The evil eye update Wednesday 26 May 2021

The evil eye 26 May 2021: Piya hears Pari in her sleep. She gets up and hugs her. Piya says I knew you would come back. Piya walks with her. Pari takes her to a house and they sit on a swing. Pari says see what I have mama. It’s a shell. Pari disappears.

The evil eye 25 May 2021

Piya screams and looks for her. Ansh says Piya wake up. Have some juice, please. Piya says did you see Pari? He says no I did not. Piya says Pari came here. She took me to a house. There was a swing. She was very happy. Ansh says Piya, please have breakfast. Piya says you think I am imagining? Pari came here. She took me to that house. Trust me please. Ansh hugs her.

Avi says Piya isn’t well. Chetali says she doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat. Shekhar says she ahs to accept that Pari is gone. They look at Vedeshree looking at Pari’s picture.
Ansh says sometimes we see things that are not there. If she were here, I would see her too. Let’s have breakfast. Piya says this seashell, she gave me that. It’s a sign. Pari wants to tell us something. She gave me this seashell. Where would I get it from? I was sleeping. Ansh pick a fish bowl full of seashells. He puts that seashell back in it. Ansh says please rest. Piya says you think I am crazy? She came here and took me with her. I will bring her back even if you don’t help me.

Vedeshree looks at the family photo Pari took. Everyone comes in. Vedeshree says she took this family photo. Chetali says now the family is incomplete forever. Shekhar says I wish we could stop it. Avi sees something weird in the photo.

Scene 2
Mohana comes to her room and sees everything broken. She says who did this to my room? Who dares coming here? She sees snake’s mark. She says snake? She takes out her jar.Nishant says the trikon broke before it hit Pari. Savi says it’s arrow broke. Nishant says that means it couldn’t kill her. Where could her life power go? Vedeshree says Mohana came there.
Mohana looks at the jar and says I brought life out of you Pari. Trikon couldn’t kill you. You’re alive so you can be really helpful to me.

Vedeshree says Mohana did something. Avi says that means Pari is alive? Chetali says yes that’s why Piya was saying she is alive. Ansh says she said she saw her in a dream and Pari was trying to tell her something. Nishant says we should tell Piya. Ansh says we can’t tell her until we are sure. I won’t give her false hope. Nishant says Mohana can answer our questions. Naman and Dilruba can help us find her.

Piya cries and screams. She says Pari come in front of me. Ansh comes to her. Piya says she came out from here. She came here. I promise. She tried telling me something. There are her footprints. Ansh says Piya, there are no footprints. Piya says they were there. I saw to myself. Where did this water come from? Ansh shows her a broken bottle. Ansh says Piya you need rest. Please rest.

Scene 3
Naman’s back hurts. He says that the magnet didn’t work and we are injured. Savi comes and says we have something urgent. Nishant says we have to find Mohana. Dilruba says I don’t think we will find her. If a witch wants to hide, no one can find her. Nishant says I want her at all costs.

Piya says Pari I have arranged all your toys in your closet. No one is trusting that you would come back. Adi says I trust you mama. My study table was messy. I am sure Pari organized it like she always did. Piya hugs him and says I knew.

Naman says how will we find her. Dilruba says it won’t be easy. But Serb can find her. Serb can find anyone. We can follow a Serb that is looking for Mohana. Naman says why would Serb look for Mohana?
A snake chases Mohana.

Ansh says I don’t like giving her sleeping pills. But I have no other options. If she’s up she keeps thinking about Pari. Vedeshree says there’s nothing more painful than losing your children. Ansh says we have to be patient with her. Ved says God will give her courage. Nishant calls Ansh.
Piya sees a dream again. She sees a white flower. Piya sees the swing. Piya sees Pari playing there with shells. Pari asks her to come inside the house.

Piya wakes up. She says what is that house? Pari wants to tell me something. She looks in the mirror. There was a rose on the gate. Piya sees the same rose on the mirror. Vedeshree says Dilruba and Naman couldn’t find her either. Chetali says how will we find her? Ansh says I am her blood. I can find her wherever she is hidden.

The snake comes in front of Mohana. Mohana says you thought you could hide from me? Who are you?Piya screams Ansh, she says Ansh I saw the same rose. I saw the same house and Pari. Pari is in that house. She is trying to tell us something.

Pari organized that study table. Adi told me. Ansh says she isn’t here. Piya says we have to go and find that house. Avi says how will we find the house? Piya says it’s near the sea in the jungle.

Ansh says ow, will we? Piya says so you mean we won’t find her? Piya leaves.
Ansh says to Ved we can’t tell Piya and give her a hope right now. Piya says what are you hiding from me? Mohana says go back to where you came from. He says I am from Serbpanj. We will punish you for what you did. You killed the snake you helped you cross the lake. We will take our revenge. We will avenge her death.

Ansh says trikon broke before attacking Pari. Piya says that means Pari is alive. She must be in the same house. Ansh says we have to find Mohana first. Only she can tell us. Piya says Mohana must have hid her in the house that I see in the dreams. Ansh says we can’t find that house but we can find Mohana. He slits his wrist. His blood turns into smoke. Ansh says this will take us to Mohana.

