The Cost of Love Update Thursday 2 September 2021

The Cost of Love 2 Sept 2021:  Episode starts with Pankti telling Randhir that he doesn’t need to prove his love and that she will come with him wherever he takes her. Randhir says he wants to make her lover and is in love with her. Pankti is shocked and says she is worried thinking what Rangoli would do. Randhir asks her not to take chudail’s name and says we will go to Delhi and start a new life. He asks her to pack their bags. Pankti says I was thinking to meet Maa before going. Randhir says we have flight at 7 pm and asks her to go and meet her fast. Pankti says ok.

Kiara tells everyone that Ahaan’s phone is unreachable. Vikram says he might be on the way. Pankti comes there and tells that Randhir is taking her to Delhi. She tells everything. Vikram says what did you say? Manav says did you agree and says he has no right on you. Kiara says you can refuse. He says I will call Police. Pankti says no. Aparna says we have to think about Ahaan who is still under Rangoli’s influence. Pankti says we have time till evening to search the CCTV footage. Rangoli thinks if she uses the CCTV footage then she will lose Ahaan.

She keeps it safely and calls someone and asks to keep it on the way. Vikram says we have to keep these papers safely. Richa asks if Pankti couldn’t find the pendrive then and says she has everything now. Vikram says I won’t betray my family and will support my family.Richa tries to make him go against his family, but he refuses. Ahaan sits in car and checks his phone, says battery is dead.Uday talks to Monty and says he enquired and came to know that Ahaan has left for Mumbai.

Monty says ok. Uday says he is on the way. Pankti gets worried for Ahaan and says she feels Rangoli will brain wash him. Purva says Ahaan will listen to us when we all say the truth. Anita comes and asks them to tell the truth. Randhir gets ready and waits for Pankti. Anita asks what are you doing against me? Purva says we are doing right and you do wrong. Anita asks if she is messing up with her wealth. Purva says if answer is yes then..Randhir calls Anita and asks her to send Pankti, says they are going to Delhi. He says he has decided to go Delhi and marry Pankti. Anita gets happy and says she will send his would be Mrs. Randhir gets happy.

Anita asks Pankti to come with her and says she has taken money from Randhir. Purva asks her to stop and says Randhir can’t do anything as Pankti is the owner of the JMD company. Anita gets surprised and asks from where she got inspiration. She says if JD came. Monty says he is history and Randhir will be history soon. Anita says she will call Randhir and will inform him. Purva snatches phone from her hand and takes her to room with Monty’s help. She locks her. Ahaan is on the way when he gets Aparna’s call, but he can’t hear her. Aparna gets worried for her.

A man comes infront of Ahaan’s car and falls down, pretending to be unconscious. Ahaan is shocked and rushes out of car, asks the man to get up. Goons comes and point gun at Ahaan. The man who fell down also get up. Ahaan asks the goon what does Randhir want? Goon laughs and says he don’t work for Randhir now and asks him to see Pankti Sharma. Ahaan turns. Goon hits on his head. Rangoli comes and says if he had agreed to her then she wouldn’t have used violence. She asks them to take Ahaan to the place. Uday comes in his car and sees goons taking Ahaan in their car.

Anita calls Pankti. Purva warns her not to open the door. Anita asks what is her demand now. Pankti asks what kind of mum you are. You knows that Rangoli forced me to become Rakhni, and then also you couldn’t see pain to me. Anita asks her not to have enmity with her. Purva says even Vikram is changed now. Anita says world don’t work with values and asks them to open the door. Monty says it is good that you stay inside. Pankti says it is not right to lock Maa. Purva says let her be inside and says she can’t change. Uday calls Pankti and says yippie has kidnapped Ahaan. Pankti is shocked and asks him to give her updates. Purva is shocked.

Randhir thinking about Rangoli calling him cheap Randhir. He thinks my own blood have betrayed me and thinks there must be some way to handle her. She calls Lawyer and asks why did he take so much time to pick the call. He tells that Rangoli took the property from him and asks if there is some way to get property back from her. Lawyer asks her to find out who is having 5 percent shares, then you can have control on JMD again. Randhir asks him to call him and give an idea.

Goons bring Ahaan there. Rangoli asks them to be careful and scolds him. She says Ahaan will gain consciousness when we get married. She asks them to leave and says she wants to spend some time with Ahaan. She tells Ahaan that he didn’t know that he is in her house and where she will take him for honeymoon. She asks gippie to take him to room and lock him. Gippie and his gang lock him. Manav, Aparna and Vikram get worried. Vikram says we can’t trust Rangoli, she can do anything. He says we can go to court now also, everything is on Pankti’s name. Randhir hears them and points gun at Vikram. Richa shouts alerting Vikram.

Anita knocks on the door. Pankti tells Purva that they shall go and search Ahaan. Gippie is drinking with his gang, when Rangoli comes and asks them to go back to Delhi. She says she will dissolve his body and says may be Ahaan will get consciousness and asks them to do something so that he gets in her control. She threatens Gippie. Rangoli calls Doctor and says a special patient is waiting for you. Anita knocks on the door and asks them to open the door. She thinks everyone is gone mad and thinks to call Randhir somehow. She thinks some miracle shall happen, and I can inform him.

Randhir says only you can do this cheap thing. Manav says we can sit and talk. Randhir says no and says you have divided daughter and father and gave everything to Pankti. Aparna says if Rangoli is your daughter then Ahaan and Pankti are also someone’s kids, you don’t know how much she hurt her. Pankti comes there and says Ahaan is kidnapped by Gippie. Randhir says you might be thinking what I have as everything is on your name. He threatens to shoot Pankti.

Aparna says no and asks him to take all property and leave her. Randhir says I have a better deal, asks them to keep the property and says Pankti will be mine. He says we will go to Delhi. Pankti says I will do the deal as Property is on my name. She says I will become yours if you free Ahaan from Rangoli’s clutches, if you accept the deal then its ok else kill me. She starts the countdown. Purva says no. Vikram gets Rangoli’s call. Randhir shoots. Everyone is shocked.

Ahaan gains consciousness and finds him tied to the bed. He asks what the hell. Gippie calls Doctor who gives injection to Ahaan. Ahaan asks him to leave him and faints. Doctor tells Rangoli that Ahaan will gain consciousness in 15 mins, but he will not remember what happened in 12 hours. Rangoli says she knows what to do in 12 hours, and waiting for Vikram’s call.Randhir brings Pankti to Rangoli’s house and pushes her on bed where Ahaan is tied.

He tells Rangoli that Pankti got the papers signed along with Vikram’s help. Rangoli gets angry and tries to suffocate her, calls her rakhni. Randhir tells Rangoli that he is forgiving her for betraying him as she is his daughter. He says I will get you married to Ahaan today itself and will take this rakhni from here. Rangoli thanks him. Randhir asks Pankti to sit with Ahaan for sometime and say him good bye.Anita tries to break the door holding chair, thinks it is heavy. She tries to take rod kept on the almari and falls down, faints.

He makes peg and gives to Rangoli and Gippie. Rangoli says you are good at doing deal and says I got Ahaan, you got Rakhni and Dhanrajgir got their property. She says I will get the property back after marriage. She says next time, I will sponsor your rakhni. Randhir makes faces. Rangoli asks what is it and asks if he is in love with Pankti. She asks him to reply. Randhir says I will not answer for your questions and says property is in Pankti’s name and she is mine. Pankti tries to open the door and asks Ahaan to open his eyes. She tries to wake him up and free his hands.

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