The Evil Eye Update Tuesday 18 May 2021

The Evil Eye18 2021:  Ansh says she only thinks about herself. Piya says Ansh, if we didn’t take help from Mohana, w couldn’t stop Maha witch. Ansh says I care about my mom only. Piya says we won half of the battle. Papa will find a way to bring ma back. Ansh says I don’t need anything happening. Mohana says you don’t see what has happened either. We stop Maha witch. Ansh says no one knows how to bring ma back. Nishant comes in and says we can bring Vedeshree back. Ansh says this stick can separate their ashes? Nishant says and the hair can bring Vedeshree back. Piya says that hair isn’t here anymore. We made Mohana’s eye.

Nishant says how will we bring Vedeshree back then? Mohana says should I help? Ansh says we don’t need your help. Piya says we do. Ansh says she must be looking for her own benefit. Mohana says yes we do. Ansh says we don’t need your help. Mohana says please try to understand Ansh. He leaves.Ansh says Piya if you want to convince me to take help from Mohana, you can’t. She couldn’t be of her children she always tried harming us. We have so many powers. We can bring ma back. Ansh cries. She says even after having so many powers I can’t do anything. Ansh is crying. Piya hugs him. Ansh says I miss ma a lot. I feel lost. Piya says we haven’t lost. You are Vedeshree’s son. Who taught you how to fight. You are our pride, and pride only knows how to win. You hate for Mohana can’t be more than ma’s love. We will see what she asks for, nothing is more important than ma.

Ansh and Piya come to Mohana. Mohana says we agree. Tell us what to do. Mohana says you know maha witch need permission from an elder witch, not necessarily mother. Nishant says that means you? You’re elder to them. Mohana says my hair can touch these ashes and Maha witch would come into existence. Avi says but we have to stop Maha witch. Nishant says when Maha witch is creating, I will separate Vedeshree and Kalashree. Mohana says before the hair burns completely you have to find the difference between Ved and Kalashree and kill Kalashree. If you don’t do it, Maha witch will be formed. Are you ready? Piya says we are ready.

Mohana puts her hair into the ashes. It starts burning. Vedeshree comes out. Piya says ma.. Ansh comes to her. He says ma.. Shekhar says Vedeshree. Nishant separates them. There are two Vedesree. Mohana says you have to identify Vedeshree and kill Kalashree. Both of them say I am Vedeshree. Avi says how will we identify. Mohana says we won’t have time. Hurry up. Ansh you have to choose. Both of them say Ansh, I am your mom. Piya says Ansh, careful. Ansh takes the trishul. Mohana says Ansh, we don’t have time. Hurry up. Ansh steps forward. Vedeshree says to Mohana you gave birth to him but I am his mother. I was there for him. Ansh recalls hi all life with Vedeshree. He throws the trishul and kills one of them. The other one stands there. Chetali hugs her and says Bhabhi.. Everyone hugs her.

Vedeshree cries. Vedeshree comes to Ansh and hugs him. Chetali says thank God, Ansh could recognize Bhabhi. Ansh says ma was dying, still she asked Mohana to take care of me. She wasn’t worried about herself. Shekhar says Mohana, we were so alone without you. Vedeshree says my family is with me. Mohan says I won’t cry. I won’t want sore eyes. Now you all have to help me. Give me what I ask for. We are family. Ansh says what do you want? Mohana says it has nothing to do with you. Ansh says what is it? He says I knew she has some bad motives. Mohana says I have a heart too. I hurts me when you speak ill of me. I only need your support. I want you to be part of my happiness. Chetali says what? She says there’s a proposal. Everyone says what? Chetali says proposal? Would you be a bride? Mohana says be part of my happiness.

Ansh says I don’t think we should do all this. Piya says we promised her we will help her. Chetali says she is witch, she gets what she wants. Shekhar says yes, she gets what she wants. Why does she need our help now? Ansh says we shouldn’t involve in it. It’s her matter. Piya says if she said the same, we won’t be together here. Vedeshree says I won’t have been here. Ansh says don’t say that ma. She helped us because maha witch was dangerous for her too. Piya says it was dangerous for all of us and ma. Chetali says bhabhi won’t have been here. Piya says it has nothing to even do with us, then what’s the problem.

