Zee World: Mehek Written Update Tuesday 9 April 2019

  Kanta says she is your daughter, she doesnt even listen to me when it comes to help anyway. Pammi says there is Mrs. Dehli competition but Mrs. Chawla always win but if this year Mahek helps me then i will win. Mahek says you mean cheating? Pammi says its not, it just that you will cook and i will show face, Mrs. Chawla’s show Dehli heart will go off too, Kanta says she will help you, you talk to Ajay, Pammi says dont worry about her, she asks Mahek to rest, she leaves.

Mahek says Pd this is wrong, Pd says you should have said no, Kanta says you want to help then why cant you do that for your would be daughter in law? i am giving you promise to help her tomorrow and go to your house peacefully, she leaves, Mahek sadly looks at PD. Scene 2 Mahek says i couldnt get numbers because i cant cheat and here Chachi is making me do fraud. She sees Shaurya online and says he doesnt message so no use in saying hello. Mahek sends recipes on her timeline. Shaurya sees it, he caresses photo frame beside him. He messages Mahek “where did you learn to cook this Parsad? My mother used to cook it”, Mahek writes ” from my mother, last night i messaged you but, he writes ” busy weekend, difficult choices to make”, Mahek writes “seriously these choices”, Shaurya writes “if he can help her to choose?”, Mahek writes “thanks, leave it”, Shaurya says “self respect is it?” Mahek writes to Shaurya that i have to help someone, like cheating, my work and her name, i dont want to but all will be happy. Shaurya asks and her? She writes maybe yes. He writes “in that case guilty conscience”, she writes yeah, Shaurya says the one who is cheating should feel it, you are just helping, its alright. Mahek smiles and writes thanks, you are sorted, you think clear. She writes “you didnt tell me your name”, Someone calls Shaurya, he goes offline. Mahek says he is offline again. shaurya comes back and says sorry, i had to go. Mahek says either you are rich or show off, like you are really busy being rich or try to show off that you are rich and busy. Shaurya writes take me as show off. She asks his name. He writes Karela king, she says real one, he writes sorry i dont reveal my real identity on facebook, she says are you celebrity or terrorist? you dont have one photo. He says you dont have photo too. Mahek says thats why you sent to request thinking that i am your friend then unfriended me. Shaurya says my friend’s name was Meera Sharma thats why i sent you request. Mahek says my mother’s name is Meera Sharma. He says so your name is not Meera Sharma? she says no i have dedicated this page to my mother. He asks her name. Mahek says sorry i dont share my real identity on Fb and i am not celebrity or terrorist. Nehal comes to Mahek and says i need laptop, Mahek says two minutes. Shaurya says i cant call you Meera then what to call? Mahek says you can call me MS, he says like MS Dhoni? She says like that, Nehal asks whom you are talking to? Mahek gets offline and says no one. Shaurya says she went offline without telling, weird girl. Its morning, Mahek is cooking food. she is garnishing dishes and likes its aroma. Mahek comes to PD, Pd is busy in her phone and doesnt reply to her, Mahek says i am going to sleep. Mahek sits on her bed, she smiles and goes to sleep. Someone screams, whole family wakes up. Mahek says its PD’s voice. All get worried. Scene 1 PD screams, everyone wakes up. All family members comes to Pd, she is using phone, all ask Pd to say something, Balwant says why you dont take medicines, you act like stubborn kid, Jeevan asks him to remain silent. PD says yes, all ask what happened? Pd says you will go crazy to listen to this news, i have got 1000followers on twitter, Jeevan asks what is twitter, Kanta says no idea. Nehal says really? thats so cool, Kanta says you have left Nehal behind in childlessness, all leave, Mahek says i will make special sweets for you in morning, she leaves, Kanta thinks. Its morning, Kanta asks Mahek to wake up, you cant sleep like this in inlaws house, Mahek says let me sleep now, i will wake up later, Kanta says i will help you to cook, Mahek says i have already cooked breakfast. Kanta makes her wake up and says today we have to help Pammi in cooking competition, your mother’s all hard work and learning is at stake, you have to cook your best, i will help you and have to save my respect, Mahek hugs Kanta and says God took one mother and gave me other mother, Kanta smiles and says dont act like emotional actress. Mahek and Kanta are checking ingredients, Kanta asks Mohit to bring veggies from market. Kanta asks Mahek what will she cook? Mahek tells her different dishes, Kanta asks Mahek to drink lemonade, it will give you strength and will control your weight. She asks Nehal to work too. Mansi comes and asks Mahek to taste sweets she cooked, Kanta says no oily food for her. Kanta asks Nehal to give her dress to Mahek, they will fit her in, Nehal says no way, it will tear away, Kanta scolds her, Mahek says dont worry everything will be fine, Kanta says everything should go perfect today. Jeevan calls driver and books cab. Kanta says thank you, whole family will go together, Balwant taunts that they are going to yatra as if. Kanta and Mansi are trying to fit Mahek in Nehal’s dress. Kanta asks Mahek to stop breathing so that they can fit her long skirt. PD says why torturing her like this, Kanta says let us, Mansi and Kanta tries to fit but skirt tears away, all are stunned, Kanta says Mansi take out Mahek’s suit and make her wear. All are ready to leave for competition. Kanta calls Pammi and says we are leaving, we will reach before time, she ends call. Kanta says traffic is jam, we should leave, she calls Mahek. Mahek comes there dressed in frowzy dress, Mohit says you are looking awesome. Mahek tries to