The Evil Eye Update Sunday 7 February 2021

The Evil Eye 7 February 2021: Naman finds book open and says page is torn. Saanvi says where did that man took dad? Nishant is standing in room but Naman and Saanvi cant see him.Vedsheree gets Saanvi’s call and says she told me that Nishant vanished, what is happening? Ansh hears all that. Family goes to talk to Ansh but he is gone. Ansh is on road worried about Piya.

Piya is in labor pain, she says baby please come in this world, your papa is with us.
Ansh is trying to find Piya. Piya cries and takes Ansh’s name. Ansh sees fireflies on road and says they will bring me to you, he follows them. Vedsheree says if Ansh goes to Piya then Mohana will find them too. Nishant can help them but he is missing too. what if Saanvi is not able to find Nishant? Saanvi throws liquid on floor and Nishant and creature’s foot marks. Saanvi says his foot mark is not going out so he is in this room. Naman walks to invisible wall and goes towards Nishant’s side. Saanvi cant see him too. Nishant says she cant see us. Priest comes to Saanvi and tells her about invisible wall.

Piya gives birth to baby. She cries looking at its smile, she kisses its forehead and hugs baby. Ansh is going towards Piya’s den. Mohana follows him and says my fool son. She throws patal liquid at him. She throws him on floor and says I told you that you cant stop yourself from going to your child, now I will see how you stop me. She tries to go towards den but is stopped my invisible wall. Ansh says you cant go inside, God’s power is protecting Piya and baby. Mohana says nobody can stop me.
Piya hugs baby and says wish your papa was here. Piya gets dizzy and faints.
Ansh says to Mohana that you cant go inside. Mohana says but they can come outside. She does magic and brings storm there. Saanvi gives phone to Nishant through invisible wall. Nishant calls Saanvi.

Mohana brings rain and storm. Water starts going in Piya’s room. Ansh is outside and worried. Piya’s room is filling with water and Piya is unconscious. Ansh thinks that they are in danger, I have to do something. Mohana has tied Ansh so he cant go inside.. Ansh then laughs in Dilruba’s voice and says I fooled you. She says its you? She leaves him. Ansh runs and goes towards otherside of wall. He fooled her in Dilruba’s voice. Mohana says I wont spare you. Saanvi throws powder on wall, it vanishes. Nishant and Naman comes out. Ansh’s family comes there too. Nishant gives them weapons and says Mohana cant stop us today.

Water is filling in mandir. Ansh comes there and sees Piya unconscious. He sprinkles water on her. Mohana is outside mandir and sees heavy rains she brought.
Piya wakes up and sees Ansh. They both hug each other tightly. Piya sees water and runs to her baby. Ansh runs too. They hold baby together. Ansh is emotional. Piya says our baby. Ansh cries and hugs him. He gives baby to Piya. Ansh hugs them.
Family comes in jungle and sees heavy rain at some point. Nishant says Mohana reached them. Nishant shows them different path, he breaks cage way. He says this is tunnel channel that can reach mandir, I am not sure but we can try.
Piya says to Ansh that Mohana is outside, what we will do? Nishant opens back door of mandir. All water drains out. All family members come inside. They are happy to see baby. They rush to Ansh and Piya and hug baby. Vedsheree cries holding baby. All family members are elated. Nishant cries and kisses baby’s forehead.

Mohana says why they are not coming out?
Nishant says we have to leave. Vedsheree says Mohana wont leave you alone, we have to face her and beat her. Ansh says yes its time. Saanvi is worried for Piya and Nishant. She says that creature that kidnapped my father. Naman says he is clever. Saanvi says he is keeping an eye on us, he doesnt want us to know about him. Priest says if we know about his specie then we can fight him. Saanvi recalls how she took his nail and says we can find out. Piya and Ansh comes out of mandir with baby. Mohana says I will kill baby. Piya says God is with us. Ansh stands infront of Piya and baby and asks her to leave. She says you? He says leave. Piya starts going. Mohana beats Ansh and says she can run but cant get away from me. Mohana catches upto Piya. Ansh throws patal flower at Mohana. Mohana gets trapped by her hair. Ansh comes to Piya and runs with her as Mohana is tied.

Mohana is running behind them. Mistakenly baby falls from Piya’s hand, they hold him. Mohana says you fooled me, this is fake baby, he didnt cry. She shouts fro Vedsheree. Mohana comes to Vedsheree and family. Vedsheree have baby and says you cant touch him. Mohana says give baby to me. Nishant says you have to face us before going to baby. Mohana says what will you do? You know I have sarpika powers too. All family members make a circle around Mohana with powder. Nishant says you should scared of us. Mohana says you are trying to trap me here? Nishant recalls how he showed powder to family, he says we have to keep holding this circle otherwise it will vanish, problem is it will start burning and cant kill us too. Flashback ends. Circle starts burning. Family says we can die for this baby. They hold burning circle around Mohana and asks Vedsheree to run with baby. Vedsheree runs. Family is in pain. Mohana says leave it. Nishant says we give life for our babies. Chitali says I cant do it anymore. Priest shows nail to crow. Crow says he is from other world, he is the most dangerous creature for earth.

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