My Identity Update Friday 18 June 2021


My Identity 18 June 2021: Avni asks the God to show her a way. Neil’s phone rings. Bebe feels a trouble. Avni tries to figure out from where sound is coming. Neela is calling Neil and wonders why he is not picking up. He would have been happy knowing she found proof against Vidyut. She sends him video. Avni feels mud is fresh and recalls she threatened Vidyut that she will bury him alive. She figures Vidyut buried Neil and starts digging up with her hands.

Vidyut tells Ballu not to celebrate too early. If Avni reaches there, then she will save Neil. Ballu goes back to that spot.Avni finds a shovel and digs more. Vidyut is stuck in traffic.Avni manages to get to Neil. She tries to wake him up. Bebe says Neil and Avni are together so they must be fine. They are made for each other. Shweta agrees with Bebe. Bebe prays for their safety.Neil opens his eyes. Avni asks him to keep eyes open. She won’t let anything happen. Vidyut and Ballu come there.

Avni hears them. Vidyut gets mad at Ballu as they don’t see Neil there. He asks his men to search them. They can’t find them and leave the field to search outside. Avni was hiding inside mud. She comes out after they leave. She tells Neil they will reach hospital soon. He can’t leave her like that. She tries to stop cars. One car finally stops. It’s Ali. Vidyut sees their car leaving.They bring Neil to hospital. A nurse asks her for a family member’s signature on forms. Avni says she will sign.

Nurse asks what’s her relationship. She recalls Neil breaking relationship with her. She says she is his wife. She tells Ali to tell everyone at home.DD comes to arrest Avni, but Vidyut comes with media and stop him. He says Avni has done a big favour to everyone. She has caught Neo. It’s none other than Neil. Avni is shocked. He praises Avni for not caring about her husband and catching Neil. Bebe and other family members hear and are shocked. Bebe asks her she hates Neil that much? Avni is quiet.

Doctor informs that Neil is out of danger, but he will require a surgery to avoid some permanent damage. Vidyut calls Ballu and asks him to take next move.Doctor asking Avni to get tests done and take rest. DD says I will meet the doctor, take care. Avni recalls Neil. Prakash asks why did Neil become Neo, where is Neela. Ali says just Neil can answer us. Avni asks why did Neil hide this truth, you wanted to get Vidyut’s truth out, how can I prove this without any evidence. Neela sees Vidyut’s conversation video. She says I will mail this video to myself for backup.

She says why did Neil not call. She calls Neil. Nurse says these are your husband’s belongings. Avni gets Neela’s call on Neil’s phone.Neela asks where are you, there is a good news, I got proof against Vidyut, you don’t need to fight as Neo, we can tell Avni that you know she is innocent, no need to keep her behind bars, we will force Vidyut to withdraw the fake murder charges. Avni gets shocked. Neela asks the man to spray somewhere else. She starts coughing. Ballu smiles. Avni calls her out. Neela faints. Avni says mum is in danger, I have to go to Neil. Constable stops her.

She asks commissioner to let her meet Neil. Commissioner says he is undergoing a surgery, I can’t let you meet him. Ali comes. She asks him to find Neela and help him. He asks her not to worry, he will find Neela. She thinks of Neil and cries. She asks Neil to get well soon and come back to her.Neil’s surgery gets done. Doctor says Neil has much oxygen loss, I m afraid his brain may get damaged, we have called neurosurgeon here. Vidyut smiles. Ballu calls him and says I caught up Neela. Vidyut says fantastic, Neil has sent Neela to get evidence against us, guess what we got her as doctor informed us. Commissioner scolds the jailer for poor security.

Vidyut asks what about actions against Neil. Commissioner says his treatment is getting done, we can’t question him, Avni went for CT scan, I will take strict action when charges are proved, Avni has escaped from the prison.Avni thinks if Ali reached Neela or not. She sees a box in front of her. Vidyut comes and asks why did you run away because of Neil. She gets angry. He says end this war, Neil is struggling for his life, even if he wins, I will destroy his career and life, you know what, I just care for you, you have just one choice now, I m the only solution of all your problems, you need me, you are my love and I m the only way out for you, I m the king, you are the queen.

He shows her puppets and says one who comes between us will be finished, just like Neil, everything is happening because of Neil, I told him, give my Avni, he didn’t agree, so I trapped you in Juhi’s murder case, look where are you and where is he. Avni says I will ruin you one day. He says I love burning in this fire, just agree to me, one who doesn’t listen to me pays a big price, sorry Neela is in my captivity now, will you like to talk to her.Neela shouts for help. Avni says please leave mum.

He says you have to do a small thing for me, you got so angry seeing your mum little hurt, just think about me, I love my mum a lot, when commissioner said you have to return to jail, I thought you will run away from the jail again, but this time you have to get my mum out. She says no, her real place is there in jail, I won’t do this. He says you will do this, I will get my mum transferred there, you have to get her, as you love your mum right. He says these people are so mean and bad, they are making you sit here and delaying CT scan. She cries and thinks of Neela’s words.

Neil comes to her and says you had hatred for me, you thought I cheated you, how Avni, you failed to read my heart. He holds her and says I love you more than I love myself, I have sent you to jail only to save you from Vidyut, he made the system against you, even then you broke the law, you always do this. She says I fled from there for your sake, I was innocent and even you didn’t tell me… He says I was trying to expose Vidyut and drop the charges on you, I had shut that tunnel so that you don’t get trapped, my career will be ruined, how will I save you and Neela, everything got over.

Avni wakes up from sleep and says nothing got over. Avni says I want to give my statement before commissioner and you. Doctor says Neil’s operation was successful. Prakash thanks him. Vidyut asks commissioner where is he taking Avni. Commissioner says back to jail. Media asks him about Neo. Commissioner says we got Neo, but Neil is not Neo. Vidyut gets shocked.Commissioner says Neil was following Neo and got attacked. Avni recalls…. Avni tells the commissioner that she is Neo, Vidyut framed her and she wanted to take revenge.

Jailer says you were in jail since last six months. Avni says I have made a tunnel in my cell and got out from there, Neil had a doubt on me and seized all the weapons. DD says its true. Jailer asks why did you not tell this beforewhen Vidyut blamed Neil. Avni says I didn’t wish to tell this for your sake. Commissioner says we have to tell everyone that Neil is not Neo. FB ends. Avni collides with Vidyut and says you have won this game, but battle is still on, Neil’s job and reputation is safe, Neil will fight with you. She smiles.

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