eat something but Kanta says no, Mahek says i didnt eat anything since morning, Kanta says act like you are having fast, just dont eat anything before competition. Family starts fitting in car, Kanta asks Nehal to sit in front to tell address to driver from GP, Pd says its GPS you fool, all laugh. Kanta says to Nehal that you and Mohit take taxi, we dont have space in car, Ravi whispers to Mansi that we had car then this wouldnt have happened. all family members leave. Mohit is waiting for cab. Nehal gets call from Ajay and says i am coming and dont die seeing me there, Ajay says i cant wait to see you. All family members come to venue. Mohit says if i knew there would so many girls here then i would have dressed more properly. PD dances with other women. Kanta says to Mahek that make Pammi your mother in law today. PD sees Pammi and says there is baby elephant. Mohit says to Mahek that your work has started to impress her. Mahek is checking stalls to buy some keychains. Mahek turns and slips, she falls on big photo poster, she removes her dupatta from photo’s face and comes face to face with Shaurya’s big picture, she stares it. Kanta sees her, Mohit comes and asks if she is fine, Nehal snickers. Pammi says like you walk, dont cook like that otherwise we wont win, Kanta says she must be thinking about food and thats why slipped, they help her to get up. Pammi says her competitor and says lets go, they leave. Mohit says Jeevan that this is shaurya Khanna, he has opened biggest hotel chain here, he is little older than me, his posters are everywhere, Jeevan says i will open clothes shop for you too, Mohit says no way. Kanta says to Mahek that you dont jog or exercise thats why you are weak, today is your test, please pass it. PD says play well, Mahek says this is not carom board playing, i will cook nicely, she feels dizzy, PD says you havent eaten anything thats why feeling weakness, she asks her to go and drink some lemonade. Mohit brings Mahek to soda stall and gets juice for her, he asks her to leave, he will give payment, mahek leaves. shaurya comes to venue. One girl says he doesnt come easily then why he came today? other girl says he is here to promote business. Shaurya says to his companion that we are not judging their food but to taste their middle class food, they are useless, companion says our sponsors have arranged so we had to come, Shaurya says fine but i wont taste anyone’s food or boast their moral. Shaurya comes out of car, Peopl are lining up to greet him. Shaurya says to manager that if they workout as much as they eat then hospitals will be less burdened. Shaurya is walking in venue, Mahek is standing near him, she feels dizzy and falls unconscious infront of Shaurya, Shaurya ignores her and starts going ahead but people say lady got unconscious, sharuya turns and looks at her. Shaurya comes to Mahek, he asks Mohit if he is with her? he says i am Mohit, he tells his address and everything, Shaurya says check her. Mohit tries to make Mahek eat enery bar, Shaurya sits and takes energy bar from him, Shaurya makes Mahek eat energy bar to boast her energy, she says eww.. he says eat it, its energy bar, nothing bad, he gives it to Mohit and asks him to make her eat, she will feel better, he gets up and starts leaving but turns to look at Mahek, Mahek watches him too, they share eyelock, Shaurya puts on glasses and leaves. Kanta comes and asks what happened? PD says lets go home, Kanta says she cant leave, we are here, Pammi says if she gets jitters? Kanta says no, she didnt eat anything so felt weak, Pammi says her body doesnt look weak, Kanta says she is just tensed, Pammi says what if she doesnt cook? Kanta says no worries, lets go. Ajay comes to Nehal and asks whose messages are you checking? are you making me jealous? Nehal says i dont need to make you, people get jealous by me themselves, and i told you marry Mahek, you cant handle me, she gives him seductive look and goes, Ajay sighs. Reporter asks Shaurya how you are feeling to be here? Shaurya says i feel good, i believe that you can go anywhere in world but nothing is better than homemade food and tonight you all get feeling of homemade food, his companion Rajiv whispers to take off glasses atleast, Shaurya says you lie easily when your eyes are covered with glasses, Rajiv snickers. reporter says you have many hotels and you know taste of food, you wanna say something to people here? Shaurya says food should have taste of home, i have fast so i wont taste anything but all the best to all, Mrs. Chawla asks can she take selfie with him? he says yes, she takes it with him, Pammi stares her. Ajay is smiling at Nehal, Nehal is glancing at him too, they smile. Pammi says to Mahek that dont do any mistake, remember you are my helper and i am the cook here, look at your face, its clear that you are lying, anyone could know, and dont get lost in cooking if anyone comes here then stop cooking, tell me what you will say? Mahek says that i am your helper, Pammi says this time i will make Mrs. Chawla lose. They start cooking. PD asks Ajay how many followers he has on twitter? Kanta says dont irritate him, Nehal says its suffocating here, i am going out, she leaves, Ajay says i have to go to mom, i cant stay away from her, he goes behind Nehal too. Pammi asks Mahek to keep cooking, i will comeback, she leaves. PD comes there and offers chocolate to Mahek, she asks Mahek why she is sad? Mahek says i am doing this for Kanta chachi only, marriages are like this? even if Ajay marries me in pressure will this marriage work? Ajay rejected me and i forgot about it but Kanta met Pammi and accepted her offer, i told you that this cheating is wrong, PD says God knows everything, he sets our future, we dont have to worry about it, Mansi says you are doing all this for Kanta then dont give a damn to Ajay or Pammi.

