The frontliners update Monday 18 October 2021


The frontliners 18 October 2021: The Episode starts with Mami asking Ishani to focus on her life. Bittu gets the holi colours. NV asks Ishani why is she waiting now. Ishani applies colours to NV. Everyone smiles. He asks do you want to say something. She says happy holi, I have to say something else, I want to take back the divorce deal, this relation isn’t a deal. Gerua….plays…. She says I want to keep this relation with a true heart and much love, will you give me a chance. He says but there is one condition, one more small deal, I will make pakodas and you can make coffee. Ishani says you can do both. They hug. Bebe asks them to take pheras again. Bebe says they will have a new start, their marriage….

NV comes to Ishani and says I don’t believe that we are going to marry again, what happened. She says I think Sid is in jail, I m thinking of his medicines. He says I will go and give the medicines. Bebe asks where are you going, don’t go out of the house till marriage. NV says I have to take medicines to Sid. Mama says I will go and give medicines.Ishani and NV get ready for their marriage. NV comes and says I can’t call you Mrs. Ziddi for some time, you can tell me if there is anything, its not late. She says you look really good, I already got late, I don’t want to get more late. Bittu takes him. Ishani recalls Sid’s words. Sid and Rahil see the godown. Sid asks why did you get us here instead police station. The inspector asks him to sit quiet. Sid says let us go, please. Rahil asks don’t you understand who is doing this.

Sid recalls Mama and Mami. He thinks its not real police. He says Ishani’s Mama and Mami told you, right. Rahil asks what. Sid says yes, they fed me spiked laddoo and then Mami sent me to Ishani, I got blamed, Mama got the police, tell the truth.Ishani says Mama and Mami were right, Sid was never meant for me. Bebe compliments Ishani. She asks her to have coffee. The fake inspector points gun at Sid and says I will shoot. Sid says I have to talk to Ishani. Sid and Rahil beat the fake policemen. Sid takes a phone and calls police. Sid and Rahil catch the goons. Police comes and arrests them. The goon says we got money to kill them on Ishani’s uncle’s saying. Sid says we have to take him in front of Vivek Arora/Mama and everyone so that he admits the crime. NV says Ishani, you are happy, right. Ishani thinks I feel restless, is Sid in some trouble. Inspector comes to NV and says real culprits are Vivek and his wife, we have proof against them. NV asks pandit to stop the rituals.

Sid and Rahil come there. Mama and Mami try to run. Sid shouts stop, tell me why did you do this. Mama asks why will I do this. Inspector says we have proof against you. Th fake police comes. The man says you paid me to kill them. Sid says you didn’t let me reach the mandap, I was in coma for three years. Ishani gets shocked. Mami says yes, I didn’t want Ishani to be a burden on us after marrying a poor guy like you. Ishani says you both don’t deserve to be called parents, that’s why you are childless. Mami says forgive me Ishani. She snatches police inspector’s gun. Mama and Mami say we had killed your parents, we framed them for being fraud doctors. NV, Ishani and Sid get shocked. Mama says it would have been good if Sid died, we have no enmity with NV.

NV says now we have enmity. Sid tries to stop. Mami says I will shoot you and Ishani.Ishani asks her to stop. Mami shoots. NV pushes Sid and gets shot on his hand. Police arrests Mama and Mami. NV asks are you okay Sid, I m fine. Sid says thanks, this will be a big favor on me. Ishani recalls everything. She comes to Sid. She asks are you fine. Sid says yes. She says such a big misunderstanding. He says situation was wrong, you thought I cheated you, its not wrong, I was in coma for three years, I know you cried a lot because of me, you have NV, he will take care of you, he is a nice person. She says right, he is a nice person, he supported me a lot in my painful phase, he felt my pain.

NV says I can still feel your pain to get away from your love, relations are made by heart, this marriage is just to stamp it, some people keep marriage all life, it doesn’t matter if you have to sacrifice love, love doesn’t have conditions, I love you, it doesn’t mean you will also love me, this isn’t love, love is between you two, it was never wrong, if you call my love a favor and ask for this, I will slap you. Ishani says you all are my family. She hugs NV and cries. NV says nothing will happen to family, it will remain the same, Bebe loves you more than me. She says I know. He says Singh house will always be yours. He says Siddhant, you are a very lucky man, congrats. He gives Ishani’s hand to Sid. He says I always told you, she is yours, have a great life. Sid thanks him. Sid and Ishani smile and hug. Everyone smiles and gets a pic clicked.The show ends with Ishani and Sid’s union.



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