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Its morning, Shaurya has made list of household chores, he asks Mohit what needs to be done. Mahek comes and asks what is going on? Mohit says Kanta is injured so Shaurya has taken responsibility to handle house today, Shaurya says you leave from kitchen, Mohit says you will get everything Mahek, leave from here, give him time, Mahek huffs and leaves.

Whole family is waiting for breakfast. Mahek says he must be destroying things there. Kanta says he is not habituated to work in kitchen, dont know how he is working, Shaurya brings breakfast there and says its made by chef Shaurya and Mohit. He gives Pd her favorite dish, Pd says i feel like kissing your hands, you are best. Shaurya presents Balwant his favorite dish, Balwant tastes it and says its great, weldone Shaurya, Shaurya says i have made parathas and halwa for family. Mohit offers paratha to Mahek. Mohit says you people will forget Mahek’s food once you eat it, Mahek huffs. Jeevan says seems like Shaurya was in kitchen whole night, Balwant says he has done hardwork.

Mahek thanks Shaurya for breakfast and says i can take off holiday from office to look after Kanta, Jeevan says no, i will stay at home, Shaurya says nobody has to stay at home, Mahek you go to office, Jeevan and Ravi will go to shop, i will look after house. Mahek says its not just breakfast, there is clothes to be washed, food to be cooked, cleaning of house and many more things.

Shaurya gives lunchboxes to everyone, Mansi says he us superhero, Mahek says you cant handle house alone Shaurya, Shaurya says you are underestimating me, Kanta says Mahek go to office, we wont do anything with Shaurya, dont worry, Mahek blushes.

Shaurya is doing dusting of whole house. He cleans roof. He asks Mansi to give him broom, she says are you mad? i wont let you touch broom, i cant see you with broom, Shaurya says you are filmy, you go and take care of Kanta, i will sweep, he takes broom from her, Mansi leaves. Shaurya sweeps floor and cleans it with cloth, Kanta is smiling seeing all this. Shaurya is seeing sweeping methods on his phone, Shaurya says i dont have mop.

Mansi says what are you doing? Shaurya says i am learning how to mop, Kanta says today there will be nice mop in house. Shaurya doesnt have mop so he takes cloth and put it in bucket seeing steps watching video, he starts moping floor with wet cloth, Mansi says let me do it, Shaurya says today is your chill day. Mahek calls Kanta, Mahek asks how are you? Kanta says i am fine but what has happened to Shaurya? Mahek says i knew he would make everything difficult for you people, i knew he would destroy everything, Kanta says no he is doing all work alone, he is watching moping videos and moping house like newly wedded bride, Mansi jokes that our new daughter in law is Shaurya Khanna, Mahek is stunned.

Shaurya is going to wash clothes but kanta asks him to not do it, shaurya says let me do work, you are injured, if your Mahek knows that i didnt wash clothes then she will eat me alive, he asks for washing powder but Kanta doesn’t tell him, mansi tells him about it. Shaurya starts washing clothes seeing video on internet, Mansi says he washes clothes after watching video too? Kanta says you start watching it too, might as we’ll learn something new, mansi says really? Kanta rolls her eyes.

Shaurya is washing clothes, Shaurya takes call and says i am busy, Rajiv says just talk to me for a minute, Shaurya says to Rajiv that i dont have time, i am washing clothes, Rajiv says what? Shaurya Khanna is washing clothes? Shaurya says should i write it on stamp paper? Shaurya ends call. Rajiv says i cant believe it, billionaire Shaurya Khanna is washing clothes in a small house. Vaitlana says to Rajiv that its good he is doing all this, it seems like he doing future planning, Shaurya is going to loose everything, Shaurya Khanna the end, Rajiv and Vaitlana smirks.

Shaurya moves Kanta’s foot, she screams and says its paining. Mahek comes there and asks what happened? Shaurya spins her foot. Kanta screams. Kanta says leave it now. Shaurya says finger on your lips. This is the therapy it hurts but your foot will be fine. Or your Bp will be high. Shaurua says you read this book. Kanta screams. Shaurya says chachi please. She says it hurts. Mansi says Mahek you should have seen. I have first time seen kanta being scolded and she was hearing it all. Mahek looks at shaurya. Mansi says what happened? Mahek says I will bring tea. Shaurya says I will make tea today.

