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Mehek update Monday 24th June 2019 Zee World

Monday update on Mehek 24th June  Prev: Sunday update on Mehek Grandma says to Karona that you knew everything, you knew it but kept silent, you knew it still you are setting their wedding?...


Mehek update Thursday 9th May 2019 #mehek

  Its morning, Shaurya has made list of household chores, he asks Mohit what needs to be done. Mahek comes and asks what is going on? Mohit says Kanta is injured so Shaurya has...


Mehek update Wednesday 8th May 2019 #Mehek

Mahek helplessly gazes at him and weeps. Shaurya sleeps, Mahek comes in porch, she sits near door and keep looking at Shaurya sleeping, recalling their proposal, their intimate moments, she smiles at him, Shaurya...


Mehek update Tuesday 7th May 2019

  Mahek asks what? Shaurya says my first kiss, Mahek is stunned, Shaurya smirks and asks are you scared now? dont want to play red-green tick anymore? Mahek says what nonsense? Shaurya leans in...


Mehek update Monday 6th May 2019 #Mehek

  Mahek comes out of her house, she slips and falls on Shaurya who is lying on bed he has placed outside her house, Mahek looks at Shaurya, they share eyelock, o re piya...


Mehek Update Wednesday 10 April 2019 #mehek

Its night, Mahek is online. She lies on bed to sleep but gets message, she checks it and sees Shaurya’s message, he asks if she is busy? she says i was lying down, he...