Shekhar says why is she involving us? Vedeshree says we are her family. Shekhar says she considers us family? Piya says she isn’t asking help for something wrong? Shekhar says look at her age. Is this the right age for her to love? Piya says love can change people. Shekhar says she doesn’t love anyone. She can never love anyone. she wasn’t even her son’s. She will kill him like she killed our.. Avi says she can never change. Piya says love can change people. Ansh, we are all together because of love. Vedeshree says love can bring her on the right side. Piya says we should give her one chance. Ansh says you can help her but don’t expect anything from me.

Piya comes to Mohana. Mohana says Ansh didn’t agree right? I could never be a mother. It’s all my mistake. I have done so wrong with you all, I should have known no one would help me. Piya says I will help you. Because you’re not asking help for the wrong thing, you are asking it for a good thing to get love. Mohana says will you help me? Vedeshree says not just her, us too. Chetali and Vedeshree come in. Ved says you have done so wrong to our family. But this is the first time you’re doing something good. I always wanted you to change. If love changes you, I will help you get it. There’s no age of love. So we are with you. Mohana hugs Ved in tears. Chetali says don’t cry, your eyes would be sore. Mohana hugs Chetali. Chetali says control. Vedeshree says Mohana, get ready. Anga would be coming.

Nishant says I saw the same signs in the basement. Savi says yes I saw those there. Naman comes and says it was so difficult to come here. Nishant says what happened? Savi says his wife and MIL gave her punishment. Naman says yet, I came here. Nishant says these symbols are one of a creature. We have to find out what does he want. He came to the office and basement. Savi says he is smart. Nishant says we have to find out what was he doing here.Avi asks Angad so you just shifted here? He says yes. Avi asks what do you do? He says import-export business. Ansh comes, Shekhar says Ansh this is Angad. He is here for Mohana’s proposal. Ansh recalls he was the same guy who was staring at Piya. Piya and Vedeshree bring Mohana. Ansh says Piya I have to talk to you. She says we will talk late.

Shekhar says how long have you known Mohana? He says few days only but looks like we have known each other since forever. Shekhar says what’s your plan? He says I want to marry her this weekend. Ansh says do you know she is a witch? A witch with a braid and feet. She takes people’s energy to live and kills people. Piya says what are you saying. Mohana is in tears. He says now you wouldn’t want to marry her because she is a witch. He says I am not just another man. Mohana told me everything. I am ready to marry her no matter what. Her honesty increased my love and respect for her. Mohana says you all wanted me to change. Now when I am, you’re not encouraging me. Angad holds her hand.

Naman says this is of a horse. Dilruba comes there and says husband, I was waiting for you. She looks at the symbols. She says do you know what these are? These are Singha’s symbols. Nishant says who is he? Dilruba is scared.Piya says Ansh, I didn’t expect this from you. You insulted Mohana in front of Angad. She is your mother. Ansh says, mother? She gave me birth for her benefit, she wanted to kill me for her age and wanted to kill my wife and child? Piya says she is changing. Ansh says a witch never changes. Piya says she wants to change. Angad loves her. Ansh says he isn’t a nice guy. Piya says how can you say that? you just met him. Ansh says you also met him just today. How do you know he’s good? Piya says can’t we give Mohana one chance to change? She is sharing her feelings for the first time.

Nishant says why are you scared of the Singha? Dilruba says he is like a serial killed in our world. He kills all black powers even if there is no animosity. He kills everyone. Nishant says what? He is on our kind. Savi says even you’re not of our kind now. Savi says what does he look like? Dilruba says no one has seen him. He kills whoever sees him. Nishant says how will we recognize him? Dilruba says there’s a horn on his head. Savi says why did he come here? Dilruba says did you see your basement? Savi says yes. We saw the same symbols there. Dilruba says just symbols? Nishant says what do you mean?

Angad brings gifts for everyone. Ved says why did you bring these? He says I hope you like them. Piya says this is a pretty saree. Pink is my favorite color. He says lucky guess. Ansh looks at the saree. Ansh says you came again? Angad says I was called. Moh.. Chetali says to Avi to learn from him. Angad says you have an amazing family. I hope you support each other a lot. Mohana called me for dinner. Angad says after all that Mohana has done to you, you’re still supporting her. I want to thank you all especially you Piya. Mohana told me you convinced everyone. Mohana says you only see good in people.

Savi says there are so many feet marks here. Nishant says he came here for all the black powers captured here? Savi says but all black powers are here. Dilruba says are they alive? Savi checks. They’re dead. Nishant says what is this horn in his chest? Dilruba says this is Singha’s. He kills everyone with his horn. He won’t leave anyone. Savi says this means, Ansh is in trouble too. Nishant says I have to warn Piya.

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