Mahek comes to her room. Shaura gives her tea. She says I don’t like coffee. He says I know this is your favortie masala teas with ginger with a lot of love. Mahek holds his hand. Mahek says I wanted to say.. He says you are most welcome. I know you wanted to says thanks. Why is your car stuck today? He unties her hair. The song ‘tere sang yara’ plays in background. Mahek smiles. He returns her tie. Mahek smiles.

They all play dumsheraz. Mohit acts first. Shaurya gets the first word, he says love. He guesses the movie right. Kanta says come sit mahek. Shaurya acts. Nehal tells him the movie. Shaurya acts. Mahek guesses it.

Mahek says i love you.. is it right? they both smile at each other, Mahek is beaming at him, whole family is watching it, Mahek realizes what she did, she blushes and looks down. Door is knocked, Mahek goes and opens door, its Vaitlana on door, all are stunned, Maheks says you here? Vaitlana says to policeman that this is Mahek Sharma’s house. Mahek gets worried seeing police.

Vaitlana comes in house with police. Balwant says what is going on? Vaitlana asks inspector to check whole house. Shaurya says what are you doing? inspector says we have search warrant of this house, Vaitlana says my ring worth of 10lacs is stolen. Inspector says she have filed FIR that ring might be stolen but Sharma family. Shauray reads search warrant. Kanta says to Vaitlana that we are innocent people, dont put such big allegation on us, Vaitlana says it will be clear after today’s search how much innocent you are, i dont think anyone of you has clyptomania,, she says Mansi went to my room to use washroom, she might have stolen it, she looks like thief, Mansi says i am not a thief, Balwant says my daughter in law is not a thief.

Shaurya says dont even come forward, if anyone tries to search house then i will make him get fired. Inspector says you are threatening us, Shaurya grabs his collar, inspector says i will have to arrest you if you do this, Jeevan asks Shaurya to calm down and let them search, we did nothing wrong. Police start searching whole house. Shaurya says i am calling commissioner. Police is throwing everything here and there in house, all family members are worried. Shaurya is calling commissioner but he is not picking call.

Balwant tries to stop policeman and says there is nothing in my room, stop it. Vaitlana smirks. Shaurya says to inspector that i am calling commissioner, stop it, inspector says call anyone but we will continue searching. Shaurya says commissioner’s phone is not busy. Neighbors start gossiping, one man says there is police in their house daily, from the time Mahek has come on TV, there is always scandal in their house, thats why people say to not have involvement with rich people, other man says police should make police station in their house only.

Vaitlana smirks hearing all this. Jeevan asks policeman to search house nicely, dont throw things away. Policeman throws his mattress, his pillows and everything, Jeevan is distraught. PD tries to stop policeman from searching her room but he pushes her away, she is about to fall but Mahek holds her. Mohit gets angry and charges at policeman, he says

PD is my grandmother, how dare you push her? policeman is about to punch Mohit but Shaurya holds his hand moves him away from Mohit. Shaurya gives phone to inspector, its commissioner on otherside, inspector says we had FIR and search warrant thats why we came here, sorry sir, inspector says to Vaitlana says there is nothing house, we searched everywhere, he leaves with policemen.

Shaurya glares at Vaitlana, Vaitlana says to family that i am sorry, dont take it personally but you know if lion is troubled then he doesnt let anyone sleep, i have lost my expansive ring so i have to take action, Vaitlana says make list of all damage expense and give it to Shaurya, i will clear it, bye you all, she smirks and turns to leave but Shaurya says you started it but i will finish it in my style, Vaitlana smiles evilly and leaves. Shaurya turns to Mahek who looks at him with appalled face.

Balwant slips from his chair. Mahek and shaurya run towards him. Shaurya picks him up. They all come and give him water. Jevan says everyone left please don’t worry. Shaurya says I promise you the neighborhood you were insulted in front of, my mom will apologize to you in front of them all. Mahek says don’t try anything. If you can do anything please go from here. I told you that you and I are very different. That day your made my drink and now this. Enough is enough. If police arrests my uncles what would we do? what could we do today? They ruined our house. you wanted to be part of this life? Don’t try to make a relation that will hurt everyone. You were all taking his side. I told you if he lives here we will all have to pay.

Kanta says mahek calm down. Mahek says no. What happen today will never be forgotten. We are middle class. If police comes in our places our relations are broken forever. In their house police works as guards. Mahek is packing Shuarya’s stuff. He says please don’t do this in anger. This is about our lives. Mahek says I have tolerated you enough. You won’t stay here anymore. She says go from here. I don’t love you. This is what you wanted to hear right? I don’t love you. We can never be one. We are from different worlds.

