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Mahek helplessly gazes at him and weeps. Shaurya sleeps, Mahek comes in porch, she sits near door and keep looking at Shaurya sleeping, recalling their proposal, their intimate moments, she smiles at him, Shaurya feels cold, Mahek comes to him, tries to touch him but stops herself, she covers him with blanket, Shaurya wakes up and sees her, Mahek gets tensed. Shaurya stares at er, Mahek tries to run from there but her dupatta gets stuck, she says leave it Shaurya, Shaurya says turn and see. its puppy pulling on her dupatta not Shaurya.

Mahek smiles at puppy and takes him in her arms. Shaurya says be careful with him, he is only witness of our engagement, why you came here? were you missing me? Mahek says i dont get sleep at night, Shaurya says even i dont get sleep at night, we are match made in heaven, Mahek says we dont match at all, Shaurya says i know, we have different life styles, different family values and all, what you want? want me to make posters of all this? Mahek says i will bring turmeric milk for you, Shaurya says recalls how his internet friend said same ingredient to put in milk to get sleep, he asks Mahek if she has some other sister too? she says no why? he says nothing, Mahek leaves.

Its morning, Mahek wakes up to shouting and counting of family. She says i dont need alarm now as Shaurya keep making mess. Shaurya has lifted PD in his arms bridal style, Kanta says this is no way to joke. Mahek says what is all this? put her down, Shaurya says i didnt bring my gym equipment so i have lifted light weight sweet PD. Pd says Mahek you are feeling bad? he can lift you in his arms too, Shaurya says no girlfriend, if i lift her then my arms will break, Mahek says you dont deserve to lift me, PD says you are jealous thats why saying this, Mahek huffs and leaves.

Vaitlana calls someone and asks him to meet Sanjay, she ends call and throws her phone away, she says all are useless.

Mahek says to Sonal that Shaurya has made serious matter a game, all are in his team. Sonal says who love like this in this age? forgetting everything for love. Mahek says this is not love, he is stubborn, there is patience in love but he is stubborn, soon this bubble will burst and then only truth will matter and and truth is that our worlds are different, Sonal says he came to live in your world, Mahek says he wont be able to be part of it, he will loose and go back, Mahek says family members are getting attached to Shaurya, he will leave and family will cry without him, Sonal says only family will cry not you? tell me if he leave now, wont you be sad? do you love him or not? Mahek looks down, and says you wont understand. Mansi says Rajiv has come Mahek.

Rajiv says to Shaurya that you are camping at Mahek’s house and has left new hotel, dont waste my time, Shaurya says your time is important but my life is more important, Rajiv says what is important? to forcefully marry Mahek? put on gun on her head and marry her, Shaurya says enough, i respect you but i will take my life’s decision, Rajiv says you are making mistake, destroying your own life but i cant so goodbye, he angrily leaves, Mahek has seen all this and is worried seeing Shaurya and Rajiv broken ties, Shaurya tensely looks at her.

Mahek stops Rajiv. Rajiv tells her to not let personal life malign her work and professional life, Mahek says no, i am working fine and they have included my recipes in their menu of hotel, Rajiv says thats great, he leaves.

Vaitlana comes to jail to with her lawyer. She meets inspector, inspector asks did you bring papers and greetings?(bribe), Vaitlana gives him money bag and also gives him Sanjay’s medical certificate, inspector says why taking from here? he is mingling this time, Vaitlana says i want to meet Sanjay, he says you can go. Vaitlana is going to cells. Sanjay is dancing with policemen in his cell on Kanta laga song.

There are wine bottles there too. Vaitlana comes there, Sanjay smirks at her angry face. He says come inside, Sanjay tells song details to her, Vaitlana says you keep singing and dancing and there your nephew is destroying you, Sanjay says music relax you, Vaitlana says to hell with your music, Sanjay says dont you shout on me, you dont look good while angry.

