The evil eye update Friday 25 June 2021

The evil eye 25 June 2021: Mohana says I can’t lose this witch liquid. I have to use it carefully. She does a magic. Appu screams in his sleep. Palak tries to calm him down. Urushi and everyone come upstairs. Madhu says let me handle him. Madhu says it’s me Appu. He says those lights..

Appu says there are light. Madhu says there is nothing. Have this shake. Appu won’t scared now because he has his Madhu didi with him. Appu says no she’s protecting me. He points at the idol. Appu says I looked at her when I was scared. Then I wasn’t. The bride told me that. Urushi says she is right. Don’t be scared.

Urushi says Appu was screaming lights. But we live at the 40th floor. How can any light come here? Palak says I saw the light too. It wasn’t normal light. There was something weird about it. She picks the

ashes of lights from her room. Urushi says to Madhu we have to do Jagrata and place that trishul here. Madhu says why do we have to do jagrata? Urushi says after so long our Appu is finally married. And people will meet Palak as well.

Scene 2
Palak comes to the kitchen. Urushi says Palak why are you working? Palak says why would I let you work? Urushi says because you’re a newly married bride. Palak says I was thinking can I go to meet Naina? She says yes of course. I will ask the driver to drop you. Don’t worry, we will bear all expenses of Naina’s treatment. Palak says thank you for all that you’re doing am. I will return it all. Urushi says what are you saying? You’re our daughter. You are calling me ma and then saying all this.

Appu comes with flowers and says buy flowers. Palak says listen flowers guy. Hema and Malani say our Bhabhi is calling you. Appu sprinkles all the flowers on Palak. Hema says he becomes doctor or policeman. Madhu says he says this that make no sense. Urushi says I am glad he forgot last night. Hema says what if he sees the lights. Urushi says it must be a dream. Palak says no it wasn’t a dream. I saw the light as well. I saw the black ashes later on the window. The same ashes were on the milkshake glass. Madhu says what are you trying to say? Accusing me? We have been taking care of Appu for all these years. Palak says no I didn’t mean that. Madhu says I don’t need to learn from what is right and wrong for Appu. Palak says I didn’t mean that. Madhu leaves.

Urushi says to Madhu you spoke to Palak so rudely. She is your Bhabhi. Madhu says she was sounding like it was all my mistake. Like she cares for Appu more than us. Urushi says isn’t that great if she cares for Appu? She’s Appy’s wife. Urushi says you’re elder. You should understand. Madhu says in heart she is becoming a problem for me. I have to kick her out of this house.

Scene 3
Palak comes to the room. Appu has made pictures of matarani and places it on the walls. Palak says all this? He says so that light doesn’t come in. Palak says we can place a black paper on the window. Appu says that won’t stop witch auntie. She came to my room in a big box.

Palak says what? He says yes. She recalls Urushi saying Appu makes things up. Appu cleans Palak’s eyelash. He says make a wish or I will. Palak says okay you do. He makes a wish. He says I won’t tell you. Palak calls Naina. Naina says have you forgotten me? Palak says how can I ever forget you? Naina says why didn’t you come to meet me? She says I will we have jagrata today so I will come after that.

Palak sees Hema and Malani taking flowers. Palak says what would you do with so many flowers? Hema says we will make face pack. Palak says but where will get flowers for the Pooja. Malani says ask Madhu di she will get you more flowers. Madhu comes in her bride face. She burns the remaining flowers. Palak goes to check the flowers and says how did they turn back?

Palak asks Hema and Malani what did you do to the flowers? She says we made face packs. Palak says no the flowers outside. They are all black. Urushi says how did this happen? Palak says let me show you. The flowers are normal. Palak says I saw them just now. They were black. Urushi says you must be confused. The flowers are fine. Madhu says in heart I will make you lose your sense.

The Pooja starts. Palak does the Pooja. Madhu puts cotton in her ears. Urushi asks Madhu to bring trishul. She says how do I understand what she’s saying? I can’t hear anything.

Palak goes to Appu’s room. She hears water’s noise. Palak says who is here? Where is this steam coming from? Palak screams. Appu comes upstairs. A braid is throttling her. The rattan falls from her hands. Madhu comes and says you broke it? I got it for Appu’s life.

Urushi says what happened? Appu says she was scared. Palak says someone was there. He attacked me. Madhu says did you see anyone Appu? He says no I didn’t. Palak says I am not lying. Her eyes were gleaming. And she throttled me. It was a witch. Appu gets scared. He says witch auntie back? Madhu says why are you saying this in front of Appu? What are you trying to do? Urushi says Palak go to your room.

Scene 2
Palak comes to her room. She’s upset. She says what if Madhu was right? I saw wrong? Appu comes there and says do you want candy? You can take it. Palak looks at him. Palak smiles. Appu says I don’t cry. Matarani protects us. Don’t worry. Let’s go eat something.

Palak screams. She sees footsteps of the witch on the wall. Palak says I saw these here. Madhu says what were you doing here in the dark? Palak says I came here and I saw these footsteps. The witch is here. Madhu says the witch is dead. Who can it be? I will find out who’s doing all this.

Palak comes to the room. She says appu you didn’t sleep? He says I was waiting for the story. Palak says I will tell you the story. He says was witch there? She says no I got scared.



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