The Cost of Love Update Thursday 29 July 2021

The Cost of Love 29 July 2021:  Episode starts with Pankti selling off her earrings. KK calls her. Ahaan asks Rangoli did she get fine. She says yes, whatever happened today wasn’t good, Pankti should get a chance to sing. KK says you will get a chance, I signed a deal with Rhythm, you will sing the next song. Pankti thanks him. Ahaan says Pankti is a good singer and nice person, she didn’t intend to steal your son, she has sent me here to apologize.

Rangoli says no, she gave me credit to give a good singer to industry, I should thank her. Pankti calls him and says KK has offered me a song for Rhythm company. Ahaan says that’s great. He tells Rangoli about the offer Pankti got. She congratulates. He says thanks, I wanted to come and thank you for Pankti’s satisfaction. He leaves. She says I will snatch everything from Pankti, her talent, love, fate and Ahaan too. She laughs.

Pankti gives the money. The man calls her a fraud and refuses to give her membership. Ahaan fights with the man. Ahaan asks who has sent you, tell me. Pankti asks Ahaan to stop it. She asks them not to call police. Rangoli sees this on video call and says what a cute couple, I can see them, find out everything about Pankti, why Ahaan loves her and why their love can end, if Ahaan is her strength, I will snatch him first, how will Pankti get successful then. Inspector comes and takes away Ahaan. Pankti worries.

The man says we ban you from assosiation, go to your home and sing, you can’t become a singer. She cries and leaves.Poorva comes home. Anita asks where is the money, you have stolen Pankti’s money. Poorva denies it. Anita says if I didn’t steal it, who is left. Poorva asks did you tell Pankti. Anita says no, tell me who is your target. Poorva says I will soon get profits, be ready. Anita smiles. Aparna talks to Sheetal on call.

She says yes, everything is fine, just stay there, enjoy, come back soon. Manav asks why did you lie to her. She says what shall I do, she will worry there, when will the problems end. He pacifies her. Pankti scolds Ahaan for reacting angrily. She says association banned me for six months, we both have to bear humiliation because of your anger. He asks her to leave if she gets insulted because of his anger. She says fine, you don’t understand anything.

Constable says I will take you to court in some time. She says I will pay the bail amount. Constable says you have two hours to arrange money, less amount won’t be sufficient. She runs. Richa comes to meet Poorva. She apologizes. Poorva also apologizes and says I just wanted to help Vikram, nothing else. Richa thanks her and goes. Poorva says I will punish you all now, you have spoiled your fate yourself.

Pankti is on the way and thinks to go to Manav. She says Manav will get tensed, I have no money in bank. She sees her engagement ring and says sorry Ahaan, I have no other way. The jail inmate says she won’t come back. Ahaan says she will come back. Pankti keeps the engagement ring mortgaged and takes money. Ahaan gets handcuffed to go to court. Rangoli comes there. She asks the inspector to leave Ahaan. Her lawyer gives the legal documents. Rangoli pays for bail and asks anything else. Inspector says no thanks.

She gives fees to lawyer. She takes Ahaan with her. Reporters start questioning Ahaan. Rangoli takes Ahaan in her car. He thanks her for help. She sees Pankti and asks driver to drive fast, else media will come. Pankti says I have paid bail bond, will you leave Ahaan now. Inspector smiles and says but Ahaan is gone, Rangoli paid his bail and took him along, they just left. She gets shocked.Aparna asking Manav to find out where is Vikram. He gets a shocking call.

Aparna asks what happened. Manav says Ahaan fought once again, because of Pankti, he got arrested, he got bailed out, but the news has spread in media, when will Ahaan learn. She calls Ahaan and worries. She calls Pankti. She asks how is Ahaan. Pankti says he is fine, Rangoli bailed him out, I m going to them, don’t worry.Vikram drinks at some bar and thinks of doctor’s words. He gets Poorva’s message. He replies that I need help, can you come and meet me, I m feeling lonely.

Poorva smiles and says my arrow has hit the target, he needs me and now I will fulfill my needs by this. Monty sees Poorva’s pic and thinks of her words. He says why is Poorva doing this, did I make any mistake. He calls Poorva. Kaira knocks at the car window. He ends the call and goes with Kaira. Ahaan says I think Pankti might be called. Rangoli takes his phone. Pankti is on the way. Rangoli says I will make soup for you, I like cooking for friends, when friends are in bad mood, good food is the solution.

He says I wish Pankti didn’t leave me. She asks him to forgive Pankti and patch up. She acts positive. She asks him not to call Pankti till his anger calms down. They have the soup. He asks how is it. He says very nice, I didn’t know you are a good chef. She says I give good advice too. He says I should call Pankti now. Rangoli says be sure that your anger went. He says yes. She switches on the power cable and asks him to have soup.

Poorva asks Vikram what’s the matter. He says I can’t become a father. She asks why, does Richa have any problem. He says no, problem is with me. He lies on the desk. She spikes his drink and wakes him up. He drinks wine. She smiles. Monty and Kaira come there. Monty sees Poorva with Vikram. Poorva sees him and messages. Monty goes to talk to her. He asks what is she doing, Vikram is married. She says its my life, I will decide with whom I will spend time, you don’t need to take tension, I have moved on. Monty says you aren’t understanding, I….

She asks do you love me, then go and break up with Kaira, the man who can’t take a stand for love, I can’t be with him. He goes to Kaira and says we shall leave. She says I have ordered food. He says I feel suffocated here, lets leave. They leave. Poorva sees Richa’s incoming call and answers. She asks Vikram not to drink further. Vikram says you look so beautiful. Richa gets angry and tells Aparna that Vikram is with Poorva. Rangoli pours soup on her hand and screams. Ahaan takes ice and applies to her hand. She sees Pankti and hugs him. Pankti gets shocked and goes. Rangoli says I m better now. She checks her jewelry and shows the ring to Ahaan. He gets shocked and says this ring is…..

Pankti comes home and thinks of Ahaan and Rangoli. Ahaan says how did you get this ring. Rangoli recalls her secretary getting Pankti’s engagement ring. She says the jeweller wasn’t selling this yesterday, but sold it today, what happened. Ahaan says its Pankti and my engagement ring.

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