Strings of love Starlife update Saturday 24 February 2024

Strings of love 24 February 2024: Simran asks Angad and Sahiba if she can sleep between them on their bed. Angad says why not. Simran thanks him and asks him to remove the thread partition in the middle of the bed.

Angad looking at Sahiba says they will. They both remove threads. Ye Moh Moh Ke Dhaage.. song plays in the background. They then make Simran sleep and cover her her with a blanket. Simran wishes them good night and sleeps holding their hands. Sahiba thinks don’t know what will happen when Angad finds out that Simran is his stepsister and their father is same.

Simran wakes up at midnight feeling hungry and seeing them still asleep walks out searching for a kitchen. Sahiba holds Angad’s hand in sleep. Angad opens his eyes and sees that. He wakes her up and informs that Simran is missing. They both go in search of Simran.

Simran searches for food in the kitchen and picks a milk bottle. Jasleen walks into kitchen and angrily shouts seeing Simran. Simran drops milk bottle in fear. Family gathers hearing sound.

Jasleen yells that Simran is wandering around the house like a thief and asks why are they tolerating an orphan in their house just because Sahiba brought her home without verifying her background. Inder gets angry and says Simran is not an orphan. Sahiba thinks Inder will reveal to family that Simran is his daughter. Japjyoth asks what does he mean. He says it’s inhumane to call a small kid as an orphan and frighten her, Jasleen is habituated to cerate a drama but should share a small kid at least. Japjyoth warns Jasleen to stop her drama and says Simran will stay with them until they find a good school and place for her stay. She asks Sahiba to feed something to the hungry kid. Family disperses. Angad thanks Inder for supporting Simran.

Angad takes crying Simran to his room and cheers her up by showing her meme faces on his laptop. Sahiba brings milk for Simran. Simran says Angad protected her like a brother, so can she tie a rakhi to him. Angad agrees. She ties rakhi to him with bed partition threads. Angad gets emotional. Simran asks if she can ask something from him in return. Angad says yes. Simran asks him to find her father. Angad promises. They make Simran sleep again. Angad tells Sahiba that they will miss Simran once she shifts to boarding school and even she will miss them. Sahiba says Simran will not miss them as she will… Angad asks if she means they will visit Simran often and will bring her home on weekends.

Sahiba nods yes. Inder doesn’t get sleep recalling the kitchen incident. Manveer opens her eyes and asks if something is bothering him. He says no. Next morning, Sahiba gets Simran ready and takes her to Inder. Simran says this uncle protected her from bad aunty. Inder pampers her and gives her a frock as gift. Simran thanks him and asks if he is Angad’s father. He says yes. She asks what shall she call him. He says papa. Manveer walks in and asks what does he mean.

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