The evil eye update Thursday 24 June 2021


The eye 24 June 2021: Appu laughs and says I scared the wife. He laughs. Palak is dazed. She says what? He says you’re scared. She recalls Sarika said he is sick and Madhu asked you would marry him even after knowing everything?

Palak is in shock state. She runs downstairs and runs out of the house. Madhu says this marriage didn’t even last for 5 minutes. Urushi says Palak please stop. Madhu says don’t need to. Dadi says she is our DIL. Madhu says she should know that too. Palak comes to the elevator and cries. Madhu says she ran away from the house? Dadi says Appu must have done somethig. He needs her. Madhu says she ran in five minutes and you think she would take care of Appu for life? Dadi says there is something special about her.

The witch’s powers didn’t work on her. She couldn’t stop the wedding. Dadi says marriage isn’t a game. Madhu says she won’t come back now. Urushi says we have to bring her back. I will even beg to her. Madhu says she left with her will and she can come back if she wants.

Scene 2
Palak comes to her mami’s place and says you didn’t tell me he is mentally unstable. Mami says we told you he’s sick and we did it all for Naina’s treatment.
Madhu says we don’t need that girl. I have the rattan. Dadi says it can’t heal him He will only be normal after the marriage. Urushi says he needs Palak. Give me the rattan. Urushi comes to Palak’s house. She says Sarika always knew about Appu’s condition.

She didn’t tell you? Palak says she must have missed you. Urushi says you didn’t know it/ Any girl would react this way. He wasn’t like this always. He was normal and educated. He managed everyting after his father died. He managed the house and business too. Then one day he met an accident and that changed his life. Everything was ruined.

Dadi says we know you didn’t know about his condition but you married him. We consider you our DIL. My heart knows you can fix him.But we won’t force you to keep this marriage. You can decide whatever you want. Here is the money you needed. No matter what your decision is, this money is yours. Her uncle says you’re all really great. Mohana says in a while these clouds would go away and I will get my powers back.

Mohana says in heart I have to make this Appu sleep. Appu says let me get ou parathas. Madhu says I am not hungry. Take this Strawberry milkshake and sleep. Sarika says to her husband I thought we lost the money but we didn’t. It’s here. Palak thinks about what happened. She says I don’t know what to do? Please show me a way God. Palak prays. Palak sees something in her eyes.

Palak comes running out to Urushi. She says please stop. I want to tell you something. I thought mami told you. But I am sure you don’t know like I didn’t. I am sick. I have a hole in my heart. You have many hopes from me. I don’t have the time you need to fix your son. I don’t know how many breaths I have left. I don’t want to keep you in dark. I told you my truth. The decision is in your hand now.

I needed money for my sister’s treatment. But I realized I made such a big mistake. I can’t use you for my sister. Please take your money back. Urushi says what about your sister? Palak says thank you for everything. God will heal her. I will pray that you find the girl who can fix Appu. Urushi says you are that girl Palak.


Madhu says the bride left the house. My work is done. Hema and Malani say good night to Appu. Appu says my bride? I am glad she left. I would have to share my room. I will get my powers back. Palak comes back with everyone. Urushi says this is your greh parvesh. Palak enters the house. Urushi does her arti. Madhu is upstairs. She falls down. Appu screams Madhu di.. What happened? Mummy please come. Everyone comes upstairs. Urushi says Madhu get up. What happened.

Pandit ji says the trishul fell. That means something bad was going to happen and something stopped it. Madhu says in heart I stopped the powers of the trishul. How did it fall on me? Did this happen because of this girl? I couldn’t get my powers back. Urushi says Palak don’t be scared of Appu. You will be a friend to him. That will make this relationship a lot easier. Madhu says in heart she will make my life difficult. I will keep Appu at my finger tips.

Palak comes to the room. Appu says Madhu di said you won’t come back. Why are you here now? Promise me you won’t leave me again. Pinky promise. Madhu peeks inside. Appu says we are bestfriends now. Will you stay in my room? I have space is cupboard. Palak says it’s okay. I will keep my stuff in the bag. Just need space for ma. He says your ma would stay with you? She says no the idol. He says place it here. Madhu falls. Hema says didi careful. Appu says this place is perfect for matarani. Palak turns it towards him. She says matarani is for everyone. She will keep her blessings on you. She helps everyone. Appu says okay.

Palak says don’t you have night suit? Take this one. I am sleeping. You sleep too. He has made a tent for her with mattress. He says you can sleep there. Say good night and take care always before sleeping. Madhu didi tells me a story every night. Don’t know why she didn’t come today. Palak says she must be asleep. Should I tell you the story? He says you would? Tell me the story of princess and popper. He gives her the book and says read. Palak says I can’t read english. He says and Hindi? She says can just write my name.

Appu says bring the paper and pen. Appu writes her name in english. He says practice it. Palak tells him story of a King. He was powerful and never believed in God. He asks people not to pray. His own daughter used to pray to devi ma. He got very angry and summoned her. Madhu says she can’t take my place. Appu won’t sleep without listening to my story. He takes milkshake from me and it keeps him mentally unstable. She looks inside Appu is asleep already. Madhu is angry.

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