The Evil Eye Starlife update Tuesday 20 February 2024

The evil eye 20 February 2024; Mohana is lying helpless in jungle. She looks at Nishant and Saanvi. They leave from there. Piya comes there. Mohana says you came here to kill me? Piya says no I came to save you. She attacks her as a snake.

Nishant says to Saanvi that Mohana must have died and Divya might be out of danger, its not easy to kill her.

Nishant and Saanvi comes to Ansh’s house. He says we went to take shagun. Nishant asks where is Piya? Piya comes there with Mohana. Flashback shows Piya saying to Mohana that you took my mother away from me, you killed her so you cant easily die, first I will snatch your son, I will make him hate you then I will give you so pain, I have to save you to make you die everyday, flashback ends. Mohana says lets start pagphera ritual. Nishant is tensed seeing Mohana there.

Ansh sees his other image in mirror, its all black, he says who is he? Mohana thinks that evil is calling him, Piya is not devik so she cant save him, before she can do anything as sarpika, I will bring him to evil side.

Vedsheree does aarti for Piya and Ansh. Nishant says we should leave. Ansh holds Piya’s hand. Piya grabs it tightly and smiles. Vedsheree says leave her hand, she is coming tomorrow. Piya blushes and greets everyone. She turns to leave but glares at Mohana. Mohana smirks. Piya touches her feet, Mohana hugs her and says you did a mistake of saving me, I will not let you comeback. Piya says you will bring me back, I will wait for you. Piya looks at Ansh sadly, he smiles at her. Piya leaves.

Scene 2Naman says dont know where Ruby is.. I cant do all the work. A snake attacks him.Saanvi says who saved Mohana? Nishant says how can someone save her? Piya says I saved her. Nishant says what? we trapped her, you know she attacked Divya, thats why we attacked her. Piya says it wouldnt matter because.. Maa is dead. Saanvi and Nishant are shocked.

Mohana is doing evil prayers and lights a circle. She creates an evil tree.

Nishant says what? Piya says yes, she is dead. Piya breaks and hugs him. Piya says its time to not cry but take revenge, we will take revenge by keeping her alive, we cant be emotional, if Mohana died today then Ansh would take you both as criminals and he would go to evil side, I did everything for Ansh so he can see Mohana’s real face. Mohana will get what she deserved, she snatched my mother so I will snatch her son. Saanvi says she will try to attack too. Piya says I will see that. Nishant looks on.

Mohana gathers many spiders and smirks.Piya sees Nishant sleeping by hugging Divya’s photo. She covers him with blanket. She hears a noise and goes to balcony. She sees Ansh climbing from balcony. She says you could come from door. Ansh says its late, I just came to give charger but I forgot it. Piya smiles. Ansh says I will comeback to give charger, Piya says I will wait and holds his hand. He smiles and goes back. Piya laughs.

Naman wakes up and sees himself young. He says I got my life again but how? A snake bit me. He hears some voice and asks who is it? He turns to see a woman standing there. He sees himself in snake avatar. Woman says you are my husband Badri. Naman says you are wrong, I have to leave. Woman says we are husband and wife, you cant leave.

Piya becomes a snake. Nishant and Saanvi are shocked.Ansh sits in car and sees Piya’s charger, he says atleast met Piya.Nishant says to Piya that she gave her powers to you and you are sarpika. Saanvi sees a bit spider on Nishant’s shirt. Piya grabs it. Saanvi says careful. Nishant says she is sarpika, nobody can do anything. Piya says Mohana sent this, we will answer her now. They hear noise.

Mohana calls Piya, Mohana says you are missing me? you will remain with your family so you can protect them. Piya says why did you ask me to check on my father? he is fine but where is your son? Mohana checks in his room and sees him missing, she asks Piya if he is with her? Piya says we are newly married and usually sons become of their wives after marriage, he is with me, why did you send spider? what if it does something to Ansh? Mohana says he is your husband so you wont let him do anything. Piya says but I can do anything for my family like my mother, she ends call. Mohana leaves house in tensed state. Vedsheree sees Mohana and says where she is going? Shekhar says where would she go at this time? Vedsheree checks in her room and says she is not here.

Mohana comes to Ansh and asks if he is fine? He shows her spiders on Piya. Piya cries. Ansh asks how this happened? Piya says help me. Ansh asks Mohana to save her, he tries to help her. Piya acts and cries. Ansh asks Mohana to help fast. Mohana glares at Piya and grabs big spider, she crushes it and all ants go away. Piya acts like fainting but Mohana holds her and whispers that you fooled Ansh, these ants cant do anything to you. Piya says I fooled you. Ansh thanks Mohana. Ansh asks Piya if she is coming with him? Nishant says she can take rest here. Ansh says I have called doctor, she can rest at home. Mohana says Piya must want to spend her time with family. Ansh says but both Nishant and Saanvi have to go to college, Piya needs to be looked after, she should come with us. Mohana says he is right, Piya should come with us. Piya says if my mother in law is calling then I should go. Piya hugs her and says I told you would take me back.

Avi gets call and says okay. He says to Chitali that some weird things are happening in city. He tells Vedsheree that people saw some people running faster than train, breaking whole tree with one hand. Shekhar says these must be some myths. Avi shows him CCTV footage. Vedsheree says only people with powers can do it. Avi says nobody saw his face. Flashback shows Ansh having those qualities. Vedsheree is tensed. Avi says I thought it might be Ansh but he married devik so he cant be doing it. Vedsheree says yes this cant be my Ansh but what if.. she gets tensed.

Scene 2Naman is linked with his wife. She says lets go. Naman says you are fat so where we will adjust? She says you cant ask me question, we cant separate, we are joined by snake tail. Naman says I am not your luggage or husband so I am not going with you, how to divorce you? I want to separate right now. She says why? I am nice. Naman says whats the way? She says I dont remember. He grabs her back, she coughs but he coughs too. She says if you try to kill me then you will die too, we are one now. Naman says what did I do for God to do this to me, who can separate me from this snake? Chudail comes there from behind and murmurs Dilruba will save him. She does magic and female snake vanishes. Naman says she is gone, thank God. Dilruba comes infront of him and attaches with his snake tail, he asks who is she? She says Dilruba and laughs evilly.

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