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Curse of the sands 18 June 2021: Mohini further takes Siya where Rana Bhanuprataph lashes himself reminiscing promises made to Mohini that he will protect her whole life. Dayimaa stops him. He says he is Mohini’s guilty and wants to know what happened when he was with Mohini for 1 month.

Mohini asks Siya to hold her hand and return back to her world. Siya says she will not go until she finds out Mohini’s truth. Raj jyotish keeps hand on Rana Bhanuprataph’s head and takes him to past where he sees Mohini rescuing him from enemies and taking him to jungle where chudail emerges and asks Mohini why did she save Rana saa to return him to Rajeshwari and tries to attack Rana Bhanuprataph. Mohini stops her and warns to stay away from Rana saa. Chudail says she will injure Rana saa and it will take 1 month to heal, till then she can make her place in Rana saa’s heart. Mohini agrees. Chudail pierces her nails in Rana Bhanuprataph’s body. Out of flashback, Rana Bhanuprataph is shocked to see Mohini’s true intention. Dayimaa tells him that Mohini wants his wealth. Siya confronts Mohini that she is so selfish. Mohini confesses that she wants to live a lavish life.

Rana Bhanuprataph takes injured Rajeshwari to temple and confronts Devimaa that she betrayed him by trying to take his Rajeshwari away from him.

Dyying Rajeshwari apologizes Rana Bhanuprataph for leaving him midway in life and reminds that Chanakya cut open Chandragupta Maurya’s wife Durdhara’s stomach and saved his son Durdhara. She passes away saying that. Rana Bhanuprataph cuts open Rajeshwari’s stomach and gives birth to a child. He then picks his child and emotionally kisses its forehead. Durga Dayi also gets emotional seeing child. Mohini emerges and addresses Rana Bhanuprataph that she finished hurdle between them, now nobody can stop them from uniting, will he be with her and shower the love she deserves. She tries to enter temple, but is thrown far away.

She is amused to see that and tries to walk in again, but is thrown far away and asks what is happening to her. Durga Dayi says this is her Rani saa’s purity that is stopping Mohini. Mohini says Durgeshwari is dead. Rana Bhanuprataph says Mohini killed her. Mohini says whatever she did is to gain Rana saa’s love. Rana Bhanuprataph says he loves only Rajeshwari and will his whole life, he does not have any place for any other women in his heart. Mohini takes oath that if she cannot get him in this life, she will in next life. Durga Dayi asks Rana Bhanuprataph to take oath to protect his son.

Rana Bhanuprataph takes oath that nobody from Sosodia clan will pray in this temple and walks away from there. Temple door closes. automatically. Durga Dayi is shocked to see that and pleads Rana saa to stop as he cannot be angry with Devimaa and should apologize her; his anger will be tough on Behramgarh and chudail will win as she does not want devimaa to protect Sisodia clan.

She pleads devimaa to forgive Rana Bhanuprataph. Devimaa emerges as a child and asks her not to cry as mother always helps children, whenever Sosodia family member prays devima, devi maa will open door forever. Girl disappears, and Dayimaa seeing devimaa’s steps rejoices that Devimaaa herself came to guide them.

Mohin tells Siya that devimaa opened door after Siya prays for the same reason. Siya watching everything pleads Mohini to stop playing with Sosodia family and return Ram’s life. Mohini says let us go to present then and takes Siya back to Sisodia palace. Mallika panics seeing Mohini. Dadimaa pleads Mohini to get back Siya’s life. Siya’s soul gets into her body and wakes up. Dadimaa rushes to Siya. Siya says Mohini cannot harm Ram even in 5000 years as she was wrong and chudail even 500 years ago and will forever. Mohini agrees that she did wrong and is wandering as chudail since 500 years and don’t know how long she has to. She apologizes Ram and Siya and says she does not have love in her faith, only Siya can get her mukti/eternity by getting 7 evidences which Rajeshwari had described.

Mohini pleads Siya to get her mukti/eternity by getting Durgeshwari’s informed 7 suhaagan elements. Dayimaa on the other side pleads not to trust chudail. Siya pushes Mohini and says she is a human and will not trust chudail, a sun can raise from west, but chudail cannot change in life. Mohini laughs and praises Siya’s intelligence. She continues that she does not have any other choice and if she does not obey her, she will lose Ram forever. Dadimaa says Mohini showed her true colors and is threatening now. Mallika asks Mohini if she will cure Vivian if Siya agrees. Mohini starts breaking Ram’s stone idol to threaten Siya. Siya pleads to spare Ram and agrees to obey her. Dayimaa dancing with Ghagra paltan team pleads Siya not to obey conning Mohini.

