The cost of love update Tuesday 8 June 2021


The cost of love 8 June 2021:Poorva reaching Ahaan’s house. She tells everything about JD. She says I have Saku’s address, we have to leave now, JD already left. Manav says just Vikram and I will go with Poorva. Aparna says yes, we can’t leave Sheetal alone. Pankti sees Ahaan and asks what is he doing here. He stops her and says no one is awake, if you tell anything, they will wake up. They hold hands across the curtain. Pal do pal….plays… He closes eyes and feels her. They act to sleep when Kaki turns towards them. JD is on the way and calls Sinha. He asks Sinha to reach soon. Sinha says we are on the way.

Vikram says Pankti can’t become JD’s mistress again, I won’t let this happen. Manav says we need to stay in senses and help Ahaan and Pankti. Manav thinks I knew Vikram is good hearted, as he is Sheetal’s son. Vikram thinks I want to help mom, I will kill Pankti and end this fight between Ahaan and dad. Ahaan sees Pankti sleeping and calls her out. He smiles. Its morning, Pankti gets ready. She sees the bride and recalls Anita’s words. She cries. Saku asks Pankti to learn the shringhaar, she will need this too. Bride goes with the ladies. Ahaan comes to Pankti. She smiles. He promises to not let her fake smile again, he will give her reasons to smile genuinely.

He says trust me, our marriage will surely happen. He hugs her. A lady comes and asks them to come, romance later. Vikram, Manav, JD and Sinha are still on the way. Ahaan holds Pankti’s hand and teases her. Saku signs them to sit quiet and smiles. The marriage rituals go on. The marriage completes. Everyone blesses the couple. They see some cars coming. Sinha and goons come there. Saku says what to do now, how to save Ahaan and Pankti.The lady says I have an idea and takes them. Saku asks Sinha to have any drink.

Sinha refuses. Everyone dances there. Ahaan and Pankti sing along and dance with them, on disguise. Ahaan and Pankti hide from Sinha and get leaving. JD comes there and stares at them. They get shocked. JD smiles. He asks how much will you run, you look amazing in this avatar, with whom are you running, with this lover boy, he can’t save you, come with me. Ahaan holds her hand and protects her. Ahaan warns JD. JD jokes on Ahaan. He says accept defeat without losing, you will save some respect. Ahaan raises hand to punch his face. Pankti stops Ahaan. JD shows his goons. Saku and entire villagers come to support Ahaan and Pankti.

Saku threatens JD and his goons. JD gets shocked. villagers opposing JD. Manav comes there with JD and warns him. JD says I have come here to do good, inspector was finding them, arrest them. Saku asks what did they do, why will you arrest them, they are lovers, they are adults, they want to live together, no one can stop them. JD asks the villagers to shut up, inspector knows more laws than them. Inspector asks them to do as JD says. The villagers ask inspector to arrest the goons, who tried to hurt them. JD asks inspector to arrest them.

The villagers throw sand at them and threaten. JD gets shocked. Ahaan and Pankti run. Inspector calms the villagers. Ahaan puts the sand in havan kund and creates smoke. They run away. JD looks for them. He says where did Ahaan and Pankti go, inspector go run after them and arrest.Inspector says they aren’t criminals. JD says then make them criminals. Inspector says its not easy, these people are with them, if they give statement against us, we will be in problem. JD says no one will give statement. Manav says I will give statement. The villagers also agree to give statement.


Inspector says sorry JD, I can’t do anything. Police goes. Manav and Vikram also leave. The villagers get happy and clap. JD gets angry. He says till when will you run getting saved from me. Ahaan and Pankti run towards the jungle. Richa and Kaira call Manav and ask about Ahaan and Pankti. Manav says yes, we got Ahaan and Pankti, but they ran away from there. Aparna asks why. Manav says JD had come there, we are finding Ahaan and Pankti. Aparna says JD won’t agree, he will ruin us.Poorva says JD is such, he is mad, he can go to any extent. Sheetal gets angry hearing them. Poorva says JD can kill anyone, he can make anyone fall ill. Sheetal recalls JD pushing her in the pool and attacking her.

Poorva says we want a witness against JD so that we can get him arrested. Aparna asks who will give statement, who will give proof, who will go against JD. Sheetal reacts. She speaks up and says JD. Aparna smiles seeing her. They all hold Sheetal. Richa asks are you fine mom.Aparna asks Kaira to call doctor. JD sees Ahaan and Pankti. He asks Sinha to come fast. He follows them. Ahaan and Pankti hide. They get tired. Ahaan throws a stone to divert them. JD and his goons run to the other side. JD sees them running away. He runs after them. Aparna asks Sheetal to calm down, stress isn’t good for her health, what happened. Sheetal shows JD’s pic. Aparna asks what do you want to say. Sheetal faints. Aparna gets shocked.

Doctor comes to check Sheetal. Aparna says sorry, we had to call you for emergency, her doctor is not in city. Doctor says its fine, I will check her. He checks Sheetal. Aparna says Sheetal spoke up after a long time. Richa says it means her state is getting better. Aparna asks why was she saying JD again and again. Doctor says Sheetal isn’t reacting on anything. Aparna asks Kaira to call Vikram fast. Vikram gets angry over the happenings.

Kaira calls her and says Sheetal…. She tells everything. He gets shocked. She tells something to him. Ahaan and Pankti see a truck. Ahaan says this is the only way to go ahead. He jump down the rough path and slide down to reach the road. Pankti gets much hurt. JD and Sinha look on. JD asks Sinha where did they go. Ahaan and Pankti fall near the road. Ahaan asks are you fine. She says yes. He says we have to leave, they can reach us anytime, come fast. JD sends his goons. Sinha says there is no one there. Truck driver changes the tyre. Swami ji asks how much time will it take. JD sees Ahaan and Pankti getting into some truck.

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