Vaitlana says i did as you wanted, i dated my ex-husband and asked him to hire Mahek to his hotel, he did that, then i insulted Mahek as you said and she denied Shaurya’s proposal but Shaurya destroyed everything by going to her house. Sanjay says when will your pet work? you have done hard work for him so ask him to do something now, where is he? Vaitlana says he is there. Sanjay turns and sees Rajiv standing at entrance of cell.

Sanjay says you are useless pet, i did so much for you, you wanted hotel bigger than Shaurya so i gave you money, made Kd give you money too and you are *****, Rajiv says i tried to everything, i found Mahek and made her participate in competition then i thought i would make her main chef in our hotel to make our hotel work but they started loving each other, my whole life i kept trying to get ahead of Shaurya but everything is going out of control.

Sanjay says nothing is out of control, he tells some plan to Rajiv which is muted, he says do this till i come out of jail and make sure that Shaurya and Mahek doesnt get together, now get lost pet, Rajiv leaves.


Ravi becomes santa clause and says i am punjabi Santa, he gives gifts to family and has brought food and refreshment for everyone. Ravi asks Mahek to come. Mahek comes there and sees gol gappas, she smiles. Ravi says merry christmas. Kanta asks Shaurya why he is sitting alone? come to family. Shaurya looks at Mahek. All family members are eating sweets. Ravi offers sweets to Shaurya but Shaurya doesnt eat it. Mahek gives sweets to Balwant. Ravi says to Shaurya that i cant insist you, i am scared that you might slap me, Shaurya laughs.

Kanta comes to Shaurya and says we are increasing our calories and you are not eating anything? eat somethings, she gives him jalabi, Shaurya takes it. Nehal teases Mahek about Shaurya, Mahek leaves to bring water. Nehal makes Shaurya eat gol gappa with her hands, Shaurya huffs due to spice in it and runs to kitchen.

Shaurya comes in kitchen and takes water from Mahek’s hands, he drinks water and says its too spicy, Mahek gives him sweetener and asks him to eat it, it will make you fine, Shaurya eats it, Mahek asks you want more? Shaurya stares at her and comes closer, Mahek says be away from me, Shaurya wipes Mahek’s lips which had chutni on it, Shaurya licks his finger after wiping her lips and says there is nothing more sweet than this in world, Mahek says you have become too cheesy, Shaurya says its because of your company, Mahek says i am leaving, Shaurya says i wont let you leave till you say that you love me, Mahek says why you are ordering me? i wont say it, Shaurya says when love is miffed then it is shown in eyes, i can see love in your eyes so say that you love before it start spilling from your eyes, Mahek says anyone can come, let me go.

Shaurya pulls Mahek more closer, they share intense eyelock, labon ko song plays as they gaze at each others lips. Mahek is lost in his eyes, Shaurya says i am not scared of anyone, i wont let you go till you say i love you, i dont care if anyone comes. Mahek says see Balwant is coming, Shaurya gets tensed and moves away from Mahek suddenly, Mahek runs away from him and says i dont know about world but you are definitely scared from Balwant’s stick, she blushes at him and runs from there, Shaurya says i will see to it that you tell me you love me.

Mahek is in her room and is restless due to Shaurya, she says why he is doing all this to me? She comes to her window and sees no Shaurya in porch, she looks around and doesnt find him. She says Shaurya is a bat, he keep roaming around anywhere at night too. Shaurya comes there, She says you? Shaurya puts hand on her mouth and says i know you want to scream in happiness but dont do it, all will wake up. Shaurya says you were finding me so i came to you, and i know you were missing me too, Mahek bites his hand which is on her mouth, Shaurya glares at her, Mahek pushes him away and says you are behind me, i was not missing or finding you, Shaurya says then why looking through window? Mahek says go from my room, what if anyone sees you here? Shaurya says i know, your respect tarnished and all, he goes and sits on her bed, she says what he is doing in my room?

