The Evil Eye Update Thursday 17 June 2021

The Evil Eye 17 June 2021: Mohana says Ansh, this is Vidya and her parents. They are looking for a guy for their daughter. I met them in the neighborhood. I know you don’t know her. You can meet her and let me know. Come here. Ansh says I am fine. Piya is looking out. Mohana says do you want to ask Vidya anything? Ansh says no. Ansh says to everyone what is Mohana doing? Piya would be so mad. I can’t marry to live this lie. We have to tell Mohana that Piya is still my wife. Shekhar says we will find a way out. You should go to Piya.

Piya has tied Vidya with trees. Ansh says what is this Piya? Piya says I don’t like anyone taking my things. Ansh says she would die. Piya says I don’t care. Ansh says this can’t be you. Piya says it’s me. She ties his legs. Ansh breaks the branch and saves Vidya.Saavi comes back with the guy. Naman says you look happy. She says it’s the same guy. He lives in US. I will move there. It isn’t a bad idea. He’s a nice guy. There shouldn’t be any problem. Naman says so you would leave us all?Vedeshree says what is wrong with Piya? Ansh says she has been acting weird since we returned from the jungle. The tree was cursed. Piya can’t harm anyone. Ansh says I have told Nishant. He’s finding a solution. Ansh says thank God Adi and Pari didn’t see Piya like that. Shekhar says you should be with Piya. We will handle Mohana.

A creature brings Nishant a stem of the same tree. Chetali says I mixed the medicine in the milk. Mohana says what medicine? Vedeshree says Shehar’s medicine. Mohana says Vidya and her family left. I don’t know. We will find another family. I have invited our neighbors we would tell them we are looking for a girl.Ansh says Piya let’s go to the room. She says there are no plants there. I don’t want to be without plans. Piya says I feel very powerful like I cn do anything. he says we will bring the real you back. He takes Piya to the room. Piya says why are you so scared of Mohana? You’re such a loser Davansh. Mohana comes there. Piya hides. Mohana says I heard a girl’s voice. Ansh says I was watching a video.

Nishant tries to do test on the stem. The stem burns his lab. Nishant says what was that? Why did it try to burn the witch book? I should try to read about it. The book shows Mohana’s face. Nishant says is Mohana related to this? How? He sees Vishalika’s face too.Chetali says what a decoration. Mohana says this is to help Ansh with his loneliness. I saw a girl in the house. It’s wrong. I won’t let him go on the wrong path. I have planned Ansh’s Swaimwadu. They are here. Chetali says our neighbors are here. We have to hide.

Nishant reads Vishalika was a witch and her powers used to go in front of a tree. Nishant says this means Piya is under Vishalika’s effect. If she comes in front of Mohana, they would kill each other. Mohana says Ansh get ready. Vedeshree says we will get him ready. Ansh says I can’t marry due to her fear. Shekhar says we can’t let our plan fail. We can’t let her be a witch again. Ansh says I know all that. I can’t marry another woman.Ansh says I can’t marry. I have to stop what’s happening. Avi says let’s handle what’s happening today and then we can find the way out. The guests ask where is Ansh? Mohana says let me check. Ansh says I will see I can’t marry at all. Mohana comes. Ansh says I don’t want to get married. Mohana says why? Ansh says I already married once. Mohana says if one girl wasn’t right doesn’t mean you won’t marry again. Ansh says I am not a kid. I can decide what to do with my life. Mohana gets angry and says so you won’t listen to your mother? Mohana says he’s just nervous because so many people came all of a sudden. Avi says he’s not mentally prepared. Chetali says he doesn’t have the clothes either. Mohana says so he doesn’t

want to marry right now? But he will marry later right? Vedeshree says yes he would.
Nishant says Vishalika is Aikain’s enemy. If Piya comes in front of Mohana, she would get very angry. Mohana would get her powers back. Patmayan says I don’t care if that happens. Nishant says you would be the happiest if Mohana loses her powers forever. Would you want her to be Aikain again?Ansh says I will marry. Piya says what? You can’t marry. Her eyes turn green. Chetali says what is Piya doing? Mohana comes there too. Their eyes glow. Chetali says Piya calm down. Vedeshree says Piya what has happened to you. Vedeshree says Mohana, Mahurat time is running out. Let’s go please. Chetali takes her downstairs. Ansh says Piya please don’t come in front of Mohana. Piya says she is remarrying you. Ansh says I can’t even think about second marriage. Mohana says why were Piya’s eyes green? And red air. It’s Vishalika. I have seen her centuries ago.

Avi says what are you saying. How can you be alive centuries ago. Mohana says but why were her eyes red? Vedeshree says no it wans’t like that. Chetali says we should prepare for the function. Please drink the juice. You will feel better. Vedeshree says you will be fine soon. Let’s go to attend the guests.Ansh says Piya, please calm down. I can’t even think about another woman. Don’t you trust me? Ansh says I know you don’t like Mohana but none of us do. We don’t want her powers back. Piya says so Mohana would be powerless? I want the same. She is my enemy. I want her to be weak forever. Ansh says then do what I am asking. Ansh says then listen the plan. Make sure she doesn’t get angry.

Naman rehearses to confess to Saavi. Saavi comes there. She says this is the guy who came with my proposal. And this is my colleague Naman.Vedeshree tells Nishant about Piya’s condition. Nishant says we have to make Mohana wait for two days. she will lose her powers forever in two days. Mohana says let’s start the function. Mohana says where is Ansh? She looks for Ansh.Ansh says Piya you have no place in my life. Piya says I won’t go anywhere. Mohana comes upstairs. Naman says in heart I wont’ let my love go away from me. He says Nishant is very busy. I don’t think he would come today. The guy’s dad says I really like Saavi. Naman says this marriage can’t happen. It’s a big decision. They don’t know each other. You can’t finalize it yet. The guy says Saavi we should spend some time together. They go out. His dad says I will sit with Naman. Saavi says yes you sit with Naman.


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