The Cost Of Love Update Monday 7 June 2021

The cost of Love 7 June 2021: JD calling Anita and asking her to open the door. She calls him mean and goes to open the door. JD comes in and drinks wine. He says go and get ready. She asks why. He says Saku Bai’s village. She asks what’s this. He says it was Pankti’s voice. She says Pankti doesn’t know where Saku lives, Ahaan can stay in guest house, he isn’t poor, why will he stay in a maid’s house. He says shut up, we are going there. She says I don’t remember her address. He scolds her and takes her. She says wait, think of my image, let me get ready, please.

He asks her to go fast. Anita goes to her room and drinks. Ahaan and Pankti are sleeping.He opens eyes and sees her. She gets scared thinking of JD in dream. Ahaan finds her scared. She gets up. Ahaan asks what happened, are you fine. She says JD, that injection, black color and protests…. He holds her hand. Anita tries to calm down JD. She says if you don’t get Pankti there, your respect will be stained, you shouldn’t go there, you can send someone. JD calls Sinha and asks him to find Pankti. Anita thinks he is an owl, he doesn’t sleep and doesn’t let me sleep. He says don’t curse me in heart, shut up.Ahaan asks did you see any bad dream, those people and time is left behind, its just you and me here, everything is fine, I promise it will just be fine. Ahaan pacifies her. He sings a song for her. Tere liye….plays…. They hug. She sleeps. He smiles seeing her and puts her to rest. He lies beside her and gets glad to end her fear. He says good night, I love you. Its morning, Saku asks Pankti about Ahaan. The lady says maybe he went to market to get makeup items.

Saku says feed Ahaan when he comes, I also have some work. Sinha comes there to find about Saku. The man says there are many women named Saku here. Ahaan picks the vegs after colliding with a lady. He thinks of calling Aparna. He sees a PCO. Sinha is close. Ahaan calls Aparna and asks how is everyone. Aparna says we are fine, how are you, and how is Pankti, JD has sent goons and police after you. He says Sanaya told me, I know, is JD troubling you.She tells Manav that its Ahaan’s call. Manav asks are you fine, don’t worry for us, we are good now as you called, don’t come back. Ahaan assures that he is fine. Ahaan leaves. JD’s goons don’t see him. Inspector tells Sinha that Ahaan and Pankti aren’t here. Ahaan drives towards them. Pankti sitting with Saku’s daughter in the haldi ceremony. She sees Ahaan doing the arrangements and smiles. Saku smiles seeing them. Ahaan says I m just doing decorations. Kaki teases him and says men aren’t allowed here in women’s rituals. Ahaan says fine and goes. They all dance. Ahaan and Pankti smile. Ahaan holds her hand and says I m sure, if we stay together, we will overcome all the hurdles, I believe in our love. Pankti says I believe your belief. They also dance. Pankti smiles. JD comes to Anita. He drinks wine. Anita tries to talk to him. He asks her to just shut up.

He says where can Pankti go. Sinha comes there. JD asks what happened, did you get any clue. Sinha says no, nothing found. JD scolds him. He checks the village’s video recording. He asks what’s this. He checks the video again. JD smiles seeing Pankti. Anita says maybe he got mad. JD says I got my Pankti. Sinha asks where. JD slaps him and shows the video. He asks Sinha to get his men and send them to village. He asks Anita to come along, they will get Pankti. Poorva stops Anita. JD looks at her.Everyone looks for JD at home. Kaira says JD isn’t at home, he went somewhere in hurry, he looked tensed. Vikram says maybe dad knows where are Ahaan and Pankti. Aparna asks what shall we do now. Vikram says it means Anita also knows, she can help us. Anita says we got Pankti. Poorva asks what are you doing, you are going with this animal, who can ruin her life again. Anita says don’t come between JD and Pankti. Poorva argues with her.

JD asks them to stop the drama. Poorva says I will tell everything to Aparna and police. JD takes her phone and locks her in room. He says I m the Lord of police. Poorva knocks the door. JD says stay here and keep an eye on her, if you open the door… Anita says no, I will guard here. He leaves. Vikram says Poorva can help us, I will call her. Anita drinks wine. Anita says why is Vikram calling Poorva, is there anything going on. Poorva asks Anita to tell Aparna about Ahaan and Pankti. Vikram says she didn’t answer. She asks Anita to understand and open the door. Anita says no, I won’t go against JD. Aparna prays for Pankti. Poorva says what shall I do. She sees the window. She leaves from there. Anita gets a call again. Vikram says Poorva isn’t answering. Richa says we can’t let JD know that we are doubting on him.

Everyone laughs on hearing Kaki. Saku asks Kaki not to talk such things. Kaki says you should also teach this to your daughter, she should know what happens after marriage. Saku shies and goes. Ahaan holds Pankti’s hand and smiles. The lady says you two have to wait till marriage. Kaki asks Ahaan and other men to leave. Ahaan signs no to Pankti. Kaki asks Ahaan to go. She says you guys have much love in between. Ahaan says I need to talk something imp. The lady teases them. Kaki says you reminded me of my old days, come on leave. Ahaan goes. JD is on the way. He thinks Pankti can’t get saved from me. Ahaan sees Pankti and gives her a flying kiss. Pankti smiles.

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