The Cost of Love Update Friday 3 September 2021

The Cost of Love 3 Sept 2021: Episode starts with Manav and Aparna’s conversation. A fb scene starts. Randhir doesn’t shoot Pankti and asks Vikram to pick the call. Vikram picks the call. Rangoli asks him to convince his family to get Ahaan and her married. Vikram says but why did you kidnap Ahaan? Rangoli asks him to agree else she will handle her way. Vikram asks her to give address. She gives her address. Vikram says Rangoli kept Ahaan in her house. Randhir says I won’t let any fraud giri happen, Rangoli is my daughter. Fb ends. Aparna asks Manav to inform Randhir that they accept his deal. Vikram says they have no option left. Uday searches for Ahaan. Monty calls uday and tells that Rangoli told about her location.

He tells something which is muted. Uday says it will be find. Purva tells Monty that she is worried for Pankti. Monty says nothing will happen to her and says he will go, Uday needs him. Purva says I will also come with you. They leave.Randhir gets Manav’s call and asks him to give two good news. Manav says we agree to your condition. Randhir tells Rangoli that they have agreed to their condition and asks Yippie to bring Ahaan. Richa asks Vikram, how she can believe Pankti’s intentions.

Vikram says we are trusting her as she always helped us and risked her life, whenever we had any problems, she found the solutions. Richa says she has solved her problems also and says she will get money and fame by marrying Ahaan and says she don’t know what she wants? Randhir says Pankti was Dad’s money and had much money. He says she bear all the sufferings just for ahaan and his love and you are calling her bad and doubting on her.

He asks her to think how she must be living in the house as Rakhni in the same house where she wants to stay as a bahu. He asks her to understand her as a woman and not to increase her pain. He asks her to find mistake in herself rather than in Pankti, and says you are wrong this time. He goes.Pankti tries to make Ahaan gain consciousness and says we have last chance. Ahaan gains consciousness and sees Pankti. Randhir tells Rangoli that they will get the marriage done in Ahaan’s house and says all preparation is done.

He says you will get Ahaan, they will get money and I will get Rakhni.Rangoli says it is the best deal. Randhir says you are the best person. They hear Ahaan shouting and telling that he will kill her. They all run to room and see Ahaan suffocating Pankti’s neck. Randhir and the goons free Pankti. Rangoli asks Ahaan to calm down and says I am with you, she says today is our marriage. Ahaan says but she will stay here? Rangoli says until we marry and signs Pankti.

Randhir asks Pankti to be there for few hours and then he will not let her alone. He locks the door and goes. Pankti recalls telling Ahaan everything about Rangoli and how she blackmailed her. She asks him to believe her. Ahaan says I know, even Maa was trying to tell me, but I couldn’t hear her, now I know everything. He holds her face and smiles lovingly. Tere liye tujhse hi hai…..plays…….Ahaan says I am sorry Pankti, I thought you wrong and misbehaved with you. Pankti says I made you do that, it is all my mistake. She says we have to search the pendrive now.

Ahaan tries to open the door. Randhir looks at the door and starts running. Ahaan shares his plan with her and they act. Fb ends. Pankti thinks they have become Ahanti again, now Rangoli can’t win over. Randhir asks a goon to stay there and keep eye on Pankti. He says once my daughter gets married, then I will marry baby doll.Uday is outside Rangoli’s house and sees them taking Ahaan from there. Pankti tries to open the door and it gets opened easily.

Uday calls Pankti and asks if she is fine. Pankti says yes and tells that Ahaan knows the truth. She says we shall search the pendrive fast. Goon hears her and shouts. Monty and Purva come and meet Uday. Uday hits on goon’s head with the vase before he could reach Pankti and sticks tape on her mouth. Monty ties his hand and legs with rope. Purva hugs Pankti. Pankti asks her to search the pendrive.

Anita gains consciousness and tries to break door with rod. She shouts asking if anyone returned or not. Aparna and Manav make arrangements for marriage. Aparna asks Kiara if she is fine? Kiara says yes and says if Pankti fails in her attempt then Ahaan and her life will be ruined. Aparna says we need to support Pankti now. Manav says if something goes wrong, then many lives will be ruined. Vikram shows trust on Pankti. Aparna says he is right. Manav says nothing shall happen to both Ahaan and Pankti.

