The Cost of Love Update Monday 6 September 2021

The Cost of Love 6 Sept 2021:  Episode starts with Pankti telling Rangoli that you wanted to make my life run according to you, ruin Ahaan’s life, hurt Aparna and Manav’s life and troubled your dad, just because you wanted to get Ahaan, but I wish you would have understood, love can’t be snatched and it just happens incidently, just it happened to us. She says you will not understand this as you love just yourself. She says it is your stubbornness to get Ahaan and that’s why your love failed, you did all that on the basis of this video proof.

Rangoli snatches it from Pankti’s hand. Pankti gets shocked and tries to snatch it from her hand. Randhir asks Rangoli to leave Pankti. Pendrive falls in the havan kund. Vikram says this is called Swaha…Rangoli gets angry and snatches gun from a goon. Everyone get shocked. Rangoli says I will not do the mistake this time and says she will kill Pankti. Randhir tries to stop Rangoli from shooting Pankti. Rangoli shoots at Pankti. Randhir comes infront of Pankti and gets shot at his chest. Rangoli is shocked as blood falls on his face.

Gippie holds Randhir. Randhir tells that Pankti was right, love can’t be snatched or bought with money, it is won. I couldn’t understand it.He calls Rangoli and says I did so much for you and dying because of you. He says I couldn’t break Ahaan and Pankti’s love. Monty and Uday bring Police there. Randhir asks Rangoli to learn from their love. He closes his eyes. Rangoli calls Dad. Inspector asks Constables to arrest Rangoli. Anita comes there calling Randhir and says these people are betraying you. She gets shocked seeing him dead and starts acting, says she knows that Ahaan and Pankti will unite and a sinner will die.

She says this Jodi is made by God…Ahanti, it fits perfectly. She says I am waiting for my daughter’s happiness and she will get it when she marries Ahaan.Pankti asks her to stop it and says nobody believes you, you tried to ruin your daughters’ lives many times, you came here to do the deal. She says someone’s life is gone because of you. She says I could have died today. She asks if she will find someone again to do deal and says you don’t care about your daughters’ respect being a woman.

She says you don’t understand that a girl is a friend, wife, mother etc, but for you a woman is a thing who can’t compete with a man. She says everything is waste. It is enough now.Anita gets emotional and says what do you think that I never cared for you and says I always killed emotions inside me so that I don’t keep my family hungry. She says I have killed my shame as I don’t want to kill my family. She says sorry to Aparna and Manav and says whatever comes from my mouth is unrespectable. He says I don’t have anything to say rather than sorry.

Pankti and Purva hug her and cry. Richa apologizes to Pankti. Pankti says there is no need to say sorry in friendshoip and hugs her. Anita says lets get kids married. Aparna says their new life will start now and they will unite for forever, we will get their marriage done tomorrow. Manav says when Anita has apologized, we will get Ahaan and Pankti married tomorrow.

Next day, Ahaan gets ready in a sherwani. Aparna likes the sherwani. Ahaan dislikes it. Kiara asks him to show the sherwani to Pankti. Aparna says our choices are same. Kiara clicks his pic and teases him. He runs behind her.Anita shows the choker of her marriage and says she has sold her everything, but she has kept it. She says I had worn it with many hopes, but I didn’t get any happiness or husband’s support. She blesses Pankti. Pankti and Purva hug her.

Ahaan and Pankti and everyone gather for the wedding. Pandit ji asks them to make each other wear garland. They exchange garland. Pandit ji asks Anita to do kanyadaan. She does kanyadaan. Kiara ties the ghatbandhan. Pandit ji asks them to start for rounds. Ahaan and Pankti take the rounds. Pandit ji asks Pankti to take the remaining rounds ahead of Ahaan. They complete the rounds. Ahaan makes her wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji says you both are husband and wife now and asks them to touch elders’ feet.

A voiceover tells that Ahaan and Pankti’s love crossed all hurdles and became lovers. He says music is the thing which connected them and made them singing stars and Ahanti too.


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