The Cost of Love Update Friday 18 June 2021

The Cost of Love 18 June 2021: Ahaan falling down after getting an electric shock. Reyansh and Pankti worry for him. Monty thinks of Anita’s words. Poorva comes to meet him and asks his choice of dress. He asks are you happy with this marriage. She says yes. He says if I don’t have this office, money and status, then… She says your money, office, bungalow and status don’t matter to me, your heart, habits, personality matter to me, I want to marry you, you paid my price but didn’t touch me, you bought my body but won my heart, you loved me and respected me too.

He smiles and says I will order a special tea for you. He orders tea. She gets a call and tells him that she has to go for urgent work. He holds her. He asks her to go. Doctor checks Ahaan and says he seems to have got an electric shock, nothing serious, he needs rest. Pankti says you got caught by a bad sight. Reyansh says you got to rest. Pankti says I will go in my room, would be husband. Ahaan smiles.

Kaira comes to Monty’s office. Peon gets tea. She thinks its for her and calls Monty a good boss. She takes the tea and likes it. She says you are owner of a big empire and still have simple taste. He say real happiness is in simple things, like pakoris with tea, simple talks, having corn, gully cricket. Pankti says I m with Ahaan, shall I call uncle and aunty to tell about him. Reyansh shouts Pankti and holds her.

She gets shocked. He asks are you okay, no need to inform family, they will get tension, I informed Monty, it was a small accident, just say all is well and smile. She says all is well. He says just go and rest now. She goes. She thinks how did Ahaan get electric shock, is his guitar left there. Vikram gets sad seeing Sheetal having food in jail. He asks inspector about the bad quality food. Inspector scolds him.

Sheetal calls out Vikram.Vikram apologizes to inspector. Vikram goes to Sheetal and says this is because of Pankti, she is enjoying in London. She asks him not to think so and move on. Pankti goes to get guitar. Someone reaches there and removes a chip from guitar. She reaches and picks the guitar. The man flees. She checks the guitar well. Monty calls Poorva. Poorva buys some jewelry.

Vikram sees her angrily. He recalls Poorva. He says I was mad to help them, such girls should be taken advantage of, they are smiling when my family is mourning, they won’t smile ahead, the story just started.

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