The Cost of Love Update Wednesday 28 July 2021


The Cost of Love 28 July 2021: The Episode starts with Poorva getting drunken Vikram home. Richa looks on. Vikram says I m not drunk, I m fine. He stumbles. Poorva holds him. Richa scolds Poorva and sends her. Pankti asks who attacked Rangoli. Ahaan says I don’t know. She says you have to find out, ask Rangoli. He says relax, she is scared, she can’t answer, you tell me how was the recording. She tells everything. He smiles.

He says everything is ours, our love, success, happiness and sorrow, for the world, very soon love will mean just Ahankti, I wish I didn’t miss your entire song. Poorva comes and asks did you really miss it. They see Poorva drunk. Poorva says you should have been there. Pankti takes her to room. Ahaan goes. Poorva says I had a drink with Vikram, I went to drop him and got insulted. She throws the wine bottle.

She says Richa insulted me and reminded me my past, she spoke so badly and asked me to do the old work, why Pankti, they find me bad, I will create problems between them, I will really become bad now. She sleeps. Pankti worries.Rangoli makes a video call to Ahaan. She says lights have gone here, I was finding candles, I forgot my fear when you came here. She finds a candle. Someone rings the bell.

He says you said lights have gone. She says my mind my playing games with me, don’t know who has come, I will switch on the lights. He says don’t be scared, go and check who is it. She tries to see. She sees her assistant Mishka and tells him. He says thank God, you can relax now. Rangoli scolds Mishka. She asks Ahaan to come and meet tomorrow, they will discuss their duet song. Ahaan agrees. Its morning, Anita asks Poorva to have coconut.

She says I was waiting for my daughters to grow up, so that I can drink with them. Pankti asks what’s happening, why do you want to take revenge from Richa, you said you will trouble Richa and Vikram.Poorva recalls her words. Anita says I will say. Poorva says I was drunk, don’t believe that nonsense, Vikram and Richa met me at club, I can’t handle drinks, so I fought with them. She asks are you going somewhere. Pankti says yes, for a scratch recording.

She goes. Anita says you have really changed. Aparna does aarti and gives to everyone. Aparna wishes Richa gives them good news soon. She asks Vikram to take Richa to doctor. Richa says let it be, its enough that he takes care of himself, Kaira will you come along. Aparna asks what happened. Richa says Vikram is so busy, he has no time for me, he has time to go to club and get drunk. Vikram angrily goes. Aparna asks Kaira to take Richa to doctor. Ahaan takes Aparna’s blessings and says maybe I get a chance to sing a duet today.

He gets Rangoli’s call and says yes, I m coming.Director KK talks to Pankti. He waits for main singer. Vikram comes and gets angry seeing Pankti. KK says we are recording song for JMD. Vikram asks him to give money to Pankti and send her. KK says she is a good singer, she can teach our main singer. Vikram asks will she teach our main singer. He laughs. Pankti says no, I came to learn. He asks her to leave. Rangoli comes and says Pankti won’t go anywhere. He gets shocked.

She says I will see how she has sung the scratch song, its a pleasant surprise. Pankti smiles.Rangoli acting sweet to Pankti. Pankti sees Ahaan’s call. Doctor says reports will come after some time. Kaira says we will wait in canteen. Kaira and Richa go. Poorva hides and looks on. Rangoli sings O sajna….. KK worries and asks her to start again. He says I will play Pankti’s scratch, its perfect. Rangoli hears the scratch. She says we shall start again.

She sings bad. KK says you have sung in high pitch, Pankti sing it and show the scale to Rangoli. Pankti sings. Rangoli stares at her.Rangoli says yes, I got it, start now. She sings again. KK says you are not catching the melody, sing again. Rangoli sings. KK says stop, you are not a singer now, you have become a star, you aren’t singing well as Pankti. Rangoli says then make Pankti sing it. She leaves.

She calls Vikram and says I have given the song to Pankti. He says but we have signed you. She says its fate that she got the song, its fine. Vikram comes to studio and asks KK what’s happening. KK says Pankti has sung perfectly, she is recording the song. Some men come and stop Pankti, asking if she is the member. KK asks her the same. Pankti gets sad and asks what shall I do to become a member.

The man asks her to deposit 5 lakhs. Rangoli looks on and smiles. She says sorry, I forgot my pendrive. She asks what’s the problem. She acts and says I can give you money if you don’t have. Vikram says I would have not allowed her here if I knew she is not a member. Ahaan comes and says if she knew this, she would have not come here herself. Pankti says I didn’t know this song is for JMD. He says someone is deliberately doing this. He answers Vikram and asks him not to worry.

He takes Pankti with him. Vikram gets a call. He gets shocked. He reminds the deadlines and asks KK to keep the song ready. KK praises Rangoli and asks her to sing the song. Rangoli says I know I m a star but I have no star tantrums. Ahaan asks Pankti to sit. She says I don’t feel anything wrong when you are along. He asks do you want money. She says no, I will manage.

Vikram comes to meet doctor. Doctor says sorry, you can never become a father, problem is with you. He gets shocked. Richa cries and says how will Vikram handle this truth. Kaira calms her down. Poorva recalls changing the reports and bribing the nurse. She hides the fact that Richa can’t conceive ever. Pankti comes home and looks for money. She asks Anita if she has stolen the money. Anita says don’t blame me for everything. Poorva recalls stealing Pankti’s money.

She gives the money to the nurse. She asks nurse not to tell anyone about it. She says Vikram you snatched my love, I will snatch your love, confidence and everything, I have found a way, these reports…Rangoli thinks of KK’s words. She sees her awards. She gets angry and throws the award. He says how dare he compare me with Pankti, what does KK think of himself.

Assistant gets angry seeing her. Ahaan comes there. Assistant says its Ahaan, what shall we do now.

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