Scene 2
Dilruba says Naman said decorate this house. But it doesn’t look like. She breaks things. Dilruba sees some snakes.
Ansh and Mohana are on their way. Piya says that way. Ansh says no we have to follow the smoke. Piya says no that house is on that side. Ansh says we have to find Mohana first. Piya moves the steering. The car hits the tree. Her head hurts. Ansh heals her. Piya gets out of the car. She says I saw the same poster in the dream. Please trust me. We have to go there.

Naman says the snakes look harmless to me. Dilruba says they were all going in the same direction. I have asked my bats to follow them. The bats tell them snakes are going after Mohana. Naman says let’s follow them and reach to Mohana. Dilruba says we don’t need to. Mohana will come to us. She would need help of other witches to face the snakes. Mohana is there already. She overhears.Ansh says let’s go look for Mohana. Piya says Ansh, look there. It’s the same house. Ansh says it’s like what you explained. Piya says Pari is here. Let’s go.

Mohana says now I have to take help from them. Nishant comes. He says on call, did you find that red swing house? Mohana says is that my house? Savi says Mohana might be there and attack them. Dilruba says she would come here. She is in danger. She would need our help. Savi says we can’t wait here. Naman says she did come here. Here’s the proof. Nishant says she must have heard us talking. Savi says we should go there and stop her. Dilruba says the snakes will stop her.

The snakes come in Mohana’s house. She says I have to go to my place. They say we will take revenge from you. Their leader says kill her. Piya says Ansh, see the seashells. Ansh says where was the smoke taking us? Piya says she might have fooled it. She wants to hide Pari from us.
Mohana does her magic. She makes a circle around them. The snake says it won’t work on us. He tries to come out. Mohana lights a fire and says it will stop you. Mohana says I would let you go if I knew you would leave me. So I have to kill you all. She takes their life. She says I have to get there to take that life jar.

Piya and Ansh look inside the house. Piya says no one is here. Ansh says but someone lives here. Piya says look there. They see Mohana’s stuff. Ansh says Mohana lives here. They open the closet. There’s nothing. Ansh and Piya come out. Ansh says we couldn’t find either. Piya says Pari showed me this house. Ansh says what if Mohana moved? Piya says I saw Pari arranging the seashells yesterday. Piya sees seashells moving. It’s an arrow that points at a tree. Piya says Ansh, Pari is trying to show us something. Mohana must have hidden Pari’s life there. They rush towards the tree. Mohana comes there and takes ou the jar. Mohana says you thought you would get Pari so easily? Ansh says you thought we would let you go that easily?

Vedeshree brings Pari out. She says Nishant, will Pari come back? He says we have only time till Poneyma. Avi says what? He says we can only keep her till poneyma. We have to find her life before that. Vedeshree says I hope they’re fine. Nishant says they found the house she saw in her dreams. I am sure they’ll come back with her life.

Piya says return her life jar to us. Mohana says you took my Angad, I took your daughter. Ansh says I am your enemy. Fight with me not with an innocent kid. Piya says she tried taking the lives of her own son and grandson for her life. She can never change. Mohana says I wanted to change and I wanted to move on. You killed my Angad and threw me back on this path again. Ansh says return Pari’s life jar. Mohana walks and says take it if you can. Piya jumps in front of her. She attacks Mohana. The life jar falls. Ansh holds it. He says Piya run. Mohana throttles Ansh. He gives the life jar to Piya. Mohana shoves Ansh on a car. Ansh picks that car and throws it towards Mohana. She is stuck under it. Ansh and Piya run. Mohana burns all cars there.

Nishant adds a liquid on the body. He says we don’t have a lot of time. This jar is turning red from blue. Before it happens, we have to return her life. Vedeshree says but we don’t have life jar. Ansh says we do. We brought her life jar from Mohana. Ansh says hurry up. Piya recalls Mohana smirked at her. Piya says there’s something wrong with this life jar.

Mohana says Ansh, you didn’t even think why did I let you take that life jar so easily? The snakes come there and say Mohana, you can’t run away from us. We have an entire army. And we won’t leave you. Mohana fights them. Piya says she was smiling when we were running. Ansh says we fought her. Piya says she would not give up so easily. Nishant says we don’t have time. Ansh says you’re overthinking. Nishant says we will lose Pari forever. Piya says there’s something wrong. Try to understand. Savi takes the jar from her and pours life in Pari. Te jar turns red father. Nishant says oh God, Piya was right. When this box turns red, Pari will leave forever. Her life jar won’t be able to bring her either.

Mohana comes there and says how could you do this mistake? What will happen to Pari now? Ansh says where is the real-life jar? Mohana says you can’t find it. And till you find it, she would be gone forever. Savi points an arrow at her. Mohana says don’t even try, this will make me angrier. No one can bring the one who has to leave. Piya says I beg you Mohana. Please return her life. A mother is begging you. Mohana says want her life back? Vedeshree says Mohana says please. fro the sake of this ring that you gave me. Mohana says I changed but you didn’t want me to be good. Shekhar says punish us not her. Mohana says this will punish you. You will suffer as I did. You will know how it feels when someone dies.

A snake comes to the dying snake. He says life jar. He tells his leader the dying snakes were talking about some life jar. It’s important for the witch. The leader says we want it. Mohana throws the jar from the balcony. Ansh tries to run and catch it. If falls and breaks. Everyone is shocked.

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