The frontliners Update Tuesday 28 September 2021

The frontliners 28 September 2021: The Episode starts with Sid saying I have to leave for US in two days, I will go first and then you join the same program. Ishani asks when did you apply for it. He says six months back, the letter has come for right time, its a big opportunity for us, what happened. She says I don’t want to leave Sanjivani, I want our life’s new start to happen here, where we first met. He says fine, we won’t go, I will mail them that I can’t join the program. She asks sure. He says for you. She smiles. She gets a call. Sid hugs her. He asks did you talk to Anjali. He says yes, she needs some more time, why are you in tension.

She says no, my Mama and Mami are coming. He says its good. She says after mom and dad’s scam, they supported me, I want you to meet them. He says what happened to her. Sid gets back to work. Ishani calls him. Rahil asks Sid to go, he did all the work. Sid says you are really true friend. Ishani asks Sid to meet her uncle and aunt formally. She shows the suit and asks him to get ready. Sid says you want me to deck up in this suit. She says we shall… He says they are you uncle and aunt, why are you stressed, I don’t want to make the start with a lie, how can they dislike me, is there anything else. She says I don’t want any problem, I want to show my choice is perfect, can’t you help me. He says I can do anything for you, I m ready to do anything you say. They hug. He romances her. She says you are forgetting you are in Sanjivani. He changes his clothes. She smiles.

He asks her to button his shirt. They get close to kiss. Her Mama and Mami come in and ask what’s going on. Ishani gets worried and gets back. The man asks is this a hospital or a cheap hotel. Sid says how did you come here without knocking, this is a hospital and we are doctors here. The man scolds him. Ishani stops Sid. Sid asks who are you to question us. Ishani says they are my Mama and Mami. Sid says sorry Sir, I should have not spoken to you like this, forgive me. The man says Ishani, we thought a lot for you, good family girls don’t do this, this is not acceptable, we have raised you, come with us. Sid apologizes.

The man says I m talking to my niece, I m not talking to you. The lady asks Ishani to come with them. Ishani goes. Sid asks Ishani to say something. He says what happened to Ishani. Rahil comes and asks what happened, what’s the matter, every girl reacts like that in this situation, Mama and Mami will react for sure. Sid says she was different in front of them. Rahil asks him to relax. Sid says I feel scared, Ishani and I got together after much difficulty. Rahil asks what about US program. Sid says Ishani refused to come, I wanted to go, I think there is nothing left for me in Sanjivani, after dad passed away. Ishani says there is no case filed against Sid, you can ask Juhi, he is a good person. The man says but he is illegitimate. Ishani says I have also tolerated because of my mom and dad. He asks what’s our mistake. The lady says its our mistake, we raised you and scolded you like parents, sorry. Ishani says you are my family. The lady says we want you to become a big surgeon, I found a nice guy for you. He says I refused, I thought career is imp than marriage, I was wrong.

Ishani says we both love each other a lot, just give our relation a chance. He says fine, but we have a condition. Sid asks why didn’t you take my side. Ishani says they are like my parents, I can’t stay without you. Sid says I will apologize to them, you know my charm. He kisses her and goes. He apologizes to them. He says I love Ishani a lot, I know you matter a lot to Ishani, please give me a chance, I promise I won’t disappoint you. The man says I forgive you, we want to meet your mom, won’t you call us home. Sid asks them to come today itself. The man says okay. Ishani says everything looks perfect now. Sid sees his house cleaned up. Ishani says I have ordered the food and drinks, go and get ready. She sprays the room freshener.

She says look my Mama and Mami are different, it may happen that they say something which you don’t like, you have to stay calm, when everything is getting fine. Sid says fine, I will go and change. Mama and Mami come to the locality and find it really bad. They come to Sid’s house. They knock the door. Roshni welcomes them. The lady says I have dust allergy, that’s why. Sid greets them. They get gifts. Ishani asks was the trip good. The man says we thought we came on wrong location and then learnt that this is the right location, its nice house. The lady says you would have faced tough time to raise Sid single-handedly. Ishani says Roshni is a really good mother. She gets a call. She says Juhi called me to assist Samaira on call. She goes. The man says things should get clear before marriage. The lady says I know there will be talks about Sid, you had an affair with Shashank, Sid is his illegitimate child. The man says we can’t call it legitimate, right. Sid gets angry.

Mama and Mami insulting Roshni. Sid calls it enough and says Ishani respects you, it doesn’t mean that you will insult my mum, I don’t want to keep any relation. Mama folds hands and apologizes. Ishani looks on from far. Sid says Ishani take your Mama and Mami from here. Ishani goes to them and takes Sid along. He says you didn’t listen to them, they insulted my mum. She says yes, but they apologized, I told you not to overreact. He says I can’t have relation with them, please take them, I can’t tolerate mum’s insult.Ishani says I love you, I will marry you tomorrow morning, I will wait for you in mandap, whether you come to marry me or not. She goes. Sid cries. He thinks of Ishani. Sid recalls his words. Dilbara….plays… its morning, She gets ready in bridal clothes and says I know you will surely come, I m very sure. Mama and Mami ask her why is she doing this. Sid sees the letter and Sidisha pendant. Mami says we felt you won’t meet Sid again. Ishani says I want to marry him, I expect you both to support me and bless me. Sid packs his bags and takes the tickets. Ishani waits for him at the temple. She prays that everything gets fine. He thanks Rahil and Neil for doing a lot.

Rahil asks her not to thank, they have dual relation. Neil says we are from groom and bride’s side. She says it would have been good if Mama and Mami came, I know Sid and I will convince them. She smiles. Sid is on the way to airport. Mama and Mami come smiling. He says we can’t break your heart, do what you feel good, our happiness is in your happiness. Ishani hugs them. Roshni asks driver to stop the car at temple. She says I will just visit the temple and come. Guddu goes with him. Rahil says Sid and Roshni aunty’s call isn’t connecting. Sid leaves. Sidisha pendant falls there. Ishani gets Sid’s message. She reads… you and me are different, our house and relation, I don’t think we can keep this relation, I m going to America, forgive me. She cries. Rahil asks what’s written. She drops the phone.

Ishani rushes to airport. She says I have to go in, its very imp, let me go. Mama asks her to calm down, he will call someone from the authority. He makes calls. She cries. He asks her to wait. The man says Sid has boarded the flight. They get shocked. Ishani cries and says Sid cheated me. She breaks down. She says Sid cheated me and my love, take me to Sanjivani. Juhi gets a call. She gets shocked. Everyone sees Sanjivani burning. Rahil asks how did this happen. Ishani recalls Sid and cries. She shouts no…. and runs inside. Rahil and everyone shout to stop her.

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