Strange Love Update Tuesday 18 May 2021

Strange Love 18 May 2021: starts with Astha saying there is no love and trust, only hatred for Shlok. She says why should I wear the mangalsutra then and removes it. It gets tangled in her hair and she is unable to remove it. Kalindi calls Astha and she wears it back. She leaves for the court. Shlok and everyone see the newspaper in which there is Astha and Shlok’s photo. Niranjan calls Shlok. Shlok says I m missing your blessings, I know its always with me, we are leaving for the court now. I will do what you want, I understood and ends the call. He reads the newspaper and news is all about praising Astha and Shlok.

He throws the newspaper. Kavya stops Shlok and shows him Astha’s photo. She says are yo going to bring her, tell me. Varad says let Shlok go. Kavya asks again. Sojal brings curd and sugar. Anjali is happy and says give it to me. She makes Shlok have it but Shlok signs no and stops Anjali. Kavya asks again and again. Varad asks Sojal to take Kavya inside. jaya teaches Sojal what to do and when. Sojal wishes Astha and Shlok gets the divorce.Shlok and Anjali reach the court with Varad. Astha comes with Kalindi and Avdhoot. Shlok, Varad and Anjali look at Astha and walk towards her. Shlok says all the best Mrs. Shlok Agnihotri. Astha looks at him. Anjali and Kalindi look at each other. They step in the court. They are called in the chamber and only Shlok and Astha are allowed inside. The judge sees the newspapers and their photo in it. He asys everyone are talking about you, you are made for each other in people’s view, was it a drama that you both are sitting infront of me, what happened in between you two that you want to get separated.

Shlok looks at Astha and says I don’t want divorce, she wants this. Astha says he forced me to take divorce, he married me to take revenge, such lie is not a marriage. Shlok says but I married you by all rituals, so you are here. Shlok says she makes issues about petty issues. Astha says what about you, you think you are smart. The judge asks Shlok does he have any issues with her. Shlok says no. Anjali talks to Kalindi and taunts her. She says we did a lot for you but what did you do in return, send my son to lockup and now dragged us to court. Kalindi says I m sorry, but Shlok made us do this. Anjali says you don’t know how much yo have to pay for this big mistake, I don’t care about Asta but I won’t forget about this insult. Avdhoot stops Kalindi from talking.

Astha says Shlok did not regard me his wife ever. The judge asks did you do love marriage. Astha says yes. The judge says did you love Shlok that time. Astha says yes. He says then how did that love convert to hatred. Astha says my love failed infront of his hatred. He says then why did he save you yesterday. I think he worries about you, he saved you risking his life, its love. Astha says I agree but can he say this. Can he accept his feelings for me. He says its your personal matter, I want to ask do you love him or not. Astha says I……. Shlok says her problem is she wants to listen everything from me, she wants me to shout I love you Astha, but I can’t do this. The judge laughs and says I don’t know what to name your love. He says there are differences between you both, you both are not mature enough to handle this relation, so my decision is …………. Shlok and Astha looks on. Kalindi is worried waiting outside and wishes Astha gets the divorce so that she can stay happily. Anjali looks at her. The judge says my decision is you both give this relation another chance. Astha is shocked. He says there is love hidden in your fight, you need to identify that, you both have to be together for six months.

You both should try to save this relation else I will accept your divorce plea. Astha says but…….. He says I have seen you both, I m taking this decision on my personal experience.He says whatever you decide, think once. Shlok thanks him and says I m very happy today. He holds Astha’s and says I promise I will love Astha a lot in coming six months. Shlok smiles holding her hand tight. She tries to free her hand. Avdhoot asks Kalindi to be calm and not be tensed. Astha comes out and Kalindi rushes to her. Kalindi asks what did the judge say. Astha is silent. Shlok comes and smiles. He says I will tell you, the judge asked us to stay together congrats, our divorce did not happen. Kalindi is shocked. Shlok says you can ask your lawyer. The judge asked to be together for six months at my house. Kalindi says this can’t happen, this is wrong.

