels sleepy. Ishani asks her to take a break. Rahil gets glucose/water for her. He signs towards NV. Ishani drinks the water. She asks Rahil and Dr. Mehta to help, Sid’s pulse is dropping. They stabilize Sid. Ishani says the final injection…. Rahil gets it. She says we have to inject it, we don’t know in which nerve will this go and how does it react. She thinks. She injects and says close him up. Dr. Mehta says we have to wait to see the effect of the injection. NV claps for her and smiles. He wishes her all the best. Ishani, NV and Rahil checking on Sid. She says I hope procedure went right and Sid gets fine soon. NV says of course. She sleeps on NV’s shoulder. The hospital staff talks about Sid. Its morning, Ishani wakes up and sees NV sleeping. He also wakes up. She says sorry, I think I didn’t realize it. He says its fine, I didn’t disturb you. She says I need to talk.

He gives her a chocolate to have it and then talk. She says thanks and I m very sorry to misunderstand always, thanks for bearing my misbehavior and protecting me. He says I didn’t do anything.She says no, you have shown me the dream, which became fear for me, I could have not reached here. He says I just ended your fear, you worked hard. She says you compelled me to workl, you brought me out of the mes, you exposed Rishabh’s truth, you stood by me, what did I do, I didn’t do any duty of being married, you have kept all the seven vows, my thanks is too small, I don’t know what to say. He says don’t say anything. She says I don’t like to have sweets. They eat the chocolate. Rahil comes and checks Sid. He says congrats, vitals are stable, it was tough surgery, you handled the team well, good job.


Sid gets conscious. Ishani asks Sid what’s his name. Sid says Siddhant Mathur. Ishani asks where are you now. Sid says Sanjivani. Rahil asks where were you before returning here. Sid says America. Ishani asks were you enjoying there, you didn’t think of Ishani, the girl whom you left in marriage mandap by messaging me not to wait for you, why did you do this, you never loved me, why did you cheat me, no call and message for three years, you forgot everything when you came back, why.

Ishani says I will not trouble you, but I want an answer, why did you do this. Rahil says he just got conscious. Ishani says I wanted him to face truth, I got the answer. NV consoles her. Sid turns away and cries. NV says Sid just got conscious, think as Dr. Ishani again. Rahil says patient needs time to say anything. Ishani says sorry, Rahil you observe Sid, my answers have to wait. She goes. NV asks Sid not to think about it, take rest.Rahil asks how did you cheat Ishani. Sid asks how can anyone believe so. FB shows Roshni explaining Sid to marry Ishani. Sid says yes, I can’t let Ishani’s Mama and Mami do this. Roshni and Guddu go to some temple. Sid waits for them. He says bride is waiting for me, what shall I do. Some men come and pull him out of the taxi. They beat him up. Sid fights them. Guddu tries to save Sid.

FB ends. Sid says some goons attacked me and I slipped in coma, Ishani wasn’t annoyed with me, but now I can see her pain, I m the reason for her pain, I couldn’t tell her the truth, its not like she is thinking.Rahil says I understand, if you recall everything, then recall who were the goons, so that we can catch them. Sid recalls and says they attacked on my head, I got injured, I don’t remember their faces or words. Rahil says its okay, don’t stress. He gets a call. Sid recalls Vardaan. Rahil asks what happened. Sid says maybe I know who did this, Vardaan, he wanted to kill me and Ishani, maybe when he failed, then he tried to ruin our love. Rahil asks are you sure, Vardaan is in jail. Sid says he is a clever man, he would have done this. Rahil says maybe someone else who isn’t happy with you and Ishani. Sid says Ishani’s Mama and Mami, when they came to meet, they insulted mum.

Rahil says no, they had come in mandap to bless you and Ishani. Sid says who can it be, I had thought of many things, when my memory has come back, I didn’t know my problems will get high, its impossible to find the culprits. Rahil says tell Ishani what happened to you, you can win her heart. Sid says no, I can’t tell her, she has waited for the answers, if I tell anything, it will increase her pain, promise me, you won’t tell her anything. Rahil promises.

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