These Streets Update Tuesday 7 September 2021

These Streets 7 Sept 2021: Paro says okay. Ridoy says I am incomplete. Everything about me is incomplete so I couldn’t help her with anything. she finds me useless. I am so useless. She doesn’t love me. Shan says you are the completest. Don’t care what people. He says do you think she loves me I love her? Do you think she cares for me?

Bua says you don’t need to do all this. Asmita says I have nothing to hide. They are dragging Shan in all this too. I will do it. I haven’t done anything wrong.A doctor comes and says no one does these tests these days. Beauty says don’t interfere in our family matter. She will do it. Doctor says if you wanna get this done, then this test isn’t very accurate. Nevi says considering the situation we have to go for it.Ridoy says why are you silent? My wife thinks I am useless. It really hurts me. Ridoy says not a single more word.

How can you say all that. DOn’t talk about death at least. This is such a small thing and where are you taking it. Forget what happened. From today no one will come between you and asmita. She has to consider you important.Bua tries calling Shan. She asks servant where is he. He says in the lawn. Bua says please come right now Shan.Asmita goes upstairs for the test. She changes.Asmita lays on the bed. Shan comes running inside the house. Ridou comes too. He says are you one crazy? How can you stoop so low.

Bua says ask this paro. She did all this. Bua tell them everything. Paro says she agreed herself. Shan says shut up. You are disustign. Who are you to accuse someone like that. Shan says we accepted you after everything we saw and you did all this? You are disgusting. What proof you had of all this. Shan says why a woman has to go through this all the time? Are you a woman yourslef? She says you are saying that to me? My husband was with another woman all night on my wedding night. I have to know what happened there. Ridoy says ask your husband not my wife.

I trust my wife more than anyone. Sheela says she is your bhabhi. He says so she should stay in her limits.Doctor comes downstairs. Sheela says you did the test? Something happened or not? Asmita comes too.

Asmita says the tests say that I have no connection with shan or anyone. Ridoy says I am sorry for what you had to go through asmita. Nevi says lets have another test now. paro’s. Everyone is dazed. Nevi says what about your character. Let’s know how well deserving you are. Shan says why are you silent now? You should suffer the same. Sheela says what has she done? What is all this. Bua says what about what she did to Asmita. Asmita says we cant stoop low like her. I don’t want any woman to go through this. Ridoy says that’s my asmita.

Nevi says if someone says a word against asmita they will have to face me. Bua says don’t come to our house Sheela. Better tstay out of this house.Paro says to Beauty if Asmita didn’t stop the test I would have been in trouble. Beauty says that’s the game she played to get higher place in that house. You don’t have to be scared of her. Use your brain. Paro says you are responsible for all this. Beauty slaps her.Shan is hitting the punching bag. He recalls what asmita said in the hospital. He says why did all this happen.

How could I let this happen. He texts asmita. Paro comes to him. Se says I know you are angry after all that happened. I am sorry. You didn’t respond to my calls. She takes his phone. Shan takes the phone from her. She says you didn’t read my texts? She says I know you are mad. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have done this but you should have responded to me as well. She comes close to him. Paro is about to kiss. Shan shoves her. Shan says we shouldn’t come close. Pandit ji told me. He leaves the room. Asmita heard all this. She says I knew you would never betray me Shan. You have to accept me as your wife in front of everyone.

Shan says to Bua Asmita wouldn’t have to suffer all this if you accepted her wedding with Ridoy. She says I did everything to stop it. Shan says you didn’t stop it. For you you wanted everyone to know that we were together. Bua says you are married to asmita. He says can’t you see RIdoy’s pain. She is ridoy’s wife. This illusion will ruin everything. Don’t ever talk about it. Bua says but.. He says do you wanna see me alive. He leaves.

Ridoy says where is asmita. How will i face her. You could stop it. Nev says I had to do it to save the name of this family. He says would you do the same if she was your daughter? Can’t you trust even Shan? Nevi says he always tried taking everything you had. He says enough mama. He puts NEvi’s hand on his head. He says promise me you will never say anything like that again. For me you have to stop doin this to Shan. You have to promise me you wont create differences between us.

ASmita is with me because of him. You have to accept him for me. Nevi says okay. She says where is asmita? Ridou says she left for shopping.Asmita says to Aditya we don’t have to waste anymore. we have to solve this case. Aditya says let me go out.Asmita comes to Shan’s room. He is shirtless. She says you have to fill my hairline. He says are you crazy? She says you have to do it. He says go from here before someone sees us. Asmita says fill my hairline. She says I will go and tell Ridoy everything. Shan says please go.

Ridoy is looking for asmita. shan says ridoy is taking your name. SHe says I am not scared of him knowing reality. You can’t deny God’s blessing.Shan fills Asmita’s hairline. Ridoy sees them.

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