Shaurya sits on Mahek’s bed, Mahek says this is my bed, Shaurya says all have come alone in world and will go alone, nothing in this world is yours. Mahek says Nehal is lying and sleeping on bed, Shaurya says i wont make much noise, Mahek says enough drama, leave.

Shaurya says i am not able to sleep as you didnt say i love you, Mahek says i told you i wont say it so why dont you leave? Shaurya says fine then say i hate you, say it, you have guts? can you one thing. Mahek says i wont say anything, she tries to push him away from bed but Shaurya pulls her on his lap and says you cant throw me out using anger, she say i love you with smile and i will leave. Mahek says Nehal will wake up, Shaurya says no worries, she is in my team.

Mahek sees Kanta’s coughing and says she is coming, Shaurya says then say i love you or else you will have to say it infront of her, Mahek says you have ants in your brain, she asks him to leave. Kanta listens Mahek’s voice and comes in her room but Shaurya hides behind curtain. Kanta says why you are talking to yourself? Mahek says i was working so blabbering to myself, Shaurya snickers.

Mahek says you go to sleep, i will bring honey water for you, Kanta says no need, you sleep, Kanta leaves. Shaurya comes out, Mahek says leave now, Shaurya lies on bed and says i can stay here whole night, i will be between you and Nehal. Mahek listens Kanta’s scream. Kanta has fallen from stairs. Family comes to her and makes her sit on sofa. Mahek, Nehal and Shaurya comes there too. Nehal says to Mahek that you had chance, atleast you could have kissed him, Mahek says you want to get beaten? Mahek asks should i call doctor? Shaurya says no need, give me a minute, Balwant says he is not doctor, call doctor, Shaurya says i am not doctor but i am sportsman, i can detect problem. He says there is injury in her heel, he asks Mahek to bring crape bandage and balm. Mahek brings it, Shaurya is about to apply balm on her feet, Kanta says dont touch my feet, i will do it myself, Shaurya says i apply balm on my mother’s feet, if i can touch my mother’s feet then why not yours? He applied balm on her feet and bandages crape, Mahek smiles at him, Shaurya asks Kanta if she is fine or he should take her to room?

Kanta says you have showered so much love that pain has gone away. Shaurya and Jeevan starts taking Kanta to room, Jeevan says to Mahek that he is like hero, he has good job, good personality and winning challenges, i dont know why you are rejecting him, Mansi says he is hero Mahek, Mahek blushes.

Its morning, Shaurya has made list of household chores, he asks Mohit what needs to be done. Mahek comes and asks what is going on? Mohit says Kanta is injured so Shaurya has taken responsibility to handle house today, Shaurya says you leave from kitchen, Mohit says you will get everything Mahek, leave from here, give him time, Mahek huffs and leaves.

Whole family is waiting for breakfast. Mahek says he must be destroying things there. Kanta says he is not habituated to work in kitchen, dont know how he is working, Shaurya brings breakfast there and says its made by chef Shaurya and Mohit. He gives Pd her favorite dish, Pd says i feel like kissing your hands, you are best. Shaurya presents Balwant his favorite dish, Balwant tastes it and says its great, weldone Shaurya, Shaurya says i have made parathas and halwa for family. Mohit offers paratha to Mahek. Mohit says you people will forget Mahek’s food once you eat it, Mahek huffs. Jeevan says seems like Shaurya was in kitchen whole night, Balwant says he has done hardwork.

Mahek thanks Shaurya for breakfast and says i can take off holiday from office to look after Kanta, Jeevan says no, i will stay at home, Shaurya says nobody has to stay at home, Mahek you go to office, Jeevan and Ravi will go to shop, i will look after house. Mahek says its not just breakfast, there is clothes to be washed, food to be cooked, cleaning of house and many more things.

Shaurya gives lunchboxes to everyone, Mansi says he us superhero, Mahek says you cant handle house alone Shaurya, Shaurya says you are underestimating me, Kanta says Mahek go to office, we wont do anything with Shaurya, dont worry, Mahek blushes.

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