Ajay says to Nehal that baby please give me one kiss, she says go and take kiss from Mahek whom your mom has chosen for you. Ajay says i have come for you only, for mom this competition is important but for me, you are important, he wears glasses and seduces her, he says pink lips are girl’s beauty and kissing them is boy’s beauty, she smiles. Ajay leans in and is about to kiss her but she listens Mansi calling out her name and searching for her, Ajay and Nehal hides from her. Competition starts, Pammi asks Mahek to start working, Mahek says i need to concentrate, Pammi says dont faint now, she starts helping Mahek, Mahek says you are cooking well, Pammi says you do it, Mahek hums while cooking. PD says this woman will destroy my Mahek. Mansi says to Kanta that Nehal is not seen anywhere, i will snatch her mobile today, Kanta says we are worried about Mahek’s proposal and you are doing family drama. Jeevan says i am going to washroom, Kanta says i will do announcement then go, Jeevan says i wont eat that much next time, he goes to washroom. Ajaya and Nehal are in washroom. Nehal says anyone can come, he says when i saw you first time i came to check Mahek, i liked you, now give me one kiss. Jeevan knocks door and says open it, Nehal says its Jeevan.. Ajay says what if mom knows? he starts crying, Nehal says you coward boy. Jeevan is knocking door and says i want to use washroom, one man asks Jeevan to go to other washroom, Jeevan leaves, Nehal comes out of washroom. Announcer says judges are coming to see your cooking. Shaurya comes and compliments Mrs. Chawla. Rajiv says to Shaurya that you are good acting, Shaurya says i hate middle class people and their fatness. Shaurya comes to Pammi’s stall and says Mahek(aroma) is nice, Mahek turns and looks at him, Pammi says i cooked all this. Shaurya says to Mahek that you are same girl who fainted? Pammi says she ate something bad thats why fainted, he starts to leave but Mahek says i want to say something sir, she says to Shaurya that thanks for energy bar earlier, Shaurya offers her another bar and says eat it before you faint next time, Mahek smiles shyly and takes it from him, he leaves, Mahek looks on. Announcer says only one minute is remaining for competition to end, she starts countdown, Mahek is giving last touches to food. Announcer ask everyone stop. Dishes are set on table, announcer says judges will taste food now. Rajiv and Shaurya comes. Kanta says if Mahek wins this competition then she will win life’s race too. Rajiv is tasting dishes. Kanta asks Nehal to go to Mahek. Nehal comes to Mahek and says dont have high hopes, Mrs. Chawla is winning since last three years, Mohit says as if you tasted her dish, you fake girl, he asks Mahek why she is praying so much?
Mahek says i want Pammi to win, Mohit says she was taunting so much, i feel like punching her, Mahek says dont say like that, she is elder, i took responsibility to make her win, i just hope she wins. Rajiv tastes Mrs. Chawla’s dish, Shaurya whispers if he should take appointment for stomach doctor? Rajiv says to Mrs. Chawla that your cooking is getting better every year, you seem to winning this time too, but lets see. Shaurya sees one dish and says its too oily, Rajiv rejects dish without tasting it. announcer says Judges will now taste Pammi’s dish, Mahek looks on. Rajiv says to Pammi that people got tired cooking three dishes only but you cooked five dishes, you had that much time? Pammi says time was less otherwise i would have cooked more. Rajiv is impressed and tastes her food, Mahek prays…. [recent_post_slider design=”design-1″]  


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