Ghagra paltan team disappears Dayimaa unable to bear her opposition. Dadimaa also pleads not to obey chudail. Siya says she does not have any other choice. Ram’s idol also pleads not to fall for Mohini’s tricks.


Mohini asks Siya to hold her hand and disappears with her. She takes Siya to her secret chamber and asks how is it, Siya could not find it till now, this place was a training center for ghagra paltan team. Siya asks if she hid Dayimaa here. Mohini says she has to solve 7 puzzles to find 7 suhaagan elements and once she solves each puzzfle, she will head to another; she has to solve all 7 puzzles within 7 days and keep 7 elements in a box, else she will destroy Ram’s idol and shows a demo trying to break Ram’s idol. Siya pleads not to. Mohini says once she gets all 7 elements, Ram will be back to normal. Siya asks what is the guarantee. Mohini says she is a true businesswoman and says with each puzzle solved, Ram will get back to his normal self slowly. Siya says she should free Vivian also. Mohini agrees. Siya asks when she knows she cannot get Ram in any life, why she wants to gain 7 elements. Mohini says she wants to win Rajeshwari’s challenge and get what she could not 500 years ago.

Mohini gives first puzzle to Siya. Siya reads it. Mohini says she is intelligent and can solve it. Siya repeats puzzle and goes into flashback where Ram gets ready in a tuxedo for party and asks Siya to hurry up. Siya gets ready in a beautiful black gown. Ram gets romantic. She asks if he is not getting late now and applies sindhoor on her forehead. Ram asks who applies sindhoor on such a hot dress. Siya says is a sign of her suhaag and cannot part ways with it even in her dream. Out of flashback, she touches her sindhoor and says its sindhoor. Puzzle solves and disappears. Mohini says it is a right answer, now next puzzle will appear.

Next puzzle appears. Siya reads it. Mohini asks to think soon. Siya thinks and says Dayimaa told only Behramgarh has surajmukhi flower which does not fade. Puzzle disappears. Mohini says she knows where this flower is, let us go and get it. Siya emotionally prays Devimaa that she does not trust this chudail a bit, but she doe snot have any other option to save Ram, Devimaa should help her.

Mohini insists Siya to accompany her. Siya resists. Mallika yells at Siya to go with Mohini to save Vivian. Mohini tortures Siya and drags her along. Dadimaa pleads Mohini not to take Siya away. Mallika yells she is a 75-year-old grandma and cannot fight with chudail. She then goes to kitchen to prepare soup for her 80-year-old son and prepares it yelling.

Mohini takes Siya to a ground where sindhoor bottle hidden surajmukhi flower is and asks her to get it. Siya walks towards flower when a lathi/wooden stick hits Mohini. Mohini is shocked and asks who is it. Durga Dayi emerges as yakshini/evil and continues punishing Mohini. Siya identifies her and asks how did she become yakshini. Durga Dayi says she is punished for not following her promise of protecting Rani Durgeshwari and reminisces

how chudail Mohini executed her for not following promise. Mohini asks her to punish Siya as she is the culprit. Durga Dayi throws lathi on Siya. Siya holds it. Durga walks to her snatches lathi. Siya pleads Durga Dayi to give her sindoor bottle hidden in surajmukhi and she can free her from her curse. Durga Dayi says she is enjoying being yakshini and can protect Durgeshwari’s 7 elements forever.

Soya pleads her to give her sindhoor bottle hidden surajmukhi flower as she has solved first puzzle and needs all 7 elements to save her husband. Durga Dayi says she has to pass her test first. Siya agrees. Durga Dayi creates fire ball and asks Siya to eat it. Mohini provokes Siya to consume it. Siya consumes it and falls down. Durga Dayi laughs that nobody can tolerate it. Siya gets up and says it was sweet. Durga Dayi smiles and says for true lovers, it is sweet and she wanted to test if her love is also fake like chudail Mohini. Siya requests her again to give flower. Durga Dayi hands over her flower and says she is doing a mistake. Siya asks what is it. Mohini stops Siya and takes her away, thinking once all 7 puzzles are solved she will be out of Behramgarh’s border forever.
Mohini takes Siya back to haveli. Siya gives her sindhoor bottle and asks cure Ram. Ram’s stone idols’s \eyes turn normal. Siya emotionally runs towards Ram’s idol. Mohini stops her holding her neck and says she should concentrate on solving puzzles instead of romancing. Asuwon ko behne do akhiyon ke…song..plays in the background…Mohini disappears with Siya again and heads towards next puzzle.

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