A magical love story Update Thursday 2 September 2021

A magical love story 2 September 2021: The Episode starts with Roshni fainting down. Everyone asks Aman to call the doctor fast, what has happened. Aman checks her pulse. He says I m not finding her pulse. They all get shocked. Kahani hamari….plays…. Aman shouts Roshni and cries. Everyone cries. Aman loves Roshni once again and the buds on the tree blossom again. Locha asks Chotu to come with her, its an imp matter. Chotu goes with her. Aman recalls Laila’s curse. Dadi goes to Aman. Parveen asks Tabeezi to do something. She says this was your house, I heard there is a secret door here. Tabeezi says yes, I heard that there is a magical cave and you can get solution for any problem, I will go there for Roshni’s sake.

Farah says you can’t go, I will go there for Roshni, I m your daughter, Roshni is my best friend. Tabeezi asks her to be careful and find the golden stair.Aman recalls Roshni drinking something before the dance. He goes to check the glass. He sees a scorpion inside. Everyone is shocked. Tabeezi says its Shahi scorpion, the world’s most poisonous scorpion, there is no antidote for it. Aman recalls Roshni falling in trouble. Aman gets angry and throws the table. Chotu sees the tree. He throws the lamp and asks her to go. Locha says this is Nargisi tree, the buds show that Aman loves Roshni and nothing will happen to her.

Dadi asks Aman to control his sorrow and anger, think of some solution to get Roshni back from death, why isn’t he saying anything. He says yes, I didn’t tell something to you all.Farah goes to find the golden staircase. Chotu says we should go now. Locha asks him to get the lamp back. The land changes into watery mud. Chotu goes to take the lamp. He shouts for help. Farah runs to him. She shouts for help. Imran comes and sees them. Imran runs to them. He asks them not to worry, he will get them out soon. He also gets inside the water. He jokes. They shout to Aman. They get pulled inside the water.Dadi says it means this happened by Laila’s curse. Tabeezi asks what’s the way to save Roshni. Aman says by starting this day again, Chandni gave me nine moons. Parveen says it means you have nine chances to save her. Aman says Roshni, I couldn’t save you this time, but I have eight more chances, I won’t let you go. Imran, Farah and Chotu fall inside some chamber. Locha asks are you okay. Chotu says yes.

They see some door and stairs. Farah asks Imran to go first. She says I don’t know the way to go out. Imran asks what will we do. Aman goes out and calls Baazigar. He asks him to hurry up for his sake. Baazigar flies away. Imran and Farah get tired walking down the stairs. Imran asks when will the cave come. Chotu asks him to walk ahead.Imran says I m done now, I m going back to the family. They turn and don’t see any staircase. Aman calls Baazigar once again. He says I don’t need you to save Roshni. The family looks on. Aman calls out his sword. He gets the sword in his hand. Aman stabbing himself with the sword. He recalls Roshni and cries.

Everyone shouts Aman. Flashback shows Kabeer coming back as Zehraal and troubling Aman. The entire incident about Aman and Roshni’s fight with Laila is shown. Laila’s curse has put Roshni in trouble. Aman has to save Roshni from the cursed death.Aman recalls everything and falls down. He cries. The family and Baazigar look on and cry. The family runs to hold Aman. He falls down in Dadi and Parveen’s lap.Aman stabbing himself. He falls down. The entire family holds him. He closes eyes. He opens eyes and finds himself in the jungle, near his car. He sees Roshni alive. He asks are you fine. She says yes, I didn’t feel so scared, don’t know why I m scared this time.

He recalls her death. He says nothing will happen, this is just a small curse, even if death comes, it had to lose. He asks what happened. She says don’t know, I felt like there is something behind, what were you saying…. He hugs her.He brings her home. The entire incidents repeat once again. Imran asks Farah where did the stair go. Chotu and Farah say we don’t know.Imran asks how will we go home now. He says we are trapped now, what shall we do. Farah says we can’t go back, we have to go ahead. Imran asks where will we go, when will this stairs end. He asks Farah not to push him. They reach the ground and jump happily.He saves Roshni from the accidents in time. Roshni says the cake got spoiled, I had made this for Saima. Aman says sorry. She asks why did you pull me, like I m going to fall into the water. She says I know my life is in risk, but I can’t live in fear, I will celebrate it well with the family, with those…. He says whom you love the most in the world. She asks how did you know. He recalls her words. He says you won’t understand it now, I will explain tomorrow. She says I can make the cake once again. He sees the clock and says wait, there is no time.

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