She asks the lawyer how did this happen. The lawyer says you can talk to judge if you want. Kalindi talks to the judge and asks about his decision. She tells him what Shlok did with Astha and think again. The judge says I took this decision by listening to both of them, its not good to take divorce so soon, your daughter accepted my decision, I wish you have tried to save their relation, I m giving them a chance, I m sure their matter will solve. Judge talking to Kalindi. Kalindi says please, don’t do this. Avdhoot says sorry, its fine. Kalindi tells Astha that she won’t let Astha go anywhere. Shlok smiles and comes face to face to Kalindi. He says Mrs. Shlok Agnihotri, lets go home. Kalindi gets angry and says Astha won’t go anywhere, she is not safe with you. Anjali says Astha lets go home if the drama ended. Astha looks on. Avdhoot asks the lawyer can’t we appeal in higher court. The lawyer says the decision won’t change, its a matter of six months, if Shlok troubles Astha again, their divorce will happen. Shlok takes Astha with him.

The media catches Shlok and Astha and asks them questions about their divorce. Shlok lies to them and says we came here to register our marriage, not for divorce, you can ask my lawyer. Shlok holds Astha and takes her with him. Kalindi and Avdhoot are worried. Shlok signs bye to Kalindi and leaves with Astha.The judge calls Niranjan and says I ordered them to be together for six months. Niranjan is happy with him and says I was sure my bahu will come back to our house. Kavya is playing at home. Jaya tells Sojal that Anjali called and informed that the divorce did not happen and Astha is coming back. Kavya is happy hearing this. Jaya says do the preparations to welcome Astha. Sojal wishes for Astha’s divorce and Varad hears her and gets angry. He asks what did you say. Sojal says what did I say, what Astha did was wrong. He says it was Shlok’s mistake too. She says it means I can also ask for a divorce.

Anjali comes home and asks Sojal to bring the puja plate and kalash. Shlok brings Astha home. Kavya is excited to see Astha. Shlok holds Astha’s hand and pulls her. Anjali welcomes Astha with a puja plate and asks her to smile and not show a sad mourning face. Kavya hugs Astha and Sojal on seeing this, sends her to her room. Anjali does the aarti and tilak while Astha and Shlok stand at the door. Shlok looks at Astha and smiles.Astha is about to hit the Kalash but Kalindi stops her. Astha and everyone are shocked to see Kalindi.

Kalindi comes with Avdhoot. Astha asks what are you doing here. Kalindi says Astha won’t stay here, if this is your condition, I will be here with Astha. I will stay here as I don’t trust Shlok at all. Anjali taunts Kalindi and asks Avdhoot to explain Kalindi. Avdhoot says Kalindi is right but you all won’t understand, I think we should leave now. Kalindi says I won’t leave without Astha and will stay here if Astha stays here. Avdhoot asks Kalindi to calm down. Kalindi says either Astha will come with me or I will stay here. Astha takes Kalindi with her and explains her not to worry about her as she will take care of herself. She says I m not afraid of anyone.

Kalindi says how will you manage here. Astha says everyone loves me in this house, till Niranjan is there in this house, I don’t have to worry. You know Shlok did not do anything off his limits, I came here because of the court decision, I wish the six months passes soon, we don’t have any other solution, you go back with dad, trust me, I have grown up, I will manage.Kalindi leaves with Avdhoot. Astha watches them leaving. They take an auto and leave. Anjali comes to Astha and says you have done a good thing today, lets go inside now. She takes Astha with her. Astha is upset. She forgets to hit the kalash and Anjali scolds her. She taunts Astha and asks her to hit the kalash and then step in. Astha apologizes to her and says I will do this to respect you. She hits the kalash and steps inside the house with Shlok.

Jyoti and her mum in law reach the Agnihotri mansion. Jyoti’s mum in law teaches Jyoti to fight with Astha for ruining the family name. Niranjan sees Astha and is happy. Astha comes to him and greets him. He blesses her. Astha says I m sorry, forgive me, its because of me, that family name got spoiled. Trust me, I did not wish to do this but I was helpless and I did not wish to hurt you. Niranjan says I know, you can’t hurt anyone ever. He says I always wanted you become my bahu. Astha says but…. He says its a new start, forget everything and don’t think about six months, I wish you stay here forever.

He leaves. Shlok looks at Astha and says you are such a big actor. Anjali asks Shlok to make a new start. Shlok says I did not ask for your advice. Anjali says don’t be angry on us, learn to control your wife. Jyoti comes and is happy to see Astha back. She looks at Shlok and Astha. She holds Astha’s hand and says never leave Shlok, I wish this six months never end. Jyoti’s mum in law says we will leave now, Jyoti wanted to meet you all. Jyoti cries and leaves. Shlok goes to his room.

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