The Cost of Love Update Tuesday 27 July 2021

The Cost of Love 27 July 2021: The Episode starts with Anita exhibiting Pankti to the clients and asking them to tag a right price to get her. The men stare at Pankti. Someone comes there and taunts Pankti for refusing to him before. The men start bidding for Pankti. A man says she is left by JD, there should be some discount. Anita asks them to go to market and bargain. The man holds Pankti’s hold. Pankti pushes him.

The man says I will show your place. Ahaan comes and punches the man’s face. The men leave. Anita asks them to stop. She asks Ahaan why did he come in between. He says I knew you are upto something, I love Pankti, I m earning money, I didn’t know you will come to this level in one day. Anita says I have no hope from you, tell me, where is Pankti’s dream home. He says fine, I will call police here and get you arrested. She gets shocked.

Ahaan says but I won’t do this, I want to fulfill Pankti’s dream soon, I m asking for some time, I m saying this with due respect, stay away from Pankti, I will fulfill her dream, if you think of doing this, jail isn’t far, you will be knowing it as you went to jail before. Anita angrily goes. Pankti asks how will you fulfill this big condition. Ahaan says you are with me, I will go. He hugs her. They cry. Tere liye….plays… Ahaan leaves.Poorva comes home and looks around the decorations.

She hugs Pankti and wipes her tears. She says mum didn’t do right, but maybe we are not made for right things. Ahaan says how could Anita do this. Uday says Anita can do anything for money. Poorva says just money helps in bad time. Pankti says I came out of this dirt after a long time. Poorva says then reach to such heights where Anita can’t reach you, else Anita will sell you and try to earn money again.Ahaan says its enough now, I won’t let Anita write Pankti’s fate, I will save Pankti.

Its morning, Rangoli talks to maid sweetly. She gets angry on the maid on seeing a stain on her dress. She plays music and hears Ahaan’s song. She asks secretary to call Ahaan. She talks to Rangoli and asks him to meet her. She says you are born to become a star. He asks how do you know. She says I can identify a diamond. The call disconnects. Pankti meets a music director. She introduces herself. He asks her to sing a few lines. Pankti sings Jis ko mai paa na sakun…..

He says your voice is good, try this complete song. She asks really. He asks her to go and try. She goes to the recording room and sings. The man claps and says that was good. He gives her a cheque. Pankti says I can’t believe this, I just came for demo, when will the song get released. He says never, its a scratch recording. She asks when shall I come for final recording. He says main singer will sing the final one, its a process that new singer sings the scratch song, all singers start this way, just think, you can come for next recording, industry’s big people will come, you can get a lottery. Rangoli rehearses.

She recalls the music director’s words. Secretary asks her not to drink, it will spoil her voice. Rangoli angrily throws drink at her.Ahaan comes. The drink falls over him. Rangoli apologizes. She gives him clothes and asks him to change and come. Ahaan changes. She comes back and says I forgot to give towel. She hands over towel and goes. She compliments him and says you already look a star, have the special tea, I have seen Pankti and you that day, together. She disconnects a call.

She says its good when friends and family are with you. He says Pankti is not my friend, she is my life. She says I have seen passion in you both, I thought to help you. She disconnects the call again. He says you are simple like others. She says I can help you by using my star contacts and power. He asks is everything okay. She says yes, now you have become my friend, I can tell you if anyone is troubling you, you will help me too. He says of course.

Ahaan meeting Pankti and asking the good news. Pankti says I got a small opportunity, I have to sing scratch in recordings. Ahaan and Uday give her hope that her voice will be selected as the lead singer. She asks Ahaan about his day. He doesn’t say about Rangoli. She asks if he will come with her for recording. He agrees. Vikram says Rangoli is just a start, we have decided which singers to sing. Some men see Poorva and praise her beauty.

Vikram turns and sees Poorva. She greets Vikram. She says I have come to just greet you. Vikram takes her aside. He asks did you start drama again. Monty comes there and sees them. He asks what are you doing here. Poorva says I didn’t do anything yet and you have come. Monty asks Vikram what is he doing with her. Vikram asks what do you mean. Monty says you are married.

Manager calls Vikram. Vikram says just see where you are standing, my clients are here, do you want to spoil my business. Monty says you are doing the same, Richa went to doctor, I dropped kaira home and got to know this. Vikram says I know to keep my marriage responsibilities. Monty says I can see that well. Vikram says if I need your advice, I will come to you, till then be in your limits. He goes. Ahaan asks Pankti to have water and sing well.

Pankti asks him not to take tension, she isn’t lead singer. He says you are my life’s lead actress, you will become lead singer, I promise, if you get nervous, look that side, I will be standing there, all the best. Pankti starts singing. Ahaan smiles.Rangoli plays music. She gets shocked seeing someone and says you here… Pankti sings O Sajna…Ahaan gives her a flying kiss.Ahaan gets a call and rushes. Pankti turns and sees him gone. She thinks where did Ahaan go.

Ahaan goes to Rangoli’s house and calls her out. He sees her room messed up. He sees Rangoli sitting at a corner and crying. The man runs away. Ahaan runs after him. Rangoli stops Ahaan. Ahaan asks what’s all this, who was he. She cries and hugs him. She says please don’t leave me, I feel scared.He says relax, tell me whom to call. She says I have no one, I m all alone. He feels sad for her. He thinks Rangoli has given me her boyfriend’s shirt, so did he get angry for this reason, how shall I ask him.

She holds his hand. Pankti asks how was the song. The music director says you are amazing, you are so talented, your voice is a jewel, you will sing final version too, just don’t fly high, like our main singer is behaving. He gives her money. He says we have final recording with main singer, you can come and see her, you will get a chance to learn. Pankti says sure, I will come. She calls Ahaan. Ahaan sees Rangoli sleeping while holding his hand.

He tries to take his phone. Rangoli wakes up. He sees blood on his hand. He then checks Rangoli’s hand and sees the wound. He says I will call doctor. She says no, its not a small wound, I can’t answer anyone about it. Pankti comes home. Anita asks where did you go.Pankti says I went for a scratch song recording. Anita taunts her. She asks about Ahaan, if he is able to buy a house for her.She argues with Pankti. Rangoli says sorry to ask you to come.

Ahaan asks how do you handle this. Rangoli says you are lucky to have a family. She asks is that your boyfriend’s shirt which you gave me. She says I bought everything by my money, no more questions now, else I will cry. He says I m tensed, I didn’t tell Pankti and came. She says so sorry, go to her. He asks are you fine. She asks won’t you go if I say no, I m joking, you go to your Pankti. He says take care and goes. Pankti says I trust Ahaan, he will do what he said.

Anita says your dreams can be fulfilled, you will have your own house, you can sing in the parties, I will get you much money. Pankti says enough, I don’t want to talk. Anita takes her. Ahaan comes there and stops them. Anita leaves Pankti’s hand and goes. Ahaan asks Pankti are you fine. She asks where did you go.

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