Mahek says Shaurya is leaving this place and no one will talk about him here anymore. Nehal says if you said he will live here for five days. You can’t break your own rules. Mahek throws everything. Mahek tears the list of rules and throws it on his face. Shaurya touches PD and Kanta’s feet. Nehal says I wont let you go. Shaurya says you can’t stop people from leaving as He is leaving. Mahek sits there crying. Everyone hugs her.

Shaurya is on his way. Mahek comes to her room. She is in tears. Shaurya recalls Mehek asking him to leave. The song ‘jo bheji thi dua’.

Vaitalana says to Karuna I just went there to find my ring I had to. Shaurya listens to all this.

Mahek says I know hot to fix everyone’s mood. they are all fixing the stuff in house. Mahek says I made panjeri for everyone. eat it, it has dry fruits. No one responds to her.


Shaurya says to Vaitlana that all your expenses are stopped from today. Vaitalana says I don’t depend on you. I have my own money. Go give these tantrums to your dad. Shaurya says same money you got from your ex husband’s divorce? The speed with which you are spending you will be begging outside on roads. I am going to Tokyo for four days till then decide what you have to do. Or imagine what will I do when I come back.

Mahek is getting ready to leave for office, Kanta says you sleep lat at night then you leave for office without having breakfast, wait, i will bring your lunch. Mansi sees singing show’s ad and says i wanted to be singer since i was child. PD says this is like same show in which Mahek went and that show sent Mahek’s talent to houses. Mahek sighs and promotes Zee’s singing show. PD and Mansi says we will watch it.

Kanta gives lunch to Mahek, Mahek starts to leave but Nehal comes there and says you are doing mistake Mahek, Mahek says i dont want to talk about it, focus on your studies. Balwant says Mahek is right, nobody will say that jerk’s name, i told everyone to not let him in but you people made him enter this family and control us, this Shaurya is poison which we cant gulp or spit. Nehal shouts enough, you have said enough, Mahek says what is this way to talk to grandfather. Nehal says you people are blind and think Shaurya is spoilt rich brat, but you people cant see what has done for our family, you people think that Shaurya will bring tears to this family but if Shaurya was not in our lives then you people might have been crying for me.. i tried to do suicide, Ravi says what are you saying?

Nehal says i loved a guy but he fooled me and i went to kill myself but it was Shaurya who saved my life. You know my savior was Shaurya but you know who was the one to force me to do suicide? Ravi asks who was that jerk? Nehal says it was Ajay, when he came here first time to see Mahek, he started liking me and started messaging me, i fell in love with him but he proposed to Mahek, and i tried to make him understand but he started blackmailing me with private photos which i cant show you people, i tried to talk to Pammi aunty but she threatened me to make my posters like she did with Mahek.

Mansi slaps her and says you were not ashamed to break your sister’s house? what wrong did Mahek do? Nehal says i regret my mistake but what Mahek and you people are doing? rejecting the guy who stood for this house’s girls respect always, she says to Mahek that you wont get a guy like Shaurya in this world, dont do mistake which you will regret for life.

Jeevan says atleast we got to know about jerk Ajay, Ravi says that jerk Ajay will know consequences of playing with girl’s respect, i will kill him today, Kanta says what are you doing? Ravi says i will not spare him for maligning my daughter’s respect, Kanta says you will tell to whole world which people dont know about our daughter. Mansi says thank God my daughters are fine. Nehal says Shaurya made Ajay shut up about me by using his affairs with girls and threatened him to bring his real face out, what was Shaurya’s fault in whatever happened at his house or here yesterday? why did he stay here in cold weather leaving his luxury house?

Because he loves you Mahek, he really do, Mahek hugs her and says you have made my eye open, why didnt you tell us all this before? i should have trusted you like i used to blindly in childhood, why did you try to kill yourself? didnt you think about us? Kanta hugs them and says sometimes younger ones make your eyes open, you are right Nehal, it was not Shaurya’s fault in any case, Nehal says but Mahek has thrown him out of house, PD says all are slow in my house, go Mahek and run to him, Mahek says what should i do? Kanta says go and pacify him, Pd says if you dont comeback with Shaurya then i will throw my favorite actor’s photos, Mahek runs and hires rickshaw to go Shaurya’s house, Manchala song plays.

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