Aparna telling that they would have come by now. She prays for Ahaan’s safety. Randhir and Rangoli bring Ahaan there with the goons. Aparna asks if he is fine? Ahaan says I am fine, Rangoli was with me. Rangoli says it is good that you accepted me, now we will take JMD to new heights. Randhir tells Rangoli that he will get her marriage done in filmy branded style. Aparna asks Ahaan to go and get ready. Randhir asks Aparna to get Rangoli ready. Aparna asks Richa and Kiara to take Rangoli.

Pankti checks in the cupboard and everywhere in the room, while Monty, Purva and Uday search for pendrive too. Pankti asks Purva to search the pendrive in kitchen. They don’t see the pendrive kept on dressing table. Aparna tells Ahaan that Pankti is not wrong. Ahaan says she told me everything and is searching pendrive in Rangoli’s house. He tells her everything and says Doctor gave him injection. Rangoli thinks Kiara and Richa are not asking about Pankti. She gets ready. Richa and Kiara leave the room. Rangoli gets a call from doctor who informs that he gave wrong injection and that Ahaan is in his senses.

She gets angry and reveals everything to Randhir. Randhir says Ahaan acts to be in medicines effect. Rangoli says he was acting, it seems everyone is together. Randhir says may be Pankti too and tells that he will ask more goons to keep eye on Pankti. Rangoli says goons are needed here and not there. Randhir says my daughter will get oscar home. Rangoli smiles.Aparna calls Pankti and asks if she find the pendrive. Pankti says no and tells that they are searching still.

Aparna asks her to come home. Ahaan takes the call and asks her to come home fast. Pankti assures him that she will return with the pendrive. Randhir and Rangoli come there and ask him to come for the marriage. Anita thinks once the door is opened, she will tell the bhootnis what she is? She gets freshen up and thinks to go and inform Randhir to get money.Randhir takes Ahaan out. Rangoli acts romantic with Ahaan and says we will unite soon.

Randhir says he will make them unite. Rangoli asks Ahaan to see the right direction. Aparna asks them to come.Randhir asks Ahaan and Rangoli to sit in the mandap. Pandit ji reads the mantras. Randhir asks him to fasten up the rituals. Pankti, Purva, Uday and Monty are in the car. They try to call Ahaan and others, but the call couldn’t connect. Gippie/Yippie informs Randhir that he got the jammer done for all calls and not call can come or go, they are jailed. Manav tells Aparna that they got jammers on their mobiles.

Monty’s car stops on the way and he gets down to check. Pankti asks him to start the car. Pandit ji asks them to do the ghatbandhan. Aparna asks Richa to do ghatbandhan and tells Ahaan that there is still time for rounds. Richa ties the ghatbandhan. Randhir asks her to tie hard. Monty’s car don’t start. Purva says she will book the cab. Pankti says we can’t waste time here and starts running.Vikram tries to call Ahaan. Randhir asks whom is he calling? Vikram says he was calling office. Randhir asks him to attend marriage first.

Richa tells Vikram that it seems they will lose. Vikram says until pankti is there, there is hope and asks her not to worry. Ahaan gets tensed and looks for Pankti. Pandit ji asks Ahaan and Rangoli to get up for varmala. Rangoli makes Ahaan get up and makes him wear garland. Pandit ji asks Ahaan to make her wear garland. Gippie helps Ahaan to make Rangoli wear garland. Pandit ji asks them to start taking rounds. Ahaan opens the knot. Rangoli is shocked. Randhir asks him to take the rounds. Rangoli also asks him to come.

Ahaan says I can’t marry you and tells that the injection haven’t worked on him. Rangoli says I know and I have forgiven you. Ahaan asks for what? Rangoli says you don’t know what I have done for you and what I can do for you. She says if you don’t marry me then I have a proof which was not presented in the court, else you have been ruined. She tells about the video and says using which I blackmailed Pankti and asked Dad to help me. Ahaan says I will take rounds, but with Pankti. Pankti comes there and stands infront of Ahaan. She shows the pendrive to Rangoli which shocks her.

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